Bad Ag. Bad, Bad Ag.

Can’t you see I’m easily bothered by persistence?
One step from lashing out at you…
You want in to get under my skin
And call yourself a friend
I’ve got more friends like you
What do I do?

On the various Aggie message boards around, there has obviously been a lot of chatter surrounding the start of the 2007 football season. As usual, reactions range from the absurd to the patently absurd. Franner’s detractors have grown increasingly numerous and vitriolic. His remaining supporters continue to justify his decisions and huff near-lethal amounts of gasoline.

I completely get the fact that online message boards are mainly frequented by folks who would get soundly spanked by your average C.H.U.D. in a game of Scrabble, but one thing is still driving me nuts. Our Athletic Department, through Bill Byrne and Mike McKenzie, has been trying to deliver the message for years now that on the whole, Aggies will bitch and moan mightily about any and every aspect of our athletic programs. Most recently, the Byrne/McKenzie combination had the audacity to include in the weekly Wednesday address a quote from Robert E. Lee lamenting about the wholly uninformed slings and arrows of wartime journalists critical of his movements.

My retort:Are you shitting me?!?!?!?!

First, any comparison with Lee and anyone involved with our football program should begin and end with the fact that they both have white hair. I guess you could make a comparison between Lee breaking his sworn oath to defend the United States from all enemies domestic and foreign with Franbone’s “hold the rope” line and broken promises to his players at Bama. However, I think that is probably a little tenuous and not the comparison they were shooting for.Secondly, it is complete bunk that Aggies are incessant complainers. If anything, the converse is true. Clearly, we cannot quantify bitching. We can, however, begin by taking a look at what resources we have at our disposal and where we are in relation to similarly situated programs.

Talent Pool – Over the past four years, Texas high schoolers have comprised 13% of the Rivals 100. In comparison, Texas makes up only roughly 7.8% of the U.S. population. It is no secret that Texas has long been a source of large numbers of quality players for all levels of NCAA football for some time now. Moreover, A&M has the good fortune of being happily situated near the talent-laden pines of East Texas and just down the road from Houston.Given that, I am sure that there is some reasonable rationale explaining why we recruit and sign a player every year that failed to start on their high school varsity team. Right, guys? Anyone??

Facilities – “Building Champions…and a Buttload of Huge, Gray Buildings.” We’re sitting pretty here. Save for our basketball complex (another time, another place…deep breaths), we have ponied up and delivered every cocknormous athletic structure Byrne and co. have requested from us.

Hells bells, someone even forked over a couple hundred thou for a track that magically sanitizes horse manure from the PMC at March In. Now if they could only develop a material that could keep CTs’ corpulent dates from getting any airtime during national games. Perhaps if they lowered the price of Slovacek’s Sausage Wraps by half, it is entirely possible that they would remain in the concession stand the entire game. The plan is so crazy that….it….just….might….work.

Financial Resources – We have been told time and time again that to compete with the big boys of college football, we have to have the revenue to do so. Obviously, given the results of the past few seasons, we must be a cash-strapped program, right?

Let’s look at the numbers for a second. The US Department of Education has made the figures from its Equity in Athletics Data Analysis from 2003-2005 available online . These are the numbers universities are mandated under federal law to provide.

In 2003, our football program was the 12th (WHOOOP!!!!) most profitable NCAA program in the country. In 2004 and 2005, we ranked 9th and 11th, respectively. During that three year period, we averaged a profit of $ 22,985,012.

To put that in perspective, in 2004, the only teams more profitable than the Aggies were the sips, Ohio State, Georgia, Michigan, Florida, Bama, Notre Dame and LSU. In the past ten seasons, those teams have a combined .713 winning percentage with five (5) National Championships. During that same timeframe, the Ags have racked up a gaudy .601 winning percentage with one (1) Big XII trophy sitting up on the mantle, next to a 1991 Olan Mills portrait of Miss Reveille and Sloces wearing that new Hypercolor t-shirt he saved up for all summer.

