Best and Worst Fans in College Football

The Best

1.  NebraskaCornhusker faithful are polite, knowledgable about the game of football, and supported a pretty darn good football team a decade and a half ago.

2.  Wisconsin – The student section in Madison is one of the best.  Those clowns get a little raunchy up there and are getting a first hand view of the decline of the Big 10, but they create a great atmosphere for a football game.

3.  Texas A&M – The friendliest campus in a America, visiting fans rave about the hospitality shown by Aggies.  The beautiful campus and outstanding tailgating atmosphere make Texas A&M the class of the state of Texas.

4.  Auburn – War Eagle!  Boasting the best stadium in Alabama and one of the best in the country, the down to earth Auburn fans are a true contrast to their friends down the road.

5.  West Virginia – A football hotbed grew in the middle of nowhere, and it’s a wonderful gameday atmosphere.  The Mountaineer program will continue to excel no matter who is coaching them.

6.  Michigan – The Big House, need we say more.  Michigan fans are known for being laid back,and they support their team no matter how bad they are.

7.  Tennessee – Speaking of big houses and the middle of nowhere, Tennessee fans are the most loyal in the SEC, even surpassing Auburn fans in that category.  They deserve a better team.

8.  Minnesota – Despite playing in a balloon minutes from the North Pole, Minnesota fans support the Gophers more than the team deserves.  Their new digs will be nice.

9.  Oregon – Earthiness and football can blend together.  Take a trip to Autzen, and you’ll feel the love for college football on the outskirts of our country.

10.  Florida – Once called the sleeping giant, now they are truly a giant.  The 2008 SEC champions enjoy one of the greatest home field advantages in college football.

The Worst

1.  Alabama – Alabama fans have absurd expectations and hate each other more than they hate fans of other schools.  The plantation like hierarchy of Alabama fans is a true oddity in college football today.

2.  Pittsburgh – What you have here are Philadelphia Eagles type fans following a college football team.  I think their fans are the ones that can’t afford to buy tickets to Steelers games.

3.  Texas – Hardly any students bother to attend games.  Local businesses buy most of the tickets creating an atmosphere where half of the fans aren’t really pulling for one team or the other.

4.  Rutgers – Terrible atmosphere.  Terrible fans.  Awful.  Pathetic.

5.  Penn State – Their passion for football can’t be denied, but their knowledge of the game and geographical deficiencies plunge Lions fans to among the worst in college football.

6.  Kentucky – When you go to a football game, you don’t want someone talking shit to you about basketball, especially when their basketball team got killed on national television twice in the first week of the season.  Billy will turn it around, though, if he doesn’t implode first.

7. North Carolina (tie) – The situation here is similar to the one at Kentucky.  North Carolina fans simply don’t care about football and most have never heard of Ethan Horton.

7.  Ohio State (tie) – OSU’s fan base used to be much worse, but a string of embarrassing blowouts in big games have humbled the Buckeye faithful.  The Michigan fan is so much classier than the Ohio State fan.

9.  LSU – Tiger stadium is dangerous for visiting fans.  There seems to be a cross section similar to Alabama’s situation, but all LSU fans seem to get along, whether they live in a lean-to in a swamp or on a 17th century mansion on 75,000 acres.

10.  Texas Tech – A school that is on the brink of shutting down due to accreditation issues, Texas Tech has fans that enjoy tearing the bleachers out of their stadium.  “Wow, we won a game, let’s tear up our stadium.”

*Please note that Notre Dame, USC, and Miami were not eligible for consideration in these rankings.



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  1. PITT FOOTBALL is awesome and they play in the nicest stadium in the country.You go to west virginia and they just ridiculed by other fans,terrible place to go to a game.PITT FOOTBALL has produced some of the all-time greats in college football(dorsett.marino,green,fralic,may,gilbert,haywood,mccoy)just to name a few.PITTISIT and you are full of $h1t.

  2. “PITT FOOTBALL is awesome” … uhh … yeah…whatever. When your reading comprehension improves you may discover this article is about the best and worst FANS. And as for pitt (with a small p) – what the article says is exactly true. At least there’s no problem getting a cheap ticket to panther football games (again with a small p). Plenty of seats available in that rented stadium of mud.

  3. Apparently, you’ve never been to Morgantown, WV for a football game. There is a reason VT stopped playing them home and home. There’s a reason Marshall takes 8,000 fans to East Carolina and 2,000 to WVU. Did you hear about the Miami-WVU trashcan game? Couch burning? Ring a bell?


