Lane: No Blowout this Week

College Station, Texas – 10/16/07 – Brash Aggie running back Jorvorskie Lane is at it again. A week after guaranteeing a win in Lubbock against Texas Tech, A&M’s portly pigskin porter was perfectly willing to lay it on the line again. “I am sitting here today to tell you that we are no way, no how going to lose to Nebraska by more than 21 points on Saturday. Ain’t happening. All y’all can go ahead and print that.” Lane went on to add that despite a pair of tough defeats, the Ags’ season is not lost, and he is dedicating the rest of the 2007 campaign to his teammates, his coaches and his children.

In addition to last week’s guaranteed win and his latest pledge, the brazen, burly baller also proclaimed in the days leading up to the game against Miami “Nobody in the country can stop us. That’s how I feel about our offense.” Lane finished with 2 yards on 2 carries in the 34-17 loss to the Hurricanes.

When asked to comment on Lane’s latest prediction, Aggie head coach Dennis Franchione intoned “He said what??? Jesus……Oh, Jesus” before bolting from the podium and scurrying out of the room.



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