Big XII Preview – Iowa State

Iowa State is the most insignificant school in the Big XII. Gene Chizuk is best known to Aggies as the dude that made our friends in Austin actually have a defense. He was a bad ass. Why did he go to Iowa State? Iowa State is like the Baylor of the north. Except for players from Arp, Texas with questionable grades, they have to take the leftovers from Iowa as far as their recruiting goes. Remember that Iowa takes quarterbacks we don’t want, like Drew Tate, who had committed to RC Slocum, but Dennis Franchione and crew took over, said they would honor all scholarship offers made by the previous staff, and promptly ignored Tate and wouldn’t call him back. Texas A&M ignores big time recruits that go to Iowa. Iowa State is five rungs below Iowa, but beat them last year. (Ref – TTU vs TAMU).

For the record, I applaud Dennis and his decision about Tate.

Anyway, what you need to know about Iowa State is that Todd Blythe, the best player in Big XII history that I saw play against the Aggies, is gone. He wasn’t drafted.

Gene Chizuk started last year loading up with junior college players. What he’s trying to do is create another Kansas State. Will he succeed? I doubt it, but everyone thought Mr. Snyder was a crazy mofo when he started doing the same thing at Kansas State. I imagine if they give Chizuk time and he keeps getting JUCOs into Iowa State, then one year he’ll have a breakout year and challenge for the North crown. That won’t be this year.

ISU laid maybe the most embarrassing loss on the Aggies other than 77-0 in recent memory. The trip to College Station before that it took a long Derek Farmer run on fourth down to seal the game for the Aggies. Dwayne Goynes also had a good day against the Cyclones in recent times. Was that his only good day?

No one can accurately preview a team being built with JC’s and recruits stolen from the Aggies at the last minute. I’m going to predict that they finish last in the north, but that they beat Iowa.

Really, this team is not worth a lot of effort. Ames Iowa is the armpit of the Big XII north, and that’s saying a lot.

Iowa State Notes – George Washington Carver was the first African American student at ISU. Larry Eustachy was a great basketball coach that tried to score eighteen year old trim. Ames has a population of about 50K. Iowa State is probably more of a basketball school than a football school, but no one knows why. Barry Switzer as coach of the Cowboys once compared playing the Cardinals to playing Iowa State.
Sorry, Ags, there’s not much to report on these clowns, since they are so irrelevant.



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