Deathburger’s Early Season Conference Rankings

1. PAC 10 (9.641 DB Ranking)

While most schools outside of Oregon play in half empty stadiums in front of diverse student bodies who care more about soccer than football, the league is showing a resurgence this year. The pro style offenses of the PAC 10 are miles ahead of any other conference, and they have USC, #1 in the power rankings and the favorite to win the MNC this year.

2. Big 12 (9.339)

The schools in the middle of the country also boast potent offenses, but prefer tricked up spread offenses for the most part. Oklahoma is the class of the league this year, but a strong supporting class of football powers not including Baylor makes the Big 12 once again a formidable conference this year.

3. Southeastern Conference (9.060)

Anytime Georgia is considered nationally to be the class of the SEC, you know it’s a down year for those schools in the south. Alabama is a few years away from being relevant again, and Florida and LSU are undergoing rebuilding projects. Auburn and Kentucky look solid this year to help the overall power of this conference.

4. Atlantic Coast Conference (8.554)

The bottom four in this conference, Duke, UNC, NC State, and Clemson really drag down its ranking. There is no standout power school in the ACC this year.

5. Big 10 (8.501)

The Big 10 (11) has really been exposed the past few years. The strength of the conference is not at the top, it’s the balance throughout the league. There’s not much of a difference between frontrunner Ohio State and basement dweller Indiana.

6. Mountain West (7.778)

This is a split conference. You have five really good teams then four really bad teams. The haves – Utah, TCU, BYU, AFA, and New Mexico should all play in bowl games. The rest of the conference sucks.

7. Big East (7.682)

What happened to Syracuse? Again, this is a mediocre conference where anyone outside of Syracuse can beat anyone else. The schools are similar to the Mountain West except they are on the other side of the country. Outside of West Virginia, football is not a high priority in the Big East.



2 comments on “Deathburger’s Early Season Conference Rankings

  1. You left off the brutal Sun Belt Conference, where nobody can ever rise to national prominence because They All Just Beat Up on Each Other Every Year (TM). I think maybe they should be slotted just ahead of the SEC on the basis of Arkansas State being so far ahead of Arkansas.

  2. The Sun Belt didn’t quite make the cut and is worse than all the BCS conferences. Arkansas State is a better team than Arkansas this year. It’s crazy, but the Red Wolves would beat the Razorbacks on a neutral field.

    Running Houston Nutt out of town was a very silly thing for the Pigs to do.

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