Big XII Preview – Nebraska

Nebraska had the most dominant run in college football in the past forty years.  Between 1994 and 1997 Nebraska won three of four national championships.  It’s really astounding that a school in the middle of Bumfuck Nowhere could even field a competitive Division I team, but Nebraska was on top of the world in the mid-nineties. 


Their dominance and downfall coincided with Nebraska joining the Big 12 conference.  The Big 12 conference killed Nebraska, and they will never win a football national championship again.  Their national championship teams of the nineties were built on what were then called Prop 48 athletes.  Most conferences allowed schools only one or none of these so called non-qualifiers.  Nebraska built their team with these people and also gave scholarships to in-state athletes that wanted to play football at Nebraska.  It was called their walk-on program.  The Prop 48 athlete is now a thing of the past.  Supposedly, every team now operates form the same sliding scale, so athletes from Florida and Texas and California no longer have to go to the desolate children of the corn fields of Nebraska to play football unless they can’t graduate from high school.  Therefore, Nebraska is reduced to offering scholarships to 11 Texas high school running backs for next year’s recruiting class.  Hell, even TCU wouldn’t  just throw offers out like that.


Not only did Nebraska build their teams with athletes that couldn’t get in anywhere else outside of Louisville and Fresno State,  they allowed them to stay on the team with multiple legal infractions including dragging young women by the hair down staircases.  This points directly at Tom Osborne.  He was lenient on his team because his team consisted of Prop 48 athletes that shouldn’t have been in college in the first place.  He needed to protect them because he knew they were incapable of college work and dragging a woman down the stairs by her hair was normal to them.  Remember, most of these athletes, and they were great athletes, were recruited by Nebraska and maybe some school like Fresno State.  Most universities would not accept more than a couple of the key players on Nebraska’s championship run.  Most schools required their players to at least have an SAT score.


Last year, Nebraska was pathetic.  They went 2-6 in conference and in non-conference games had lucky wins against Ball State and Wake Forest.  The team would give up if they trailed by anything.  This led to the dismissal of savior Bill Callahan and the hiring of Bo Pellini.  Usually, a team with the recent success of Nebraska wouldn’t take a gamble and hire a coordinator as their head coach.  But, after Bill Callahan drove the program into the ground, Nebraska was desperate to try anything.  Everyone outside of Nebraska knows that the reason for their recent failures is that they are located in Nebraska and that they can no longer admit players that can’t get into 100 other Division I schools.


To my knowledge, there’s never been a good looking woman attend the University of Nebraska that didn’t get beat up by a football player.  I don’t know this for a fact, so please correct me if I’m wrong.


In non-conference play, Nebraska plays four home games, and should win at least half of them.  They play Baylor killers San Jose State, the Aggies of New Mexico State, and Western Michigan.  They should win two of those three games.  They will get destroyed by Virginia Tech in Lincoln on September 20th.  They face Texas Tech in Lubbock and Oklahoma in Norman  and Baylor at home for their games against the south.  They will lose two of those games and the Baylor game is a tossup.  Deathburger predicts that Nebraska will beat Baylor for their only Big 12 win.  They will finish 3-9 for the season.  New coach Bo Pellini will be under fire after only one season. 


On offense, Nebraska has Marlon Lucky,  Joe Ganz will control the backfield, but the receivers are a weakness and teams will concentrate on the run.  Defensively, Nebraska has a decent line but needs to find some linebackers.  The main thing about this team is that they just gave up in games they trailed last year.  Maybe Bo can change this.  Maybe he can’t.  Deathburger predicts a humiliating loss to Iowa State and a team that follows the Callahan tradition of quitting in tough games.


This will be a down year for Nebraska.  The challenge for the Cornhuskers will be to pass Iowa State and not be the worst team in the north.  They seem to be way behind every other team in the north.  The will never finish consistently above Colorado in the north as long as Colorado stays in the conference.  A good goal for Nebraska will be to competitive with Kansas State over the next few years and remain above Iowa State in the standings.  The problem is that Iowa State appears to have hired a better coach.