      • The rivalry ended in 2005 with WVU holding a 28-22-1 lead in the series. Guess you all won’t be catching us any time soon, huh?

        Do a fact check before you decide to spew more verbal diarrhea asswipe.

    • WVU fans are terrible terrible. If you have been to a game in Morgantown you laugh out loud at the insanity of calling them good fans. They will attack you physically. No kidding and everyone knows this. They are proud of it.

  4. when wvu fans buy pitt season tickets in order to attend the backyard brawl in pittsburgh it may be a sign that your fans blow. pitt vs syracuse in the mud bowl? if i wanted to watch ladies mud wrestling i’d just go to youtube.

  5. Tom,

    School spirit is one of the characteristics on the best fans list. Just because WV fans have a lot of school spirit doesn’t make them bad fans.



        So you are taking homophobic stabs at WVU? Yup, you are definitely just another classless Hokie. The Mountaineer doesn’t ride on a horse. You might need to adjust your bunny ears on your grand pappies black and white TV.

      • uh and oppsesd to vt???? really they suck!! screw them and pitt !!!! uhh how many bowl games have they been to whats there recored huh ???? Now dont go comparing wvu to vt there is NO comparison!! Wvu is WAY better end of story!

      • Ignorant Hokie making fun of WVU’s mascot when yours is what? A friggin turky? LMAO…Shit fumes from the chicken houses down that way must be interfering with your ability to think rationally my friend.

        I believe you’re just upset because your team’s season was effectively over after week two (JMU) usual..too bad, so darn sad

  6. Interesting list, and a tough one to do without bias. Also, where one lives and who they are constantly exposed to does affect one’s attitude.

    Personally, I don’t care for Ohio State and Kentucky fans. One reason is that I’m around too many of them. But they have one thing in common: both OSU football fans and UK basketball fans think and act as if the entire universe of that sport revolves around them. On the other hand, I can respect their passion and loyalty when they aren’t around me.

    I’ve been to Madison as an fan of the opposing team. What a great place and atmosphere for college football.

    A friend of mine in Iowa characterized different Big Ten fans he’s seen at Iowa City. It was intersting.

    By the way … so the Pitt fan is bragging about the stadium that they don’t own? Come on now. To boast about your stadium, at least have one that you use.

    Nice post.

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  9. “There is a reason VT stopped playing them home and home.”

    And that reason would be that Virginia Tech left the conference and contractual obligations to play WVU expired. VT was tired of having successful seasons deflated by a rivalry game that always presented a tough challenge whether or not WVU was having a strong year.

    So now, they are a mid-pack team in the new ACC, and they schedule OOC games with powerhouses such as Furman and WKU.


      • Blacksburg is nothing more than a cowpile off of Interstate 81…You’re hopelessly lame dude. Talking about nobody wants to VT and all when you followed up the Boise State loss by flopping to James Madison.

        Oh yeah, another thing…get your facts straight…I’ve lived in several places in West Virginia, but never saw real white trash until I moved to the Shenandoah Valley…LOSER!

      • Blacksburg is nothing more than a cowpile off of Interstate 81…You’re hopelessly lame dude. Talking about nobody wants to play VT and all when you followed up the Boise State loss by flopping to James Madison.

        Oh yeah, another thing…get your facts straight…I’ve lived in several places in West Virginia, but never saw real white trash until I moved to the Shenandoah Valley…LOSER!

  10. Date Year Location Opponent Result Comments Coach
    12-29 2007 N Texas A&M W, 24 – 17 2007 Alamo Bowl, Paterno’s 500th game Joe Paterno
    12-28 1999 N Texas A&M W, 24 – 0 Alamo Bowl Joe Paterno
    09-20 1980 A Texas A&M W, 25 – 9 Joe Paterno
    09-22 1979 H Texas A&M L, 14 – 27 Joe Paterno

    3 Wins, 1 Losses, 0 Ties
    Total Score: PSU 87, opponent(s) 53

    Still smarting over ’00 and ’07, huh?

    How’s that CLASSY yell leader doing? Did he get his degree in water-boarding yet?

  11. Actually Frank Beamer has been quoted as saying he didn’t want VT fans to have to travel to Morgantown anymore. I’ve personally been to about 50 college stadiums including many of those on this best & worst list. WVU fans are spirited for sure…but they are jerks as well. However, I will say, VT fans are not much better.

