On A Cool Autumn Sidewalk in Texas Suburbia…

It’s 2:17pm in west Plano.  It could be any upper middle class neighborhood in Texas, though.  I am meeting a client at the Starbucks in a pretty busy area…one of those master planned villages with all the shops, restaruants, and a Robb & Stucky. 


Lots of 30 to 40 year old suburbanites walking around trying to be just a bit more affluent than the person next to them.  It’s a little early, so I’ll just sit here on the sidewalk and wait.  Kinda chilly out here.  Well, not chilly.  Just cool, I guess.  Not cold.  Perfect weather, actually.

I love this weather.  Football weather.  I used to be excited about it. 

Surrounded by generic suburban “business people” scurrying about like they are so busy.  Jesus, I never realized how many people aren’t at work in the middle of the afternoon.  I mean…I have a reason, but shit.

Jazz trumpet music is playing in the air, but I can’t tell where it’s coming from.  Not crazy Miles Davis trumpet…just smooth jazz.  Perfect for fall.  I think it’s coming from that tree over there.  Are there speakers in the trees?  That’s pretty ostentatious.  Oh, well…it sounds nice.

According to the sandwich board out front, Starbucks has its fall kitsch coffee available.  “Wrap up with Fall Flavors!”  Gag me.  Spiced pumpkin latte.  That’s sounds horrid.  So does Spiced Apple Pie Latte.  It’s like Sonic for snobby white people.  Crap, generic IT guy sitting beside me is drinking something that smells like pumpkin.  Gross.  When did it become cool to wear fancy shoes with ratty-looking jeans?  I wonder where they work…

“…our architecture is so fucked, man.  I think that a re-engineering is coming up, but Harold says that our budget is frozen until things pick up.  That update is going to resolve some of the issues, but it’s a bandaid on a bulletwound…”

Ugh.  Typical IT talk.   I work with IT guys all the time, and it’s still painful to listen to shoptalk sometimes.  If I were playing “Business Talk Bingo” I’d score with three different terms there.  Looks kinda cloudy…hope it rains.  Lots of spiffy chicks walking around holding leather folders.  They look stuck up, but those F Me Boots do something for me, man.  Probably just need a good fuckin’ to change that little bitchy attitude.  Wow, that sounds pretty creepy.  Hope I didn’t say it out loud.  I’m sure these IT guys are thinking the same thing.  Well, not that one…he’s kinda faggy looking with those ratty jeans and fancy shoes.

2:25pm.  Two old salesguys just walked up.  They both have bluetooths on.  I hope I’m still not doing this when I’m fifty.  They sit on the other side of the door.  Wow, the older one with the overgrown flattop is acting nervous.  His partner looks kinda like Craig Kilborn.  Man, he’s got the goofy style thing going on, too.  Navy blazer, striped shirt, khaki pants, and dress shoes.  I can’t pull that look off, even if I wanted to.  Uh, oh.  Flattop is starting to get restless…

“Ok, so he’s going to be here at 2:30pm?  Where is he?  Ok, so you’ll do the talking, right?  We need this for Q3.”

If I ever get like that, I’m going to just take a pop to the brainpan.  2:34pm.  Good lord, everyone has a bluetooth on.  This world is going to hell quickly.  Wait…some dude walking by just made eye contact with me.  Awkward.  Damn, he’s walking this way.  Do I know this guy?  He looks like every other Macy-made business guy on this sidewalk.

“You’re an Aggie?  What class?”

He must have seen my ring.  This happens all the time in Texas.  It’s used to be good for business.  Now…eh, it’s more like a recovery group.

Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of ’99.  You?

“’94.”  Odd silence.  Not really sure what to say.  We really don’t have anything else to talk about.  “Take care.  Gig ’em.”

Yeah, you too.  Oh, and Gig ’em right back at ya.  Almost forgot that part.  In years past we’d talk about the football team or the next game coming up or brag about beating t.u. two years in a row.  Not now, though.  I guess no one else around us is an Ag or they would have spoken up.  Or maybe not…things are dark these days.

Halloween is a couple days away.  I can’t wait for Thanksgiving to fry up a turkey.  I wonder if we are going to mom’s on Xmas day this year.  We were going to Taos to ski, but cancelled to tighten up our holiday budget.  We’ll just sit around the house…be more relaxing anyway.  Who wants to be around that much snow anyhow?  Oh, well…we’ve got time to decide.

My client just walked up.  He looks agitated.  Nothing that a chai tea latte won’t cure.  It’s a nice cool day in west Plano, but we could be anywhere in Texas.  Pretty sure this is happening across the state.



3 comments on “On A Cool Autumn Sidewalk in Texas Suburbia…

  1. things do seem kinda dark… hopefully its just football though. or maybe its the fact that the classless clowns over in the poo stain of Texas, o wait.. er I mean Lubbock, are getting recognition for putting together a decent season… finally. Aggieland is looking newer though. many new buildings are making the campus look a little more modern. I like the old dorms, creaky wood and green grass… feels like home. Last football comment, i know it is a rebuilding year for us but isn’t it insane how much TAMU football can toy with our emotions??? if we were doing good, none of this would be written, things would not seem dark but instead joyous. oh well, such is the life of an aggie?

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