Done Deal?

CBS Sportsline, ESPN and various AM radio stations are all reporting that the details of Franholio’s buyout have been finalized. None of these media outlets are reporting whether Francine will finish her remaining two regular season games. This blitz of info on Monday morning leads us here at HSJ to believe that this was leaked from the Fran and his camp.

While it’s been painfully obvious for some time that Franny was well on his way to getting shitcanned, it would be refreshing to see all of the speculation transition from when he’s getting 86ed to what our odds are on hiring Gruden (a dozenty billion to one).  As always, we’re skeptical about these kinds of unconfirmed scoops (unless posted here first, of course).  We’ll just have to wait and see…again.

While we find it exceedingly difficult to elucidate our parting feelings towards Francho Villa in print, we have tapped into our inner muse to find the song that best states our feelings for him in our lil’ black hearts.



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