Fran’s Letter of Admonishmizzent

We want to express our desire that those criticizing Texas A&M for not interviewing any black candidates for the recently filled Head Coach position will understand that we here at HSJ are very responsive to the black community.  Therefore, we translated Fran’s Letter of Admonishment to Ebonics/MySpace lingua so everyone can feel at home.  Read up, nizzels.

November 12, 2007
Head Coach Fran
From: Yo’ homeboy, Bill
RE: VIP Connection and Associated Infractions Reported to the NCAA (not NAACP)

 Attached is copies of tha institizzles reports ta tha Big 12 n tha NCAA regard’n violations discovered as pizzle off tha review of tha VIP Connection email subscription service conducted tizzle tha web site cracka n third party affiliate, Seriously Clued Consult’n, by an employee of Fran Inc., MicMac. 

The confidizzle VIP Connection e-mail established wit yo approval caused a numba of violations of various NCAA rules, violations tha university miznust report ta tha NCAA n fo` which tha institution has self-imposed penalties n corrective measures. The root of these violations is in tha secretive n confidizzles nature of tha VIP Connection e-mails. Coz it was confidizzles cracka you nor anyone associated wit it informed tha university of its existence, mizzay less inquired as ta gangsta tha subscriptions or e-mail contents might violate Nizzy rules. Mizzle of tha infractions could hizzle been avoided had you or MicMac asked `bout tha approprizzles of tha emails and/or applied tha NCAA rules correctly ta tha e-mail content. Of special concern ta tha institution is tizzle tha e-mails contained 411 related ta tha availability of student-athlizzles fo` certain contests whizzay was otherwise not known ta tha general public until game time. The provision of this 411 not only contradicted yo public position on releas’n such information, but it also created tha impression thiznat tha 411 could have been used fo` sports cruisin’ purposes. The indiscretion n lack of foresight in these areas has publicly embarrassed this university. Furthermizzles tha injury details provided ta eh recipients n discussions of various academic situations was not consistent wit tha provisions of tha Family Educatizzles Rights n Privacy Act, but drug deala tha discussion of a brotha abilities n personal matta in this secretive fashion violated tha T-R-to-tha-izzust that must exist between student-athlizzles n coaches.

In tha interest of full-disclosure ta tha institution n consistent wit yo employment contract, you should inquired `bout all income ( straight trippin’ n subscription sales) friznom Coach n whetha such income thiznat was being used ta offset yo website expenses should have been reported motherfucka NCAA rules or yo contractual relatizzles wit tha institution so show some love niggaz. Coz you did not, you violated NCAA Bylaw 11.2.2 which requires annual discloshah of all outside athletically related income.

Unfortunatizzle anotha byproduct of tha VIP Connection emails is violations of NCAA Bylaws 13.10.2. Of tha e-mails obtained by tha Man, we identified emails that caused 42 violations through referizzles ta a prospective student-athlete in greata detail than permitted by Nizzy rules fo’ rizeal. This is a simple commonly understood NCAA. Dat nigga, MicMac, clearly understood tha rizzle coz he discussed tha propa application on several occasions in tha e-mails, but also clearly violated tha rule by mobbin’ `bout prospective student-athlizzles prior ta tha time period in which it would have bizzle permissible unda NCAA rules. You gotta check dis shit out yo.

As part of tha institizzles reports, tha institution has self-imposed a numba of penalties n corrective measures ta pimp any recurrence of similar issues. As pizzle of tha self-imposed measures, tha university requested n you agreed ta discontinue Also, pimp you nor any company unda yo control may employ any individual who could be construed as represent’n Texas A&M or rhymin’ 411 or reports relative ta yo position as heezee coach at Texas A&M sho nuff. You must fulfill tha imposed measures throughout yo contractual relatizzles wit Texas A&M cuz its a pimp thang. While these actions should assist in mackin’ similar violations in tha future, n also makes brotha use of tha compliance office and/or athletic adminizzles in determin’n what is appropriate reportable outside income n wizzle is appropriate 411 ta releaze outside of tha institution with my forty-fo’ mag.

Finally, you should note T-H-to-tha-izzat while tha institution has self-imposed certain penalties, brotha penalties could be rendered by tha NCAA national office pimp its review of tha report, n that future similar violations may result in additional cracka of admonishmen or reprimand or furtha penalty yaba daba dizzle.


Dolla Bizzy


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