Texas A&M vs Texas Predictions from Austin

I had a meeting this afternoon in Austin.  It only took about an hour so I had some time to kill before catching my short flight back to Dallas.  I thought I would take a tour of the 40 acres and ask some of the students what they thought about the big game on Thanksgiving.  After introducing myself and getting their names, I asked the same question to all of them:  “What do you think about the game against Texas A&M on Thanksgiving night?”

Arshad:  Texas AM?  This is Texas Austin.

Gina:  I don’t follow the Lady Longhorns so much since Jody left.

Preston:  My Dad says we better win because he’s lost a lot of money the past two years.  His boss is an Aggie.

Zoe:  Is that football?  No, thanks.  I’m not interested.

Diane:  We’re going to kick their ass.  I can’t wait until next year when I can transfer here from ACC.

Leslie:  I don’t care as long as the police leave me alone.  They took my home, you know.  All I have left is this bicycle.  It’s a government conspiracy.  Homeless people are people, too.

Jack:  I don’t know, but we’re having a big party that night with trashcan punch.

Frank:  I think we should win, but we have serious problems in our offensive backfield.

Matt:  The game is on Thanksgiving?  I’m supposed to go home to Buda for Thanksgiving that afternoon.   I’m going to have to miss the game.  I thought it was on Saturday.  Aren’t football games usually played on Saturday?

Colt:  I don’t really remember the last two times we played them.  I hope I’ll be able to remember this game.

Buck:  <I can’t publish Buck’s response.  He must be from Vidor.>

Neil:  We’ll win.  Our quarterback is sooooo good.

Bob (Neil’s friend):  He is good.  He can do everything.

Kip:  Texas A&M?  Some of my friends from high school went there and they really like it.

Mia:  It would be funny if we lost.

There you have it.  This should give you a general feel of how Texas fans feel about the upcoming game.



3 comments on “Texas A&M vs Texas Predictions from Austin

  1. You mistakenly say “Texas Fans” these are not Texas fans, these are people on the street. Although I know that the A&M fans are awesome (my brother graduated in 95), I also can tell you from living in Austin that lots of people don’t care, but LOTS of people are freaks about UT Football.

    The thing is UT has more than 50,000 students. With that ratio of students who give a damn about football vs those that moved here from some foreign country to get an education or are stuck in some lab most of the day…well, you are going to find quite a few that don’t know a damn thing.

    UT had 5000 fans drive to Kansas last week for the game…tell me that is not impressive.

    In our house we have one UT grad (mom) and one Aggie (brother), and one TxState (me)…so who do I root for? I love the Aggies and have t-shirts dating back to the 70’s when I was 8 years old, but I live and work in Austin and really want them to kick some ass this year…so I am in a dilemma. Every other year It was Aggies all the way…but this is a tough choice for me.

    But, based on performance this year, I would have to say UT 45 to 7.



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