Interview With A Raider

In an attempt for us here at HSJ central to understand the mindset of the fans of our in-state football rivals, HSJ Cameron00 sat down with frequent Aggie message board terrorist, Tech Brody, to glean his take on Texas A&M.  Please note that the views and opinions expressed are not those of management.  However, this is uncut and uncensored in an attempt to give insight to the brain of your common Red Raider.  Understand that this is dark…a very dark and scary place that you may not fully comprehend.  Feel free to leave comments on this interview and, as always, they will be posted uncut and uncensored as well.



Cameron00: Brody, thanks for joining us today. 


Tech Brody:  Glad to be here, Cameron.  A pleasure as always. 


Cameron00: Can you start by giving us a summary of your background and what you do?


Tech Brody:  Sure.  After graduating from Texas Tech in 2001, I moved back to my hometown of Houston where I work in the transportation and freight industry, as well as running a ticket sales company on the side.  I also do some consulting/sales work for Jetworks, Inc., a company that charters private jets to wealthy clientele.  A man of many sorts, as you’re aware.


Cameron00:  I am definitely aware.  Diving a little deeper into your history with Texas Tech, can you tell us what lead you to Texas Tech to begin with?


Tech Brody:  It was awhile ago now, but I remember it clear as day.  I chose to attend Texas Tech over schools like Texas State, SFA, Sam Houston, or Texas A&M primarily for academic reasons.  Education comes first for this Red Raider.  Don’t get me wrong – all of those other schools can offer a decent academic experience, but Texas Tech was the strongest in my chosen major of business.  Graduating in marketing, you’re going to come out at a higher salary from Tech versus some of those other schools.  I’m also a huge sports fan, so it was really important to me to go to a school that had a legitimate football program.  That basically leaves Texas, Texas Tech, and TCU unless you want to go out of state, and UT is a little liberal for my liking.


Cameron00:  I see.  Those all sound like great reasons.  What has been your opinion of Aggies in general? 


Tech Brody:  Aggies are great, great people.  We like to call them, “busy bees” around the office.  They contribute greatly to society through their widespread status as municipal workers, DPS employees, postal employees, etc.  Some of the very best highway troopers that have ever pulled me over have been Aggies.  Not to even mention that many of them grow our food.  Great people overall.


Cameron00:  What about the Corps of Cadets?


Tech Brody:  I’ve always had a thing for the Corps at A&M.  As a small child, I loved to play with G.I. Joes and found the Cadets at A&M a very appealing group to join.  As I matured and moved away from toys, my interest fell off a bit and the idea of being a toy soldier lost its sparkle.  But that’s still a neat little group they got going.  They look like they have a lot of fun playing dress-up and walking around with their pretend guns.


Cameron00: How would you compare/contrast the women at Texas Tech to the women at Texas A&M?


Tech Brody:  We’ll start with Tech.  Tech women are obviously beautiful, but when the package looks that good, no one bothers to look inside.  If they did, they’d see a highly intelligent, classy woman looking back at them.  Another great aspect about the Red Raider women is that they’re feminine.


As far as the women at Texas A&M, I have nothing but good things to say about them.  They are the perfect mold for the farmer mentality that is so strong at A&M with its agrarian roots.  You look at the average woman at Texas A&M, and you know that she’s more than capable of climbing up on a tractor, bailing hay, wrestling a steer to the ground, etc.  And cash crops are absolutely essential to the economy these days, so you really want women around that aren’t scared of filling the role of your traditional donkey or mule.  Productivity in those girls is extremely high.  It’s an interesting phenomenon, but your average woman at Texas A&M is probably bigger and stronger than your average Corps of Cadets member.  You can see that televised every time A&M scores in a home game of football.


Cameron00:  That’s an interesting take.  Have you ever been in a business relationship with an Aggie?  What was the best part?  What was the worst?


Tech Brody:  I have had and continue to have many relationships in the business world with Aggies.  If you live in the State of Texas, it’s impossible not to.  As far as the best aspects of it – I don’t even know where to start.  There are so many.  They follow instructions well.  They don’t question authority.  They take orders and operate with an “inside the box” mentality, so you’re not going to get a lot of surprises from them.  Basically your ideal candidate for a middle-management role without a lot of responsibility.  Very dependable work horses that go a long ways towards helping upper management achieve their goals.  Do you know that I have a number of Aggies working under me right now and not 1 single 1 of them has asked for a raise in over 5 years?  That’s incredible.  Knowing your worth is a fantastic trait to have in an employee, and most Aggies do.  I’d say the worst part of having a business relationship with an Aggie is having them show up at the Christmas parties in overalls. 


Cameron00:  Yeah, I can see how that would be awkward.  What is the thing you like least about the Aggies?  What, if anything, do you like the most?


Tech Brody:  I’d have to say that the worst thing about the Aggies is their delusional fan base.  Here you have a school that hasn’t been significant since the early 90s, but they still try to hold conversations with the big boys of the Big 12 South – Tech, Texas, and OU.  It’s like an annoying mosquito that you just want to swat away.


The best thing about Aggies is how they accept and embrace their culture.  You’ve literally got 48,000 students that are proud of and flaunt being 40 years behind the rest of the nation.  It’s really great to see unwavering support of overalls, suspenders, straw hats, and basically everything that a typical farmer from the 1920s would wear.  Plus, it makes them easy to pick out in a crowd.


Cameron00:  Great points, all of them.  A&M has been struggling this year on the field.  How do you see the rest of their season playing out?


Tech Brody:  A&M fans are a bit beaten down right now, so most of them won’t take me seriously, but I honestly think the Aggies could win two more games if the ball bounces right.  I’m dead serious.


Cameron00: How long do you think it will take Mike Sherman to turn things around?


Tech Brody:  Sherman was a great hire for A&M.  With the resources and support the Aggies are giving him, Texas A&M could easily consistently field .500 ball by 2011-2012.  His model of slow and oversized OL & DL and unique approach of slow DBs and LBs should pay dividends sooner rather than later.


Cameron00:  What is your favorite memory from a Tech-A&M game?


Tech Brody:  Wow.  Is this a trick question?  It seems like all of my memories from A&M games are great.  If I had to single out a few, I’d say that it was extremely enjoyable watching Mr. McKinney get decked by another Aggie in Lubbock a few years back.  What were those guys thinking?  Wes Welker returning a punt for the game-winning touchdown was great too.  BJ Simmons throwing for 7 tds was nice…there really are almost too many to list.  It’s usually a great experience for a Tech fan when we play A&M.


Cameron00:  We’re almost out of time, but what is your prediction for this weekend’s game?


Tech Brody:  Somewhere around Tech 45, Aggies 17.  Our starters should be out midway through the 3rd quarter.  Leach will go easy and rest some of our boys so they can begin to prepare for a couple of real teams in Kansas and the Texas Longhorns.  Guns up!


5 comments on “Interview With A Raider

  1. Cameron,

    I’ve never known anyone that actually had a conversation with a Raider. Did he seem stupid? Was he restrained? Do they eat normal human foods?

    It’s a fascinating study.

  2. The Red Raiders that work for me put the same things on their Resume. they must hand that out at the Ttech “career center”.

  3. Every Raider I’ve ever met has immediately felt compelled to tell me that they “got in to A&M.” It is necessarily false in almost all cases.

    Just once, I’d like to meet an A&M student who only went there because they couldn’t get into Tech, then I can believe anything this guy has to say.

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