Big XII Preview – Baylor

The bottomfeeders of Big 12 football, the Bears will try their hand without Guy Morris this year.  Art Briles, who had about as much success as you can have at post Southwest Conference Houston, has taken over the reins in Waco.  Is this a promotion for Briles?  He’s well known in the high school coaching ranks in Texas, but he seems to be pissing people off already by pulling scholarships and not realizing that it this point Baylor is not much more attractive than Houston.


I think we probably need to go back and look at Guy Morris a little to get a feel for where this program is.  Morris came to Baylor as the only coach to ever get a Gatorade bath and still lose a game.  He seemed to pick out Texas A&M as the team he would gun for every year, culminating in a 2004 overtime win.  However, last year his Bears fell to the Aggies 34-10.  In his post game press conference, Morris said that even though the score was close at halftime, he felt his team wasn’t in the game.  Morris had given up.


And why wouldn’t he give up?  Let’s face it, Baylor does not belong in the Big XII.  Seventy years ago the landscape was different in college football.   Small private schools not nicknamed Hurricanes, Trojans, or Irish are usually not too successful.  These days, Baylor is rarely even competitive.  Morris in retrospect should have considered a shower with his sister as scoring big.


Looking at this team on paper is an exercise in futility.  The lack of talent is so extensive, that I don’t know where to start other than slotting them in as the last place team in the south and trying to find a game on their schedule they can win.   They play a team called Northwestern State the second week of the season, so I’ll give them the courtesy of winning one game this season, since that game is at home.  Baylor will go 1-11.


Enough nice talk, though.  As Aggies, we attend the second most conservative school in the Big XII.  Well, that’s what the Baylor administration wants you to believe.  Texas A&M is conservative all right, and Baylor does have an abnormally high percentage of over the top Jesus freaks, but they also have a shitload of gay dudes and girls that are complete whores but whose parents made them go to school there thinking Jesus would plug their vaginas with silly putty until they were married to some dude that would pay off her student loans.  To all those Baylor parents out there, that silly putty comes off every time that little girl leaves Waco for a weekend.


The Baylor Line is the gayest thing in the Big XII.  You have like six dudes in yellow shirts with bad haircuts booing their own team. 


As far as positives go, Art Briles did seem to do something in Houston.  Can he do the same thing in Waco?  He will not be able to win a recruit from any south division team, so he will have to win with players that he develops or players no one else thought were any good.  It’s been done before and can be done again, but it’s a long shot in Waco.  The Bears will not win more than one game this year, and the Baylor faithful better give Art Briles several years to turn this thing around.  Unlike Grant Teaff, if Briles wins a conference championship at Baylor, he’ll be at another school the very next season.  He has a personality.



One comment on “Big XII Preview – Baylor

  1. It’s a shame that Baylor is even in the Big 12. TCU was royally screwed on that deal. You should have written a little bit about the state politics when Baylor, like Tech, only got in the Big 12 because of alum sponsors in state office at the time.

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