New Top 10

1.  USC – The best team in college football rolls on.

2.  Florida – Early season loss to Ole Miss should be ignored by pollsters.

3.  Oklahoma – Sooners are improving and made Nebraska look like a used tampon.

4.  Penn State – Courtesy ranking for a Big 10 team.

5.  Alabama – Tide keeps winning but are not in the same league as Florida.

6.  Texas – Former number one with an unlucky loss in Lubbock.

7.  Texas Tech – Raider fans charged the field twice with time still on the clock.

8.  Oklahoma State – 41 is a charm for Gumby.

9.  Utah – Utes took care of a tough New Mexico team on the road.

10.  TCU – Frogs are on the outside looking in.


2 comments on “New Top 10

  1. Bad news fellas: Tech is, in fact, the best team in college football. I hate it as much as you do, but them’s the facts. That said, I like OSU’s chances against them this weekend.

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