The Aftermath

Ok, it’s a new week.  The Aggie Nation is restless with murderous thoughts and dark intentions.  Honestly, the staff here at BPHJ are a bit taken back by the events of last Thursday, which can best be summed up with the word “incompetence”, which may or may not be spelled correctly.  AgLuv kept a running update on the goings-on, albeit a very drunk series of posts that landed us on many blogwatchers’ websites as “babbling unintelligible (but fun!) nonsense,” but he was very correct in his assessment of what was happening.  Actually, his posts made complete sense to me on Thursday night, however I was admittedly drunk myself. 

We’ll be back on track soon, but I think rage is keeping us from coherently putting our thoughts together, which really hasn’t stopped us before but nonetheless…

Before you start cancelling your season tickets or vandalizing Stephen McGee’s vehicle at Kyle Field, just remember that we are only 1/3 thru the season despite Fran’s attempts to convince us that the first four games were the “exhibition season”.  There’s still a lot of football to be played and, most importantly, ample time for Fran to prove over and over again that he’s just not the right coach for A&M.  However, Fran will not be fired this week or next.  Rumors swirl that coaches were contacted last week (such as Art Briles), and that Dr. McKinney and Gov. Perry were so dismayed that they personally directed that something be done to Fran and his first born, however he still has 8 games to coach.

If he’s going to get fired, he’ll give ample reason in the next two months.  Just hold off on spray painting our QB’s truck until they get it all worked out.



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