Sherman? More like “SALES-MAN”

After Texas A&M shook the college football world to its core by announcing the hire of Mike Sherman, who just happens to be white…not that we look at people based upon ethnicities or anything, one glaring question remained: Can this guy recruit?

Are you joking me?!?! Mike Sherman was born to sell. This cat is so smooth that he can successfully peddle ice cubes to Eskimos Inuits (thanks for the correction, Inuit Anti-Defamation League. All apologies). If you don’t believe me, take a looksee for yourself:

Told you. At first glance, you might not see the genius in Shermie’s delivery. Watch again, I’ll wait. Starting to pick up on the nuances now, aren’t you? First and foremost, Sherm’s one cool customer. Your typical snotty Chicagoan jumps in front of him in line. Does Sherm have his personal biographer wrestle the offender to the ground as another coach was wont to do? Hell no. Sherm keeps his cool because he knows he’s got the goods.

After Shermbo offers up some friendly advice, this guy has the balls to run his mouth at good ‘ol Sherms. Sherm acknowledges the rebuke and kindly steps back and waits for Mr. Windy City to finish his transaction. Politeness. Sherm learned from R.C. Slocum the power a polite nod and “aw shucks” grin has on recruits’ mothers. “Why yes ma’am, I know that Ron Prince is egging my car in your driveway. It’ll wash out I’m sure. Do you have any of that cornbread left? Mmmmm.”

What really drives it home for me is his complete lack of human emotion. Shermanator’s delivery is wholly devoid of any inflection changes. This is a man who means business!!! He’s not sitting in your living room to play a game of grabass like Mike Gundy. Sherm knows your time is valuable, and he’s not about to fuck around here. Brass tacks, people.

Folks, there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and Mike Sherman knows that you don’t have to go all Glengarry Glen Ross to reel ’em in.



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