    I also have to wonder about OSU being on the Worst list? Really? I hate OSU but I can admit that Columbus is a great place to tailgate and watch a football game. Same with LSU…I’ve been there before as well. I don’t know how Death Valley and it’s fans can be put in the worst list.

    One team I think should be on any Best fans list is Boise State. Those folks love their team and prove it every time they pack out a stadium in IDAHO.

    Lastly, IMO, the worst fans in the country are in Miami. Really…a city the size of Miami and you can’t even fill half your stadium? Pretty pathetic.

    • they play the little sisters of the poor and dont know what its like to be grueling week after week…..GO BUCKEYES!(:

  12. Texas’ raping of the agroloids next Thursday will be our 53rd consecutive sellout.

    No other D-1 school in the state of Texas has ever had a streak of even 10 consecutive sellouts.

    Longhorn fans are EASILY the class of the state. They just don’t go around patting themselves on the backs as much as our inferiority-complex driven little brothers.

  13. Aggies are the friendliest?

    The school that threw a large shovel-ful of horse manure on its arch-rival’s band (during a loss)?

    The school that drew swords on SMU cheerleaders (during a loss)?

    The school that attacked Nebraska and Texas fans after games in 2002 and 1995, respectively (both losses, of course)?

    The school that had a mob threaten the Rice band after it didn’t like their halftime skit (you guessed it…a loss)?

    Maybe aggies are more friendly on the rare occassions when they actually win a game, but if A&M is the FRIENDLIEST school, I’d hate to see all the others!

    • Forgot to mention the sexual assault that happend to a Nebraska football player. It’s on YouTube. Look it up YouTube “Nebraska football cotton” and you will find it. You will find also their “nut grabbing” and their tossing horse sheet on people. It’s all on YouTube. But what is the funniest was there arse kissing to all the universities in the SEC. They removed that one from YouTube. There is a mock of that one still up.

  14. A few notes on the comments:
    1.) Schools like Pitt that don’t have their own stadiums start with two strikes, and the Pitt fans go down swinging. Pitt definitely deserves to be on the list of worst fans.
    2.) South Carolina came it at 11. They have an awesome fan base. They were penalized somewhat for their love of Lou Holtz, who had been run out of Arkansas and even South Bend. Please read Under the Tarnished Dome.
    3.) Thanks for the levelheaded comments, afrankangle.
    4.) I don’t know what this has to do with Jesus since Notre Dame is not eligible for these rankings, and Knoxville ain’t exactly located on the Sunset Strip. Good fans, though.
    5.) Penn State fans don’t know football. I wish a white out was where you took a giant bottle of liquid paper and erased the football fan section out of every Nittany Lion alumni’s brain. Plus, Penn State being in the Big 10 is just not right. They should be playing Pitt every year.
    6.) Tummer spelled his name wrong. It’s really spelled “Dummer”.

  15. Texas could sell out every game for the next century, and they’d still be in the bottom 15 of fanbases. The stadium at Texas is full of corporate sponsors, Texas State grads, and the frat/sorrority scene that’s there as another excuse to dress up like their heroes on Dawson’s Creek. Biggest collection of deck shoes this side of an Abercrombie catalogue…

    75% of the stadium doesn’t even know who they’re playing. It’s an incredibly lame crowd.

  16. Florida…BEST fans in college football? Are you out of your everloving mind??

    Aside from throwing cups of urine on visiting fans; the sheer arrogance; killing a UGa fan in Jacksonville; tossing a UT fan over one of the rails to where he wound up in ICU; booing a 70-year-old former player of another SEC school who was honored at halftime of the SEC title game; etc. …aside from all that, those Gator fans are just peachy!

    Here’s one guy who gets it.

      • And the guy thrown over the rails was a UF Dr at a UT game, he was unable to practice medicine again…your info is so off—what a fraud/liar—the booing was probably accurate if it was a rival—likely in fun


  17. Sorry, you bitter Texas wannabes, but we are EASILY the most devoted fans in our own state. How many sellouts did you have this year again? I know that every even-numbered year (when the object of all your obsessions/psuedo-tradions-The Texas Longhorns don’t visit), your annual attendance suffers greatly. Heck, last time I visited Kyle Field in 2005, at least 30% of the crowd was wearing Burnt Orange!

