Big XII Rankings – Week 1

1. Oklahoma
Last week – Beat Chatanooga 57-2 after leading at halftime 50-0.
Next week – Cincy
Note – OU will continue to roll.

2. Colorado
Last week – Beat in state rival CSU 38-17
Next week – Will destroy Eastern Washington
Notes – Boise State was no fluke.

3. Oklahoma State
Last week – Beat Washington State 39-13 on the road.
Next week – Hosts the Houston Cougars
Notes – OSU usually has an embarrassing non-conference loss, but not this week.

4. Texas A&M
Last week – Struggled against Arkansas State in a loss.
Next week – Will destroy New Mexicon.
Notes – Sherman learned from the first game.

5. Mizzou
Last week – Defense didn’t show up against Illinois.
This week – Plays in state directional school.
Notes – A lot of offense, no defense.

6. Kansas
Last week – Had no problems with FIU.
This week – Plays Louisiana Tech.
Notes – This is a team you can chew the fat over.

7. Kansas State
Last week – Dominated North Texas
Next week – Will dominate Montana State
Notes – Prince experiencing a resurgence

8. Texas
Last Week – Defeated Florida Atlantic
Next week – Visits Texas Western.
Notes – Backfield problems hurt ranking.

9. Texas Tech
Last week – Pulled away from Eastern Washington in the final quarter.
Next week – Plays at Nevada
Notes – Won’t beat the Wolfpack with repeat performance.

10. Iowa State
Last week – Pounded South Dakato State by four touchdowns.
This week – Hosts Kent State.
Notes – Cyclones will remain undefeated with ease.

11. Nebraska
Last week – Gave up 24 points to Western Michigan.
This week – Host San Jose State
Notes – Nebraska will struggle once again.

12. Baylor
Last week – Got blown out on national television.
This week – Hosts a school called Northwestern State.
Notes – Has already made a quarterback change.

Please note these rankings consider strength of opponent and team performance.



22 comments on “Big XII Rankings – Week 1

  1. you have to be retarded, CU @ 2, aTm @ 4. YOUR team sucks, sherman motivates like last years husker staff, oh wait thats the current aTm staff you fucking tard. your team is historically irrelevant and you fan base is a bunch of fucking morons. BOOMER SOONER.

  2. “Please note these rankings consider strength of opponent and team performance”
    Wait for it, wait for it. You guys got beat by a crappy Arkansas State team, which obviously means the team’s performance was TERRIBLE. I know this may be a personal blog, but how can you possibly make that kind of statement to put A&M at 4th in the power rankings? The conference overall went 10-2, and you guys were the only loss next to Baylor, who played a very potent Wake Forest. Of all the teams the Big 12 played, Arkie State was one of the bottom 3, and you guys STILL lost. McGee is a terrible QB, your team has 5 walk-ons STARTING, and your O-line is one of the worst in the country. You guys should be dead last in these rankings because there isn’t a single thing the aggies have in positive regard to converse about. I’m not even going to begin to talk about MU, UT, and TTU because all of those are way too low on the ranks too.

  3. Are you out of your fucking mind?

    The Big XII Player Of The Week & we’ve “got problems in the backfield”??? & You guys get treated by Arky State like a 3rd grade boy trying out for cheerleading & you think we’re lower ranked than you guys?


  4. You ranked the sucky aggies over the #6, 10, 12, 14 teams in the nation. That’s completely pathetic, the aggies should be ranked #13 in the big 12.

    you just made me lol.

  5. Reeeeeaaal un-biased. Serving the sport, way to go. Look aggie, out of 12 teams in the conference only 2 lost…. Baylor, and TAMU. And you’re fourth?! Wow. Aggie denial, delusion, and idiocy all wrapped into one ridiculous, absurd excuse for a poll. Why don’t you check the national poll, where UT and Tech are on it… and TAMU is certainly not. and looks to not ever be. Good luck this year genius. I’m sure Javorskie Lane can guarantee you a national championship this year.

  6. Texas scores 52 against a mildly competent 1A team.
    Mizzou score 50 on a decent BCS conference squad.

    Agros couldn’t score more than 14 against a 1AA team. Yet Ags are number 4 and ranked above both.

    Ags should be ranked 13th in the Big 12. Seriously though, you need to do some serious justification here. Let me guess, if you had a ballot you would put the Ags in the top 1O.

  7. NCAAFBALLROX, first off, kudos on the clever name.

    Secondly, despite your vulgar language, we published your opinion. We would ask that you refrain from such coarse language in the future. Children read this site.

    Lastly, the staff here at HSJ stand by Deathburger’s work. What we haven’t told you is that he worked at HP for nearly a year, and his power rankings are based upon a system he developed while working there. Like the man said, let’s see how the season plays out.

    Thanks for all the comments and support, everyone!!! Gig ’em!!!

  8. Awesome site! Not quite Barking Carnival, but I think it’s because you need more Deanmortimer and less Deathburger. You should also ditch King Puppy for Hammitron.

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