To review, we are sitting smack dab in the middle of the richest recruiting fields in the country. We have some of the nation’s foremost athletic facilities. Year in and year out, we are one of the most profitable football programs in the entire country. Why would anyone in the world bellyache? Oh yeah, that whole “results” thing.

As Pat Forde pointed out when he labeled Texas A&M as one of the country’s seven “High End Underachievers,” the Ags have not finished a season ranked since 1999 and have failed to finish in the Top 10 since 1994. Head’s up, Pat. Be expecting a nasty e-mail in your inbox explaining how to be a “Good Ag” from a Public Relations University grad.

Further, where is this supposed hue and cry coming from? There have been no chants to “can Fran” at any of the games. I would be willing to bet some serious money that Fran’s death threats have decreased significantly (by 100%) since leaving Bama. The domain is still available. I am yet to see any bumper stickers calling for Fran’s ouster. I have actually attempted to listen to sports talk radio the past couple of days in preparation for this piece. Although I would rather watch my child being eaten alive by bears than listen to sports radio, I gutted through and heard nary an Aggie soul demanding dismissal of Frandaddy.

It seems that all of this harmful complaining is confined to online message boards and correspondences to the Athletic Department. Regarding the former; who freaking cares? We’re talking about message boards for crying out loud. Let’s be honest, on the scale of forms of human communication, message boards are only one rung above writing on the wall with you own feces. So, I suppose that leaves Byrne and McKenzie being upset about letters and e-mails they have received about the direction of our football program. Gosh, those guys go through so much. I hope they can emotionally recover from inquiring if our head coach recently suffered from head trauma.

The bottom line is that our football program has over-charged, over-promised and under-delivered. Despite the fact that we are nationally recognized as one of the country’s top perennial underachievers, we still show up in droves, we still yell our asses off, we still make College Station one of the most amazing places to watch a game any Saturday and we still donate shit-repelling horse flooring. Ask any non-Aggie (outside of our athletic department employees) that attended games during the darkest of days under Fran, and they will still tell you how amazing of an experience Kyle Field was. We have demonstrated an inexplicable amount of patience during Frananarama’s stint here, despite having to him have four (to date) separate teams quit on him at some point in time.

I hope we get on a roll and keep winning, but I find it abhorrent that our Athletic Department continues to chastise Aggies for voicing legitimate complaints after years of stoically watching our football program run itself into the ground.


Teams That Help Texas A&M Out By Losing This Week

(14)Nebraska vs. (1) USC
(22)Tennesse at (4)Florida
(NR)Alabama vs. (16)Arkansas
(21)Boston College at (15)GaTech
(17)South Carolina vs. (NR)S. Carolina St
(18)Virginia Tech vs. (NR)Ohio
(20) Clemson vs. (NR)Furman
(23) Georgia vs. (NR)W. Carolina
(24)Hawaii at (NR)UNLV

And of course….

(19) Oregon vs. POWERHOUSE Fresno State

All the Answers 

Where did all the questions go?
Doug Fu
HAOh, you mean these questions? Too fast for modzi…

KP In your face, Perroni!!

How the hell can we say we don’t have any WR talent when they never get thrown to? There were several occasions yesterday when Kerry Franks and Pierre Brown were as wide open as Jenna Jameson’s legs and McGee had time to make the throw but instead never looked deep and only looked for the short routes.

why not any one of the following for our next HC: Rob Ryan, Rex Ryan?

KPDisturbing porn reference you awkwardly worked in there. Have you seen a picture of Jenna lately? Yikes.

I agree that we have some talent at WR. You mentioned Franks and Brown specifically, and I agree with you. Unfortunately, they haven’t been Developed and/or Deployed properly. (Get it? Double Ds…porn theme…ugh)… At least we are getting those guys out there returning kicks. Big props to Pierre last week who took a monster shot on one kickoff return, only to run it full throttle with no hesitation on the next.