    Speaking of which, Longhorn fans also travel better than any fans in the nation, outside of perhaps the Cornhuskers. See the 2006 Rose Bowl as a great example – everybody was expecting USC to have a HUGE homefield advantage, but we actually outnumbered their fans in a stadium just a few miles from their own campus!

    I expect us to do the same when we play Florida in Miami. God, it’s GREAT TO A LONGHORN! HOOK EM HORNS.

      • Dude, this guy wasn’t making fun of us, he actually complimented us. You must not have grown up in Nebraska, as I know our schools teach better reading comprehension than that.

  18. Let’s hear for the Pitt fans. Cincinnati is no more than a 5-hour drive, yet Pitt returned 1700 (of 3000) to UC for tonight’s game.

  19. 97,201 vs Rice
    97,715 vs Baylor
    97,833 vs Arkansas
    98,053 vs FAU
    98,383 vs Mizzu
    98,518 vs Ok St

    Attendance records at Daryl K Royal Stadium, all set this year. No one goes to games?

    Have you been to a Texas game? We don’t root for our team? This list is flawed and obviously published by some one on with ZERO knowledge of anything, of course it’s an A&M fan so asking for logic was a long shot to begin with.

  20. Texas has sold out over 50 consecutive home games of which almost 20K are students tickets. Virtually the entire crowd, other than visiting team fans, wears orange. But don’t let facts get in the way.

  21. Catherine,

    Mostly it has to do with the number of Catholic priests that are proven pedophiles. Once the Pope publicly demands punishment for these priests, I might recognize Notre Dame as a BCS college football team.

    Notre Dame is a small private school, and their future doesn’t look good. Plus, they are located in a decaying part of this country. In 100 years, Notre Dame probably won’t field a football team. They may never crawl out of the hole they are in at the moment. This economic crisis will kill what we’ve all known as Touchdown Jesus.

  22. All these attendance records need to be discounted by the fact that Longhorn fans are generally at the game for only around one quarter, regardless of the product on the field. Again, it is easy to claim sellout when the majority of tickets are sold to corporate sponsors and are represented by an empty seat at the game.

  23. well yall texas fans i guess you have a lot of room to talk about 50+ consecutive sellouts…
    not really that impressive to me… but then again i live in nebraska (NCAA Record 297 consecutive sellouts and counting)
    not trying to brag or anything but bragging about 50 consecutive sellouts????
    Are you serious?????

  24. and btw memorial stadium in lincon holds about 84,000 seats(which we usually have more fans than seats!!)
    the hardest ticket to get in all of college football is season tickets to memorial stadium in lincoln

  25. how in the hell is uga not in the top 3 of worst fans? you don’t have enough room on your server to handle the number of attrocities that have occured at the cesspool in athens

  26. I completely disagree about Florida being in the top ten best. They are the absolute worse, most classless fans in the country. I’ve been to both the Swamp and Alabama’s Bryant-Denny, and Florida fans have the edge in being worse. I had a frat-guy chasing me down the street with a megaphone and felt literally unsafe in that armpit they call a town. Alabama fans are bad too, especially how they worship a long dead coach, Bear Bryant (as in they sell shrines to him on the street), but Florida fans are the worse. I heard from a friend in the band that they also threw glass bottles at Tennessee band members after the game. UGA fans are bad too- they tried to fight band members after the game. I’m proud to see Tennessee in the top ten. A big game in Neyland is an experience unlike any other. GO VOLS!!!

    • What a surprise that you hillbillies would be making up all kinds of BS about Florida after the way they’ve DOMINATED you on the field for 20 years. Get ready for yet another buttkicking and a LOSING series record after Sept. 19th. Oh, and get some teeth too.

  27. I think I’d disagree with WVU being in the best, they belong in the worst, I think… simply because of how they treated Rich Rod after he left…If that’s West Virginia Class, then I’m glad I live in Ohio, of course OSU is worse than WVU. Other than that I completely agree with these picks.

    • Considering Rich Rod is from WV, played for WVU, brought the program back to prominence, broke a contract, then left for MU after declining the position from ‘Bama the year before. On top of that, MU also took our basketball coach. You think when Rich Road left was classless? I don’t see any room for argument.

  28. State College, PA (Penn State) is one of only 13 cities in America that is experiencing a positive GDP (Gross Domestic Product) Gap. This is a result of intelligent people living there. You sir, live in a fragile section of the country that produces dumb babies and horrible presidents (Texas). With that in mind, I will ask everyone viewing this site to excuse the deficient author who wrote the comment about Penn State fans not having knowledge of the game (He is just a victim of his own geographic location). I hope you have the mental capacity to comprehend this. Poor little baby and your Texas A&M. Still holding a grudge from the 2007 Alamo Bowl… It is kinda cute though!

