How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Sherm

Admittedly I was a bit harsh when Texas A&M hired Mike Sherman to be its new football coach. I tend to be kinda emotional when it comes to Aggie stuff anyway, and although I stand behind the fact that I’m not happy with the state of Aggie Football in its present state and the politics that went into hiring Sherman (including the sneaky/smarmy way Byrne goes about his job) I must take a step back and say that I’m behind Mike Sherman.

Ugh. That stings.

Sherman brings a lot of experience to the table. None of it is in college head coaching, but it’s football experience nonetheless. And he has a lot of people who think he’ll be an excellent coach at A&M. No one that I would consider to be an authority on college football, but it’s nice to hear that sort of rhetoric about your new coach.

I really thought that he’d be so excited to get the job that he’d drop everything including his pants to get to College Station, but instead he stayed with the Texans to finish out the season. That would wreck (pun, heh) the momentum after the t.u. game, right? That would put a complete screeching halt to recruiting and our commits would start decommiting, right?

Beeeeh. Wrong. Sherman -1, HA -0. Drat. He scores the first goal. As it turns out, the only thing that happened in December was the holiday season.

Ok, so he doesn’t even have time to take the test required to visit high school recruits off campus. Surely that would hinder his ability to visit with these kids and shore up their commitments, correct?

Beeeeeh. Wrong again. Turns out the dead period hit before he even took the test, so no harm, no foul. Plus, some of these kids actually buy into his NFL experience. Shermish – 2, HA – 0. Dammit, he’s out to a good lead. No worries, he’ll soon fall apart because…

One of our top commitments (Markelle Martin) decides to decommit and the best player in the class is looking at none other than Florida. Ok, surely I’ll get on the board with this one, right?

Beeeeeh. He scores the hat trick. Rod Davis, although he’s visiting t.u. this next week, is considered solid in his commitment to A&M. And Martin looks like a complete flake since he decided to go to OSU to be with one of his buddies, Kody Spano. Problem is that the move bumped Spano’s schollie, and it pissed Spano off something fierce so he decided against going to OSU completely. Now all the high school coaches in N. Texas are pissed off at Mike “I’m a Man” Gundy, so the whole move to get a 4-star player totally backfired on him. 3 to zip. Son of a bitch, Sherman is killing me.

Well, fine. There’s no way Sherman’s going to be able to get any coaches to come in here after Gary Dildo Darnell and Les Penis, More Vagina Koennig let the nearly-dead JoPa and his creepy red-headed sideline assistant beat our asses in our own gawdamn state while our new coach didn’t even show up to the game and admitted later that he didn’t watch the mother fucker in the first place. On top of that, we’ve got some jerkoff Aggie picking his nose and eating it while our idiot coaches won’t run our starting RB/Sumo wrestler on 4th and a snooch hair, which makes him cry on national television. Ah-HA! Gotcha! That disaster is going to make us look so bad, Sherman can’t HELP but fall apart on his coaching search

Beeeeh. Dammit, he scores again. He hires Reggie Herring, who is like an older, fatter, actually has skins on the wall, and is a Just The Ten of Us version of Will Muschamp who Aggie fans j.o.’d to for three months only to have him get hired at dirty faggy t.u. down the road. Then Sherman goes out and hires Nolan Cromwell from the Seattle Seahawks as his OC. Thankfully, he turned down sip Applewhite, then he brings in Ag Buddy Wyatt (who is a top notch recruiter), keeps Van Malone from the old guard (sip, but he’s acceptable), brings in Dave Kennedy (quite possibly the best S&C guy in the land), and the rumor is that Randy Jordan (former Raider running back) is going to get the RB coach job. Well, shit. He’s skunking me here. 4-0

Alright now…I’ve got my scoring line out there and I’m going for the goal. So far he hasn’t been able to bring any new recruits to the class (other than Jeff Fuller, but let’s be honest, fellas…Fuller didn’t commit to OU as much as he committed AGAINST Dennis Dickhead Franchione). YES! I get on the scoreboard, c’est vrai?

Beeeeeeh. Gawdammit…as it turns out, Sherman is on the verge of nailing down a HUGE commit from Desoto RB Cyrus Gray, who gives Rod Davis a run for his money in the “best player in the class” race, has a very good shot with Aundre Dean, had Aaron Boyd in town for a visit not to mention that he had Sam “SuperWinja TNT” McGuffie in town for a (brief) visit. Ok, score goes to 5-0, and Sherman’s goalie snapped his glove out and snagged my wrister from the face-off circle.

Truth is that I just wanted something big with the new coach. BIG. Spurrier, or Tuberville, or Tedford or Rodriguez (who might have made the biggest bonehead decision in college sports this side of George O’Leary’s choice in resume service). I was expecting to do what t.u. did when they hired Mack and turn the entire state on it’s head. Truth is that I wanted something so big that every news outlet around the country would be talking about us.

Actuality is that we aren’t there yet. Sherman’s got a long road to hoe and I think that we could have had an easier go at turning our very tenuous program around with a coach with recent success in college football. Mostly, he’s going to have to earn every single stripe he receives, but it seems like he has the constitution to do so whereas a coach who had recent college HC experience wouldn’t have to prove himself at every turn. But Sherman’s here and so far he hasn’t fucked anything up to the extent that I expected and has actually pleased me so far in his recruiting efforts (although, I think most of the honors need to fall on the head of the greatness of Tim Cassidy up to this point).

He’s our coach and he’s here at least for the next seven seasons, and so far he’s done everything well enough to keep us from falling apart. So…it’s time to get behind him. It doesn’t mean we can’t criticize him if something goes wrong, but I admit that we live to play another day despite not getting the blockbuster coach. And we should be happy to live to play another day after Fran and his ragtag bunch of idiots nearly destroyed our beloved program.

So, take care of us, Sherman…you’re our coach now.



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