I don’t want any Ryan as our head coach, but I did enjoy watching Shaving Ryan’s Privates (staying in theme is harder than it appears).

Here, this will make you feel better.

HAWow. Commendable job on staying on theme there. That must have been hard, but you really penetrated there.  Ass to mouth.

Does watching our offense have you feeling as annoyed as a Klansman would be at a Juneteenth BBQ?
Ag Brother

KPAnnoyed? Nah. Pants-crapping terrified? We’re getting somewhere now.

In all honesty, I’m not all that up in arms about the offense. Granted, we haven’t looked sharp at all, but we should still be able to line up and run over most of the teams we play. There should be only a couple of teams in conference play that have the athletes to make us pass to beat them. Everyone else, we should continue to go right at. Of course, we’re going to have to pick up our play tremendously to do that. At this point, we are just not designed to win games through the air, and that ain’t changing any time this season.

Are you guys affiliated with, and do your thoughts and opinion directly reflect those of

KPAbsolutely. I run everything I write on here through Bobby Burton and BRAD HOISETH, of course.

HAWe are in now way, shape or form connected to Rivals other than to admit that it’s the premier source of college football recruiting news on the internet. All of the other sites are just hacks trying to do what Rivals does. But anything we say shouldn’t at all be a reflection on Rivals because we are just fans of the site ourselves.

Do y’all feel like the Brad Franchione of the Aggie football news and analysis?
Ag Brother

KPFunny you should mention that. We may have had the record for the quickest sub and cancel job in Yellersider history last week. Who could I be referring to?

To quote Nancy Kerrigan: “Why?!?!? Why?!?!”
Doug Fu

KP – “There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of Charlie Strong, and ask why not?”
-Puppy Kennedy

I would’ve made a damn fine Kennedy.

HA Can you ski or fly a plane?

Is ULaLa one of the games we should include in the category of “It’s okay if we lose, because that will hasten the firing of our bad coach”?
Or, should we save those “hope we lose” sentiments for important games, like tu, tt, ou?

KPI’ll go on record that if we lose to Louisiana-Lafayette this year in football, the entire coaching staff will be fired on the spot.

HA If we lose to Louisiana-Lafayette this year, I personally will dress up in a big orange wig and do the “You’ve Been Kicked in the Nuts” thing to Fran when he’s walking out of his office. There is not a reason in the world we should lose to Louisiana-Lafayette this year.

does fran cry at night knowing his tenure here is rapidly descending into a bitter failure, then put on his franny facade and smug grin just to go down with the ship? It it his stubborn refusal to modify his offense at all that will kill us, or is it our defense with athletes that are coached down to corps flag football level?

KPCoaches are some egotistical bastards. I wouldn’t want one who wasn’t. While I’m sure our lack of success bothers Fran, I’d warrant that he puts the blame on factors outside of his control.

Our offense is head-scratching at times, but if Fran gets 86ed, it is going to be because of our defense. In my opinion, it we’re looking at a perfect poop storm of being thin talent-wise, combined with poor scheming. I hate the 4-2-5 with a passion that cannot be described by the written word. It doesn’t help that we have an insurance salesman running our defense. I’d rather us hire someone who has experience in a much more interesting field like, let’s say, the circus. We might still suck on D, but we’d get some great lion-wrangling stories in the process.

When was the forward pass invented and was this after Fran and Les created our playbook?
 HASaint Louis University was the first college team to utilize the forward pass in 1906 against Carroll College. That’s way before either of those guys were even born.

I think this thread might be funny, but I seriously don’t know what BP Hellspawned Javelinas is.

KPIt’s what Billy Pickard rides in the night to haunt the dreams of petulant children throughout the land.

HABack in 2003 there was a thread in The Zone wondering how the football team would take the field for the first game under Fran. There were some excellent suggestions, including that Derek Farmer would run out onto the field but would be unable to juke out the goalpost and run into it, knocking it over and smashing into the Yell Leaders.