  29. Professor,

    I’ve met some intelligent people that went to Penn, but Penn State is for the sons of laborers, the beer swilling oxen of the northeast, and the daughters of butter churners. PSU fans are similar to European soccer fans. They don’t know shit about football, but they like to think they do, and it gives them excuses to act crazy on weekends during the season.

  30. fla has the best fans? hahaha thats WRONG! they are so bad maybe even worst then any they’re all rude.

    Kentucky fans have been called the best because tell me another teams fans who would still come to Rupp and sell it out even when the team is not playing their best?

    oh you called us kentucky fans bad because we brag haha we have ALOT TO brag about dumbass go look up some history.

    hahahahaha this was so stupid.

  31. your ratings, while entertaining, are whack. Michigan fans as one of the best group of fans? You’ve got to be kidding, they are some of the most arrogant, stuck up assfaces around. When their team is doing bad, they turn around – as in, during the game, at the big house.

    They are second only to Notre Dame fans, what a delusional bunch they are.

  32. We’ll get a better view of Michigan fans as they spend a ten year down period with a revolving door at the head coach position. However, I would hazard a guess that they’ll still average 100K fans a game. Ohio State fans are simply not as loyal as Michigan fans.

    • Finally, I’m not really sure where you got Michigan’s fans to be more loyal than OSU’s. If you think selling out every home game since 1962 (through good and bad years) isn’t being loyal, then I don’t know what you think is loyal. Both fans always sell out their 100K stadiums every week, and they travel to opposing team’s stadium and bowl games very well. Also, I’m not sure if you saw the OSU-Michigan game this year (2009) but about 30,000 of the 110,000 seats at the Big House were sold to Buckeye fans from Michigan fans–that right there is a fanbase beginning to show disloyalty when over 1/4 of the home team’s fans decide to sell tickets to their biggest rival! By the way, Stadium OHIO (where the four corners of the stadium chant O-H-I & O) was started at said game, for what it’s worth.

      • You people”Ohio scum” bitch when people call the buckeyes “ohio” , yet call yourselves Ohio? Really ?!! You chant o h i o ? Michigan state does not chant m i c h i g a n ! Ohio fans are assholes. Even when rich rod was trying to ruin the program people supported the Wolverines. Go Blue! Beat Ohio !

  33. Having a large number of fans doesn’t mean that they are the best fans…

    I agree with what you said, the whole country will begin to see their true colors – the colors that we all have to deal with on a daily basis here in Michigan.

    Not an OSU fan either…and don’t follow their fan base as much – have a few friends that are going/went there, that is all.

  34. also, I am referring to fans that went/are going to the college.

    Their fan base is GINORMOUS if you count all of the walmart wolverines running around the country…

    • Fuck you. I see more Walmart Ohio stuff than anything. Ohio fans are the worst scum on earth. The Wolverines are back. Just wait for them to be back on top. Hoke is the real deal. Go Blue! Beat ohio.

  35. Kentucky football fans among the worst? I think I’ve heard it all now. Top 25 in attendance even during the 2-9 years. Seriously some loyal fans.

  36. Good Choice! Nebraska has no doubt the best fans in college football! 297 consecutive sell-outs…AND COUNTING!!!!! NCAA RECORD!!!!! I don’t see how that wouldn’t be the best fans.

  37. USC, Notre Dame, and Miami are small private schools. At most schools, the fan bases are made up of primarily alumni. Those three schools are the exception, and they really kill the spirit of college football. The game is about people that have real connections to something, to an institution of higher learning.

  38. I think the rankings are spot on, other than excluding my school of course. Any idea what percentage of ticket sales in Austin are actually purchased by corporate sponsors. I always thought those stands seemed kind of empty on television.

  39. This list is terrible.

    Florida- spend 5 minutes with a gator fan and your will be forever changed.

    South Carolina- nice folks, don’t understand football.

    Michigan- most boring game ever, no tailgate parties. Lame.

    USC- not all fans, but I met one in Vegas who wouldn’t stop for the hole game. Chanted Lets go Pete Carroll. Terrible.

    Miami- enough said.

