Big XII Preview – Oklahoma State

I’m not going to waste a lot of time with these guys, but I’ll start with their uniforms. Only Boston College and Oklahoma State have that slanted eighties font on their uniforms. This stuff should be considered “throwback modern”, maybe a new classification for bringing back the bad from the not so distant past to create an awkward overall effect.

Never has one school been associated with one non coaching person than Oklahoma State. A&M’s own Mr. Boone Pickens is on a personal vendetta to make OSU the new OU. Of course, he’s lacking a few things, like a fan base that cares, but money can buy a lot of things. I believe it was the Texas Tech game last year where their stadium was not even close to sold out, yet they had 12,000 empty seats under construction in the endzone. They’ll need a Baylor tarp once they get that thing finished.

Hey, we even beat them last year when Gundy out Franned Fran in a second half where he decided field goals would win a game. In fact, Gundy seems like a mistake waiting to happen. His handling of the quarterback situation last year reminded me of Mack Brown telling us that “Chance Mock is our starter” and “Chris Simms is our starter”. Mack’s answering questions intended for Simms in a Red River Rivalry press conference set the same tone as the “I’m 40!” bit we all love from Mr. Gundy.

Quarterback handling aside, it appears Gundy made the right choice, but just went about the thing the wrong way. OSU loses some talent on offense and lost a rapist on defense, but they have a fair amount of talent on that team, but they just seem capable of losing almost every game. They always look confused. I think part of that is that on every offensive play the entire team looks over at the bench after they get set. It’s like a kid that wants to climb a tree but looks back at his mother to see if she’ll stop him.

Summary: They lose some playmakers from the offensive backfield and the receiving corps, but they have guys in place to step in and perform. Their defense has to get better. It was awful. The thing holding this team down is their coaching staff. I imagine Boone will clean house after this season unless they win the Bedlam game. I look for them to finish above Baylor and no one else in the Big XII South.

OSU notes – They seem to have some guys like Cody Canada and Jason Boland from the Stillwater area that are big time drug users. Eskimo Joe’s shirts outsell Dixie Chicken shirts 3 to 1. I’ve known a couple of OSU grads, and they seemed to be dullards. Their football teams have a tendency to start out their seasons poorly, but to improve slightly over the course of the season. A big question is whether Eddie Sutton will ask to have his drunk name removed from their basketball court. I think they offer more kids than Nebraska and Texas A&M combined. They will start out their season with a big loss to Washington State before winning three straight heading into the conference opener at home against the Aggies. They should beat Troy this year at home, but if they don’t, well, we can all laugh. The great Hoyt Axton is an OSU alum.





2 comments on “Big XII Preview – Oklahoma State

  1. Do a little research dumbass. OSU hasn’t worn the uni’s you mention in a few years.

    I got $500 that says we will finish above aTm.

  2. Dude are you freaking serious. Your beloved aggies struggle and this is the kind of crap you can write. Oh Sherman is a better coach than Gundy. Would you honestly wake up and smell something other than that collies ass and realize you are a fan of one of the most underachieving teams in all of college sports. Yes you have a great tradition but a great tradition of underachieving. When was your last national title in anything seriously? Go grab your nuts with the rest of your crazy ass corp man just so you think you can know what college football players go through.

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