Nebraska Notes:

Scott Frost and Tommy Frazier were two of the greatest quarterbacks to play college football since 1990.  Tom Osborne is temporarily running the show in Nebraska under different rules than when he could assemble dominant teams.  Johnny Carson and Warren Buffet attended Nebraska.  Nebraska’s overall sports programs used to be the best in the Big 12, but now they are mired in mediocrity.  Nebraska is now an afterthought in Big 12 championship discussions, and they probably won’t win another football championship in the next 30 years.




20 comments on “Big XII Preview – Nebraska

  1. Texas A&M…one national championship…1939. You are from a state with the most Div I talent, you are the second richest school in your state and play in the biggest stadium in the conference…yet you still suck. Your glory years were playing in the weak SWC where even Texas could only muster about 8 wins a year. You can’t even win paying a coach $4 million a year. Texas Tech has passed you up and you actually lost to that same sorry Nebraska squad AT HOME two years ago. How do you improve? Your AD (from Nebraska) fired your coach and hired an overweight, older coach, who has in turn, hired several Nebraska coaches from the same staff that you just complained about…

    Best of luck to you!

  2. Eric, you bring up some valid points. Texas A&M, like Nebraska, has had some struggles lately. However, in the new landscape of college football, I would have to say that the Aggies have a brighter future than Nebraska.

    Nebraska had some great teams in the nineties, and you should be proud of that, but bad times are ahead.

    Good luck this season.

  3. You are a RETARD.. good thing everyone sees through all of your bullshit. I can’t believe I am even commenting on this crap. A&M is the shithole of the Big XII South. You have AD and coaches from Nebraska formerly.. so you would be say you are the bottom feeders of a 3-9 team?

    Nebraska is going to have one of the best offenses in the big XII.. The O-line is large and pretty experienced including a potential All- American in Matt Slauson. The Backfield has depth with Ganz at QB who proved himself in the second half of last year with a phenominal output. He is on the Maxwell Award watch list. Marlon Lucky is obviously a strong point as a pre-season All-American by many sources, not even to mention depth with Helu and Castille as young, experienced backups. The wide reciever core will lose a talent or two but fills in with a returner or two and young men on the uprise.

    Saying a loss to W. Michigan, san Jose St, or NM State is insane. Bo brings a complicated defensive scheme that will be tough to compete with and the O will be able to run the table on most if not all defenses that we play.

    You’re mad because we took Cody Green out of your backyard and you are in a deep hole by hiring a mediocre coach. You are saying we took a gamble in hiring Bo Pelini, where in fact most of Nebraskans have not even blinked an eye, we were prepared to name him head coach in 2003. Executive decisions were made and T.O. came in to give the state of Nebraska what it wanted.

    Good luck to the once again mediocre Aggies who wish they were able to hang with the likes of Texas. You will always be second or third in your STATE, not no mention the entire Big XII. Have fun reminiscing about good old 1939 back in your grandparents’ day. I don’t have any problem remembering 1970 ,1971, 1994, 1995, and 1997. And in fact I would say there are more to come in WELL less than 30 years.

  4. Mark,

    I admire your passion for Cornhusker football, but you need to take a step back and think about what you’re saying.

    Hurling insults is not a productive form of conversation. As I said before, I actually like Nebraska and hope they do well, but, objectively, I think they are in a huge hole and with the current landscape of college football they aren’t going to be able to get out of that hole.

    Good luck!


  5. Solid information sandwiched by insults (that just so happen to be true) apparently does work because you just got dominated. I think you need to step back and take a look at what you’ve been writing on all the teams. Whenever you comment you defend yourself from people who know these programs much more inside and out than you do, and you don’t even bring up any valid points, if any, in response. Sorry to burst your bubble but if I were you I would go back to my day job and stop wasting my time.

    P.S. Another TX commit today, that makes 5

  6. Deathburger, Do your parents that live upstairs still monitor yours? I do just fine by myself because I don’t have my own website that is entirely comprised of an absurd Aggie bias and badmouthing other programs with made up information/horrible analysis. I guess thats why you live in the middle of nowhere with mom and pop, while trying to regain the Aggie self-esteem.