However, the best suggestion was from the now defunct Big12Ag who suggested that Billy Pickard lead the team out onto the field by riding a wild javelina around Kyle Field. It may have even been a greased javelina. It’s quite possibly one of the single funniest images I’ve ever had in my head.  The “Hellspawned” part is just hyperbole.

How many people are going to have a heart attack watching A&M football this year? Also how many suicides will we have as a result of reading AggieYell?

KPI can’t answer the first part of your question, but if we keep getting the same caliber questions every week, I can guarantee that the answer to the second question will be “at least one.”

Can you come up with a clever use for unwrapped 12th Man Foundation football DVD’s? I have more of them than ones I’ve looked at. They don’t work as frisbees…for some reason they won’t fly more than five yards.

HAThe hole in the middle keeps them from flying very far. When I was at 12th Man, we had quite a few of those sitting around from the 1996 season. I think they used them as coasters, however, it’s possible that they may have slipped some under the construction of the Zone which would explain our suck since 2000. The ghost of Steve Ensminger is bad luck.

let’s say you want to slather fran in mustard and smoke him fat side down.
what side would we be talking about exactly?

i find the fsn camera work confusing at times.
chandler bhang

HAThe brisket actually comes from the neck/chest area of the cow. Since Fran is sporting some pretty hefty boobs these days, I’d say that it would be boobside down. However, I smoke with the fatside up, so your question is ridiculous.

KPI find the continued existence of FSN confusing all the time.

For the love of all that’s holy, get us a decent television contract, Dolla Bill. If it weren’t for Sábado Gigante, I’d prefer Univision over FSN. Witnessing a partial birth abortion is more appealing than an FSN broadcast.

HAI wonder what ever happened to Artie Gigantino. He was a mainstay at Fox Sports back in the 90’s which I lovingly refer to as “Drunk Mikie Decade”. Wait, you asked about cameras?

Part 1,
What constitutes being a “Big Money Ag”? People on hear always post that these are the guys that are really pulling the strings or holding the rope. How much truth is there to that? I know it’s all about donations but, in the end how much pull do they really have?

Part 2,
Is there any truth to the rumors of Fran not being as welcoming as some would like with former players?
So Tex
HA-Part 1
There are very few “Big Money Ags”. They have quite a bit of pull, especially if you consider the fact that they are the ones who went out and hired Fran before they hired Byrne. It’s more money than I can fathom, frankly.

You don’t get a school or stadium expansion named after you w/o some Big Money. And you don’t get to be Big Money by throwing it away. We are on the hook w/Fran until 2012 regardless if he coaches here or not. Is A&M football worth $4million/year in coaching for the next 5 years? The “Big Money” guys don’t really care about the football program like we do. They care that their money is going to good use and/or that their names are well lit so everyone can see. The Jerry Coxes and Lowry Mayses of the world don’t pay that much mind to Aggie football unless it starts costing them money.

Part 2
Not sure, although you don’t see a lot of guys coming back to A&M to be involved. Is Hunter Goodwin still hanging around College Station?

KPThat’s one thing that I was disappointed in from the get-go of Fran’s time here. Do yourself a favor and read Cane Mutiny when you get a chance. It’s a completely apologetic look at the Miami Hurricanes, but it shows you how they built their program from nothing and maintained the elite status for years.

Miami has a tradition of NFL guys coming down and working out with the guys still in school. It serves as a great motivator and training aid for the college guys. Plus, how much would it help recruiting if a recruit sees NFL Pro-Bowlers and NCAA All Americans working out at the facilities together?

We used to have a ton of Aggies in the NFL, and I feel that we have really dropped the ball on getting them actively involved in the program.

How can a game where we win 47-45 cause everyone to focus on what’s wrong with our offense? What does Billy Pickard think?
HAPickard is interested in one thing and one thing only…blood.

