Big 12 Power Rankings

With season winding down, we all have a pretty good idea of where where stand.  As is the case most years, the season didn’t play out like most of us expected.  The suprise this year is that no north team is better than any south team this late in the season.

1.  Oklahoma – They have to prove it on the field, but should roll Tech next week.

2.  Texas – Only blemish was a loss on the road to Tech in the final seconds.

3.  Texas Tech – Leach’s monster is providing plenty of excitement west of the population centers of Texas.

4.  Oklahoma State – Moneyless program enjoying their final season before bankruptcy.

5.  Texas A&M – It’s been a disastrous first season for Mike Sherman.

6.  Baylor – Bears move into the upper echelon of Big 12 teams for the first time ever.

7.  Mizzou – Defenseless Tigers had so much promise earlier in the season.

8.  Kansas – Puffer fish are fascinating animals.

9.  Nebraska – Huskers continue to improve under first year coach.

10.  Kansas State – Next year a new crop of jucos will breathe life into this program.

11.  Colorado – This team has no identity.

12.  Iowa State – Worst team in the league by far.



12 comments on “Big 12 Power Rankings

  1. X,

    That was a well played game and Texas won on a fluke special teams touchdown. We all know what would happen eight times out of ten in that game.

    I’m sure Mack will win his second conference title someday, but it won’t be this year.

  2. DB, do you think Mack will win his second conference championship in some minor conference like the Big Sky or SEC? I’m not sure he can accumulate enough athletes to compete in the Big 12.

  3. Wow, you really are so fucked up in the head that you can’t come to the realization of how bad the Ags are this year.

    Last I checked they got whipped on by Baylor and K State; and there is no way in hell they would beat Nebraska, Kansas or Missouri.

  4. Chris, I don’t think Mack is worried about winning another conference championship. He has a good gig, and he’ll probably ride it out for another year or two before he steps down or is asked to step down.

    If he gets an itch to coach again, he will probably take a step down to one of those conferences or the Big 10. At that time, he might try to win another conference championship.

  5. Last time I checked, a touchdown is worth 6 points (obviously 7 w/ the PAT and for the purposes of this argument) and, like I mentioned, Texas won by 10. So even if you don’t count the “fluke” (although, why wouldn’t you? A TD is a TD regardless of an Aggie blogger’s opinion), Texas still would have won!

    That being said, your opinion is your own regardless of how flawed the FACTS prove it to be.

    May the best team win next week.

    Happy Turkey Day! 🙂

  6. X,

    Take away that fluke touchdown and Oklahoma wins going away. The horns had already started to lay down and Q-U-I-T.

    You know it and I know it.

  7. I am hearing from reliable sources close to the situation that Syracuse is finalizing terms with Bob Stoops that would send him to upstate New York. Mack Brown’s agent has already contacted Sooner boosters to declare his interest in the OU job, but right now their primary target is Ronnie Gage of Austin College, followed by Tommy Tuberville if he steps down from Auburn.

    This is all top secret and will be denied in any public channel, but it’s what’s in the works right now.

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