Bring It

The A&M football program is in really bad shape, and we deserve all the whippin we can get.  Frankly, this year was going to happen no matter who the new coach was.

The blame rests entirely on Bill Byrne.

So, kick us while we are down, Aggie haters.  We deserve it for letting a HUGE program fall into such disrepair.


One comment on “Bring It

  1. You put it up on a tee like that and Hell Yeah I’m gonna take a cut…

    Just how in the wide, wide world of sports do you state what a sad state your own program is in but still rate yourselves higher than Tech or UT after a Week 1 LOSS to a vastly inferior team? It’s that sort of mentality that kept A&M in the stone age of football for far too long and left your AD Byrne with the near impossible task of dragging your bumpkin arse program back into the 21st Century. The same mentality that loves a Bucky clone at QB when you have a modern era stud wasting his elegibility sitting on the bench.

    Last comment, I can tell from the way you crafted your pre season review of my Longhorns (fwded to me by a loyal Ag) that you guys are stuck in the 80’s early 90’s hoping for the second coming of Jackie Sherrill, and it ain’t gonna happen. Citing the antics of players that at UT in the 80’s is just straight up retarded since your own program flirted with the death penalty at that same time for dealings that made the OU debacle of a year ago seem mild in comparison. Or do you really expect us to belive that Jackie resigned to take a better position at Mississippi State?!?!?!

    Sherrill himself was quoted recently as saying “if Sherman wins 5 or 6 games this year he should be Big XII coach of the year”. Thus sayeth your deity, deal with it.

    Live in the now boys, take your lickens and stop looking back for a time that ain’t gonna come around again. Admit you are currently the 4th or 5th best team in the Conference and quit pretending otherwise. You’ve got a two year streak against Texas and may just sneak in a third in a row this year now that the game is back where it belongs on Turkey Day, but that is all that you have to keep you warm at night for a few years now Army. Own it like men and you might surprise everyone and turn it around a tad faster, keep posing that you are a Major Bowl contender and you’ll only draw it out longer than necessary.

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