Come on Fran…Quit Fuggin’ Around and Beat Somebody’s Ass

I don’t hate Fran. I really don’t. I really and secretly get excited when I think about the fact that the Ags were able to fly into Tuscaloosa and steal their coach from them in broad daylight. Of course, having Saban there now tempers my excitement, but not as bad as Fran’s record at A&M so far. I digress…

I don’t hate the man. I am extremely passionate about Aggie Football and just want him to win. And I want him to restore our respectability in college football. And I want to be able to, in no uncertain words, be able to talk smack to t.u. fans like I did in the early 90’s, especially with that quarterback they have that is just a couple of colorin’ books above Corky from Life Goes On. Moreover, I want to be the football powerhouse that we were on our way to being before Warren Gilbert, Jr. and the like derailed the entire program and RC Slocum’s career of backstabbing moves to get the job he wanted/”deserved”.

But I think I may have figured out why we have been on the sucking end of the BJ for the past ten years or so. Realize that A&M was as close to being shut down as any program this side of SMU in the late 80’s. So I went back and did some research and found this article that included a line that I find to be very profound and prophetic:

“But the committee didn’t swing the big hammer. In other words, the NCAA told the Aggies, ‘Don’t so much as jaywalk before 2004.’”

Take a minute to think about that. We were on the straight and narrow for ten years and weren’t allowed to break any rules at all. Texas was allowed to cheat and hire quite possibly the best team of attorneys known to man and/or OJ Simpson to represent their delinquent football players every off-season and they got to win a championship during that time with a guy who may have misspelled his own name on the Wonderlic Test. OU went from being a complete joke of a program in the 90’s to an overnight championship team. Meanwhile they were BUSTED cheating and NCAA lets them walk with a tiny slap on the wrist. To top it off, the smug cocksuckers had the gall to appeal their joke of a punishment.And somehow along the way, Aggies have instituted the Aggie Code for all students, fans, and members of the football team thru their revisionist history but just forget that “cheat” was a part of that Code. We were all kinds of cheating during the 80’s and early 90’s. And we were winning and winning big.

But then it stopped. Completely. Texas could continue cheating, but we had to stop. The NCAA busted OU on an infraction that was as bad if not worse than what A&M was involved in, but they merely received a slap on the wrist and a punch in the toof. Because the 1994 penalty was our second stint on probation in ten years, the NCAA had to be mean and tell us that for an entire decade we had to win the old fashion way…without cheating.

Well, the decade is up and I’m tired of losing. So in my mind, the NCAA has given schools around the OU perimeter (that includes us, in case you were wondering) the green light to cheat but do so very lightly. Let’s get some cheatin’ cranked up again so maybe we can go back to the deep history of winning national championships at A&M, decapitating quarterbacks like they committed a crime, and taking any/all recruits we want in the state and/or nation.

My revisionist history knows no bounds…



3 comments on “Come on Fran…Quit Fuggin’ Around and Beat Somebody’s Ass

  1. I enjoyed your take today, HA.

    We have to up the cheating from the few hundred dollars Ed Watson and his pals pass out at The Tap every game night to something much more substantial.

    And then, once we do get the players we may want to reevaluate the whole coaching issue…

  2. Fran is a great coach and does his best every week. You guys should be ashamed at yourselves for picking on the man leading the Aggie Football program. All of my posts on AY are in jest, but you have gone overboard in claiming A&M should cheat to win, and delivering that message on this website. CDF deserves our undying support for all eternity.

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