Did you not see the passing stats for this year? They speak for themselves.

KPBlood…and vengeance. Can’t forget the vengeance.

What’s the best excuse you can come up with for A&M not having a pass rush?

Has Jackie Sherrill ever done his trademark hernia exam on a Hellspawned Javelina?
HAI thought it was a castration he did. No? Either way, the answer is still “No.”

A&M blitz schemes are puzzling to me. Against Fresno St., they ran safety blitzes the entire game from the outside and those were rather ineffective.. I didn’t notice any inside delay blitzes or anything like that. Our two interior linemen need to get a bigger push in the middle so that the pocket collapses. Right now, they just clog up the middle and let the linebackers and safeties make the tackles, which I think is what _arnell said he coaches them to do. Ugh.

KPI haven’t been impressed with our interior DL’s play this year. I’m more concerned about them getting gouged on the ground than getting pressure, for what it’s worth.

Over the course of the entire season, who is the most vital part of A&M’s running attack? Goodson, Lane, Alexander or McGee?  Also, at the end of the season if Byrne approaches Fran and says in exchange for his resigning, Texas A&M will supply him with a lifetime supply of Little Debbie snacks, does he take it?
HANah. He’s loaded to the gills with money so he can buy his own food. His entire mission at A&M is to prove that he can win HIS way and prove everyone wrong. I really do think he’d rather prove people wrong than actually have a championship team.

McGee is the most important piece to our offense since he’s the leader. Lane is the one who wears down defenses, but you’ll see him wear down himself toward the end of the year like last year. That the coaches haven’t figured out a way to run Goodson more than 10 plays a game is astounding to me.

KPMcGee, hands down. With our offensive scheme this year, a QB who knows how to make decisions on the option is the key to our offense.

I’d like to see Goodson get the ball in space more. That’s where he’s dangerous. Set him out in the slot and run a quick bubble screen to #3. Sit back and enjoy. Repeat.

What are the top 5 reasons for A&M’s passing game suckage?
5) Our receivers are too big and bulky and not fast enough to get any separation on their routes
4) McGee would rather run and take a big hit rather than stay in the pocket and let the receivers fight to get open. Also, it takes him a very long time to get setup to pass. It’s like the
scene from the Bugs Bunny cartoon Water, Water Every Hare when Bugs and the mad scientist sniff the ether and everything is in slow motion. He’s not at all the passer he was in high school for some reason
3) Our OL is built to drive block and are too slow to get their feet moving fast enough to pass-block.
2) We are a running team first and foremost.
1) Terrible utilization of the receiving corps and poor coaching has led to a dearth of talent at the position because the top WR’s aren’t coming to A&M. Think about it…starting in 95 we had Albert Connell, then Chris Cole, onto Chris Taylor, Robert Fergeson, Bethel Johnson, Jason Carter and Terrance Murphy (who were both QB’s in high school). Howard Morrow was highly ranked coming into A&M but has yet to perform at the level expected. I think there are some talented guys on campus right now but they don’t have a lot of skins on the wall so far. It could be easily fixed with a top tier receiver but we are probably going to fall short for a third year in a row for one of the top dominant Texas WR’s (Bryant, Tolliver, Fuller).  Hope Sed works out…

KPStephen really needs to work on his pocket awareness. There were a couple of occasions last week where the OL bought him some time, but he just held on too long and never seemed to sense the pressure on him.

How much are you willing to pay to have Fran terminated and do you cover travel costs?
HAThat’s an interesting question. I’d say that I’d give up watching A&M football for a season, but that’s counterintuitive. I’d certainly give up money, but he’s got money so that doesn’t count. How about, I promise to stop saying bad things about him if he leaves. Trust me, that’s a huge concession.

KPUhm, I think “jackal” may be talking about another kind of “terminated,” homes. Given the content and his handle, I think we should turn this one over to the fibbies. Nice try, Carlos.

