Big XII Preview – Kansas

Adolphe Quetelet, a 19th century Belgian statistician, created the BMI, or body mass index.  This is one tool we use to measure obesity.  A BMI of greater than 40.0 is referred to as class III obesity or severely/morbidly obese.


Obesity is this country’s number one health risk these days.  Government programs and the governor of California are trying to halt the obesity trend in this country.  Reducing trans fats and making kids take more hours of physical education are ways in which the government is getting involved.


The list of obesity induced health conditions seem to be never ending.  They include but are not limited to reflux disease, liver disease, gallstones, hernias, sleep apnea, hypoventilation syndrome, asthma, complications from general anesthesia, low self-esteem, dysmorphic disorder, social stigmatization,  stretch marks, acanthosis nigricans, lymphedema, cellulitis, carbuncles, intertrigo, erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, chronic renal failure, and hypogonadism.  The increased strain on the heart and the body make living your life as a morbidly obese person a living hell.


Everyone likes the fat dude that tells a lot of jokes.  He’s a fun guy.  But the morbidly obese person that has a certain smell about him is a different story.  People want to avoid him.  They usually feel sorry for him.  There are surgeries to help that condition now, and there are numerous help groups available.  For anyone that is morbidly obese, it’s not too late to change his or her lifestyle to live out his or her remaining days in a somewhat normal state.


There are dissenting views on obesity.  In his book The Diet Myth, Paul Campos argues that the social stigma of being obese is the only real problem, that all the health issues reported by the media are insignificant.  This is hard to believe.  Have you ever seen an eighty year old morbidly obese person?


Mark Mangino is considered morbidly obese.  He is also considered to be one of the best coaches in the Big 12 conference.  His team’s run last year at a school that doesn’t even care about football was an impressive job of coaching.  His ability to squeeze into living rooms across the country and look parents in the eye and convince them to send their kids to Kansas is nothing short of remarkable.  If you were a parent of a talented football player and a 480 pound circular man taking up your whole couch told you that he would turn your kid into the best athlete he could be, would you buy it?  It’s as unbelievable as a Baptist going to Sunday school lessons at the home of a known Satanist because he thought the Satanist could teach him how to be a good Baptist better than any Baptist could.  Mangino is so fat that the Elephant man would pay money to see him.


Oprah has struggled with her weight in the past, but she’s never been morbidly obese.  With the help of experts, she has come up with a four step program for losing weight.  Don’t skip meals.  Skipping meals triggers something in your body that you’ll need to binge eat at your next meal.  Eat more, smaller meals during the day to keep your metabolism working all day.  For the smaller meals, or snacks, stick to one particular food.  A variety of flavors or a selection of different foods leads to gorging.  Don’t eat fatty foods and stick to low fat or skim dairy products.  Avoid comfort foods; the meals your mother fed you when you were growing up just don’t work these days.  Oprah has helped millions of people lose weight.  Mr. Mangino needs to spend more time watching Oprah.


Kansas is a nice team.  They’ll finish the season third in the Big 12 north and play in a minor bowl game.


Kansas Notes

Kansas won the basketball national championship in 2008 with an improbable and lucky comeback in the final seconds.  Bill Self came to Kansas in 2003 from the University of Illinois.  Don Johnson of Miami Vice fame attended Kansas.  Dr. James Naismith was the only Kansas basketball coach to amass a losing record.  Kansas basketball is important.




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