    Just to prove the history that you are dissing and take you down from your “all-knowing” Big XII football pedestal:

    Nebraska wins all-time series 10-3-0

    National Championships
    Nebraska: 5
    TAMU: 1

    Nebraska: 3
    TAMU: 1

    Conference Championships
    Nebraska: 43
    TAMU: 18

    Academic All Americans
    Nebraska: Nation Leading 262 total (90 football)
    TAMU: Irrelevant (41 football)

    Coaching with Over 100 Wins
    Tom Osborne
    255-49-3 .836 Win%, 25 straight bowl games, 13 league titles, 3 N. Champs
    Bob Devaney
    101-20-2 .829 Win%, 8 league titles, 2 N. Champs
    RC Slocum
    123-47-2 .721 Win%, 1 league title, 0 N. Champs

    Nebraska Holds the National Record for Consecutive Sellouts at 289 and counting.

    I rest my case. This doesn’t happen just because of Prop 48. It’s history. Know your facts and re evaluate what you’re looking at here. I’m sorry you are getting shown up by someone a little younger than you but you need to learn Big XII football. When you have, come back and we can talk football.

  7. Mark, that’s a rich history there. Remember when Minnesota was so great? Things change. Academic requirements change. Playing fields level out. That’s why Nebraska is in trouble in the future.

    Now, if you just like Nebraska because of the football team, I’d suggest finding a new team to root for like Florida or USC. If you like Nebraska because of the university, then you are okay in my book.

    Do yo want me to say that Nebraska will be a national power again in three years? I just can’t say that because I don’t believe it.

    Good luck.


  8. Born and raised Nebraskan. You wouldn’t understand the passion Nebraskans have for Husker football, no one ever does, and thats okay. Minnesota has become mediocre over a span of 50 years after their last championship in 1960. Last time I checked Nebraska is at 11 since our last. This is not even to mention that all teams do not HAVE to go down hill after having some dominance. Teams ebb and flow over a years with different recruits that come in. With the fact of the playing field leveling out, every other team is facing the exact same situation in that regard, so I don’t see how you can mark that up against one team. No, I don’t want you to say that Nebraska will have a championship in the next three years because although it is possible, I agree it’s not something I would bet on. I disagree with the fact that you say there won’t be any for the next 30 years and we are doomed to be a doormat for the NCAA.

  9. Mark,

    Check back at the end of the season. If my prediction was off, I’ll admit.

    If Nebraska goes 2-10 or 3-9, I’ll expect an apology.

  10. This is the worst piece of trash column I have ever read. What has Texas A&M ever done? Last time I checked you were trashed on your home field by Arkansas State!!! That is hilarious and I cannot wait to watch you lose every pathetic game you play this year. A&M might be the 8th best team in the State of Texas this year. That is not saying much.

  11. Ryan,

    There’s a lot of football left to be played. Remember, a team can improve significantly in the first few games. We’ll see what happens. The Aggies may have a down year, but they are on the way back.

    There’s a lot of pride up there in the cornfields. I’m aware of the passion for Cornhusker football. However, that does not and will not make them a great team.

  12. wow i find all these posts about how nebraska is so horrible and how they are just going downhill hellarious. well take a look and see which team has had the most success (wins in div1 college football) in the last 40 years and you will see nebraska at the top of the list. if you want to argue that nebraska has those wins because of a bunch of walk-ons that couldn’t cut it academically maybe you should see which university has the most academic all-americans of all time(also nebraska..)sure nebraska hasn’t been the team they were for so many years, but it is a work-in-progress… luckily nebraska has an extremely devoted following and rich tradition which will keep striving to be a national championship caliber team.

    P.S. 2-10??? 3-9??? i think you were a little off…Try 8-4 right now and probably going to the gator bowl… i guess stats and actions speak much louder than words…

  13. hey fuckstick you have no clue what the fuck you were rambling on about. Your prediction of a 3-9 season was just straight up retarded and you say nebraskans are stupid. We have a nation leading academic school.

  14. Canon, do you know me? People used to call me fuckstick back in the day, but it was out of respect, and I took it as a compliment.

    I’m glad you have a nation leading academic school. That really means a lot in these troubled times.

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