HADamn…I’m so naïve sometimes. Not fair to take advantage of my naiveté that way, jackal.

Hillary Clinton, circa 1970 or Nancy Pelosi, circa 2007?
HAClinton in 1970 wasn’t that bad. Not bad at all.

Why do our players talk to much chit, but not back it up?
HADid you not see the press conferences this summer where Fran openly mocked Mack Brown and Bob Stoops? I hope he can back it up, but one win against an overrated Texas team doesn’t give you free license to talk shit to people who have routinely whipped your ass for half a decade.

KPThe last I saw to go hardcore on the message board “we’re going to show you idiot doubters wrong this year” was Big Willy Mo. How’d that work out?

If our guys like to run their mouths to get them motivated, fine. I’ve always been concerned with one thing: wins. If Fran were to walk in my office every Monday morning and defecate on my desk, I’d be totally cool with it if he were getting us to BCS bowls.

Like Al Davis said “Just win baby. Where am I? Who are you people? Put in Bo!!!”

If you guys could change time, move Fran up 20 years into Jackie’s years at A&M (82′ – 88′) going up against Akers/McWilliams and move Jackie into Fran’s years (2003 – present) going up against Mack Brown & Bob Stoops, would you do it? Would you risk losing those 3 SWC championships vs trying to win 3 Big 12 championships against Brown and Stoops? Even with Jackie?

If so, what do you think the result would be through the 2006 season? Number of championships? Current rankings and pecking order on the national scene???

How do you think Fran would have done against Akers/McWilliams, Hatfield, Wacker, Teaff, etc, etc…in the old SWC???
Chile Pequin
HA-I think he would have done a lot better, mainly because I think that the college game has passed him by. He’s done a good job of using players from past regimes to a certain extent at TCU and Alabama, but he was ok using a power running game and had good assistants to help him out. Not having Gary Patterson really shows the cracks in the glass and trying to do all the trick plays he tries now makes me think that he can’t figure out a way to win w/o the smoke and mirrors. The 80’s were characterized by Jackie’s cut-throat approach and put A&M on the map but also put us on probation. I don’t think I’d change that. What I would change is to go back to 2002 and maybe interview more coaches for the job.

KPHell, I liked (at least on offense) what Fran was trying to do here. I am all for a smash-mouth ground offense in a conference full of defenses geared to stop Tech. It’s a workable idea. It’s apparent that the execution is a bit shaky right now.

Given the players we had in the 80s, Fran would have seen some success, certainly.

If Jimmy cracks corn and nobody cares, why is there a stupid song about it?

HA-There has been much conjecture over the meaning of “Jimmy Crack Corn and I don’t care.” One possibility is “gimcrack corn,” cheap corn whiskey; another related theory is that it refers to “cracking” open a jug of corn whisky; another is that “crack-corn” is related to the (still-current) slang “cracker” for a rural Southern white. Another interpretation is that “crack corn” came from the old English term “crack,” meaning gossip, and that “cracking corn” was a traditional Shenandoah expression for “sitting around chitchatting.” Yet another, and possibly the most popular, is that the chorus refers to an overseer who, without the master, has only his bullwhip to keep the slaves in line. Most etymologists support the first interpretation, as the term “cracker” appears to predate “corncracking”, and “whipcracker” has no historical backing. This suggests that the chorus means the slaves are making whiskey and celebrating.

Pete Seeger himself was said to explain the true lyric was “Gimmie cracked corn–I don’t care”, a reference to a form of punishment for something very bad, in which a slave’s rations were reduced to cracked corn and nothing else. In this case, the author seems to have decided that even this punishment is worth it, since the master is now dead and gone.

