Deathburger’s Big 12 Report

Power Rankings

  1. Oklahoma – Seemed to struggle a bit against Baylor after the first quarter.
  2. Mizzou – Struggled early against Nebraska
  3. Texas Tech – Running game not much of a factor.
  4. Oklahoma State – Best OSU team ever is fourth best in the conference.
  5. Texas – Lack of quality skill players will hurt in conference play.
  6. Texas A&M – Outgained OSU on the road.
  7. Colorado – This team is collapsing but may still win the north.
  8. Kansas – Mangino almost had a Hindenberg type disaster last week.
  9. K-State – Josh Freeman has a good arm.
  10. Nebraska – Looking at two blowout losses in a row.
  11. Baylor – This is still Baylor.
  12. Iowa State – Blew a chance for a win last week.


Texas vs Oklahoma @ Dallas

Texas’ lack of quality skill position players limits their big play ability. OU’s no huddle offense may struggle initially against Will’s defense, but OU should win going away since this isn’t a bowl game. Take Oklahoma -6.5.

Colorado at Kansas

Kansas is favored by two touchdowns. Kansas almost lost to Iowa State and Colorado didn’t show up against Texas. Colorado has better players, but Kansas plays smarter. Look for Hawkins to get his troops in line. This should be a close game. Take Colorado +14.

Kansas State at Texas A&M

In perhaps the game of the day in the Big 12, two talented teams that seem to have had all the breaks go against them settle it on the field. K-State had a tough time stopping Texas Tech while the Aggies gave a close one away to Oklahoma State. Look for the Aggies to start protecting their home turf. Take Texas A&M +3.5.

Nebraska at Texas Tech

Tech always has some defensive problems and will give up some points to the Huskers. However, Nebraska has more defensive problems and that’s a real problem in this game. Look for Nebraska to hang around through the first quarter before Tech blows this one open. Tech will not put 70 on Nebraska again, but 55 is more realistic. Take Texas Tech -21.

Iowa State at Baylor

This is a great match-up on paper. The Bears should rally behind their 18,000 home fans and put up a good fight. Iowa State showed some moxy last weekend and we can expect them to play hard. Whichever team jumps out to a lead will go on to win this game. I think Baylor will win by a field goal or less, so take Iowa State +4.5.

Oklahoma State at Mizzou

In another nominee for game of the day, a couple of undefeated teams go at it in Missouri. Oklahoma State lost their game last week in every way except the final score. Mizzou struggled with Nebraska early and used a defensive touchdown to ignite its route. I think this game is a tossup, with Mizzou probably winning by a touchdown since they play in Columbia. Chase Daniel doesn’t perform well in pressure ballgames, so Oklahoma State has a chance. Take Oklahoma State +13.5.


7 comments on “Deathburger’s Big 12 Report

  1. I love your reports, they are about as bi-partisan as fox news covering the democrats.

    “two talented teams……..while the Aggies gave a close one away to Oklahoma State” and “Outgained OSU on the road.”

    Really, is that the best catch line you could come up with for the ags?

    Games Stats:
    Ags: 73 plays for 402 yards and 145 return yards = 547 total yards.
    OSU: 60 plays for 401 yards and 150 return yards = 551 total yards.

    The only thing close about the OSU game was the coin flip.

  2. Since when are return yards counted in total yards? No one counts return yards. Period.

    The key stat in the game was turnovers.

  3. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

    Wait until Mssr. DB unloads his FIVE STAR, LEAD PIPE LOCK OF THE YEAR PICK in the upcoming weeks.

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