Jim crack-corn, or “Get cracked-corn”, a subsistence food (corn) ration. The slave in the song is so happy his master is dead he doesn’t care if he has to eat cracked corn either because he has no-one to now feed him or he fears he will be punished for letting the blue-tail fly get by him which causes his masters demise. – Wiki

What is the first thing you will do when Dennis Franchione is fired? I already have some ideas for FreedomFest ’07. When this goes down, the beer will be flowing, courtesy of jmlittle. I will have my first good night’s sleep in about two and a half years.

HAI’ll probably act like the family of a murder victim after the murderer is executed. Kinda sad that it took that long, but really relieved that it’s over and the murderer can’t hurt anyone else. Although in this case, the perp will walk away rich and fat. Seriously, though…if Fran is fired after this year, will any team in America ever hire him again? That makes 2 coaches over 20 years that A&M has kept that nobody else wants. Makes you wonder, huh?

Seriously, what’s it going to take to get a new coach?
And is Tolliver really still a virgin?

HAI’m beginning to think that 7-5 could land Fran at home watching soaps all day. Don’t know it for sure, but I get the feeling that the moans and groans are starting to become pretty loud, and if Fran can’t win with this team he just can’t win at Texas A&M. That’s a tough pill to swallow, but it may be the truth. I know that Fran has great coaching ability, but so far he hasn’t been able to put it all together at A&M where expectations were high. Maybe he just needs to have low expectations to succeed.

Of course Tolliver isn’t a virgin. Unless you are talking about with a girl. Then yes.

KP – I have been arguing since before the season started (because I thought it a real possibility) that Fran keeps his job at 7-5. I think many of us tend to overestimate what your average Ag feels about Fran. From what I’ve seen, they’re not elated, but they’re not up in arms, either. I don’t think you’ll see quotes like that on a billboard anytime soon.

Look, Fran knows he’s playing for his job now. At the end of the day he’s not going to be put in a situation where he can complain if he loses his job. All I know is that I’m going to keep going to every game and yelling my ass off, hoping for a win. The chips are going to fall where they may, and I’m going to enjoy myself this season.

I saw Fresno State guys throwing A&M players around on the pile after the tackle and All of the Ags looked like they had not idea what to do. With the exception of Kellen Heard, Michale Bennett and Misi Tupe on running plays, where has the defensive killer instinct and intesity gone? The entire Aggie defense should have been up in Fresno State’s face. Where is the Kyle Field PRIDE?

HAI’ve joked before that this team plays like Fran talks…boring and kinda nasal like he’s got a hairlip or something. So far, I haven’t really seen them play as a team together outside of the first 3o minutes of the Fresno State game. I hope that the coaches get things together, but the knock on Fran is that he didn’t unite the team before he got all of “his guys” and ostracized the guys who were holdovers from RC. It kinda looks like it may not have been the players, though. I still stand behind my theory that this would be a totally different team if we get the ball on offense first.

KPI was encouraged because our D was popping some people pretty good, especially in the first half. Enthusiasm will only get you so far, unfortunately. Little things like talent and scheme begin to take affect.

After 2 weeks, what is your prediction for the season W-L record? Is that higher or lower than before the first game was played? Is peg a man or a woman?

HA-I think that every single game will be a heart attack just like last year. We better turn up the heat against ULaMon and win pretty big otherwise the heat will really be on Fran and there is no reason to not beat this team into submission, but then again there was no reason to let Montana State get so many yards or to let Fresno State come back the way they did. I still think we could hit 10-2 on the season, but we’ll have to turn it up to “SERIOUS” on the dial this week or we’ll lose to Miami, OSU, OU, Mizzou, Nebraska, and Texas and possibly let Baylor or Kansas sneak up on us. That’s potentially 4-8 and if that happens I may staple my nuts to a board. Based on what I’ve seen in the first two games I think we’ll win some close games and be at 7-5.

KP I didn’t put down a preseason prediction, but I think I told people 8 wins. I’m thinking 7 now.

Well, kids. We gotta go now. Hopefully you’ll be good and drunk for the game or if you are by the radio. Dave South be with you all.


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