    South Florida- wow is all I can say. When they got to # 2 the other year, they were horrible.

    Arizona State- how can they not be on the list. The women alone put them there.

    I have to admit a have a bit of a southern bias, but worst fans live down here.

    Texas- nice people but why must they all were matching khakis and golf shirts. Wierd.

  40. I appreciate the smart and intelligent remarks made on this list. Those that dispute because they or someone they know has had something happen to them, have a reason to complain. If you think your team is the best and use all caps and profanity, you prove the point of why your team wasn’t in the ‘best’ list. It takes more than consecutive sellouts for you to be on the list too. Consecutive sellouts does play a part in how loyal the team is, but loyalty is only a small part. (Nazi’s had loyal followers too, but that doesn’t make them the most kind or rational beings)

    I’ll admit, I was born and raised in Nebraska and even went to UNL. But overall, being a Husker doesn’t sway me from reason. I’ve seen opposing teams fans tailgate with Husker fans. They share stories and have a great time. They are friendly and don’t get ripped out if their team won. It’s about football. We’ve learned that. It’s like the whole city of Lincoln picks up and moves to out of town games. And it doesn’t matter if there were 150,000 available tickets for this team. They would be bought. There are more things that add up for a team to be the best than just, “I LOVE MY TEAM” mentality. You really have to be around the other teams to see it. But that’s why I agree with the Huskers. I’ve seen great fans in other states, but Nebraska still tops them all.

    Though I do wish that Deathburger would have elaborated more on his choices rather than a line or two. Why is LSU dangerous? Did something happen? Why Florida? So on, so forth… Otherwise, great job.

  41. To the fan who said Florida fans killed a UGA fan. Get you facts straight, it was a Florida fan who was killed by UGA fans in Jacksonville. Don’t let facts get in the way of your hatred for Florida. But I’m not as ignorant as you and I don’t think that reflects on the UGA fan base as it was several teens who don’t reflect the fan base. Look it up it occurred a few years ago.

    A lot of fan bases have there fanatics, you have to look at the fans as a whole.

  42. Why does anyone care about this stuff? “Student athletes” who can barely read and a lot Terhunepof wasted time and money — not to mention a waste of mental energy. Think about something important for a change, people!

  43. Well sir, I’m about as big a horn fan as they come, but I gotta tell ya you really got our number on this one. We stink bad. But worse than tech?? Come on!

  44. University of South Carolina should def be in the top 10…think about it to still be a fan of them with our record after how many years??? lol Our mascot won 2 yrs in a row meaning we show mad support…and Shepard Smith says hes never heard a crowd as loud as ours!

  45. This website is exactly correct! Nebraska Fans are the best! Nebraska holds the record for haveing 300 conseutive sellouts and counting! notre dame has the 2nd most consesutive sellouts,and they only have 214 consecutive sellouts!

    Go Big Red!

  46. Thanks, hunter. I have a special place in my heart for the Nebraska fan. They are one loyal bunch, even though they were raped behind the barn last week.

  47. WAT THE CRAP!!! AUBURN #4??? BAMA THE WORST??? WAT KIND OF POLL IS THIS?? FLORIDA FANS R AWFUL!! alabama only sing the rammer jammer song and thts it. we dont set things or fire or PUT LSU RIBBONS ON HOUNDSTOOTH HATS (cough, LSU, cough) this thing is messed up.. how bout the yankee who made this dumb thing come down to the Iron bowl.. then u will

  48. Mr. Deathburger,
    I am writing a paper on fans in college football and would like to use this article as authority in a few places. Is your list based on significant research? It seems like it, but I thought I would make sure.

  49. Wtf! How are west virginia’s fans in the best? You do know they’re the same fans who threw coins and other debris onto a basketball court during a real game, right? I think they nearly took out 2 of the opposing player’s eyes and Huggins had to grab a microphone and tell them to stop throwing stuff… How lame. They’re definitely the most classless in my book.

  50. Also, I’m not really sure where you got Michigan fans to be classy. If you’ve ever been to a game at the Big House during the opposing team introduction they shout “you suck” and “who cares”. I’m a buckeye fan and I realize or fanbase deserves to be on the worst list, but of you’re going to put OSU there you really should put Michigan–that rivalry isn’t getting anymre classier anytime soon, for what it’s worth.

  51. After reading this top 10 Best/Worst I felt so insulted/outraged at the ignorance and stupidity of it that I felt compelled to reply on here, as it appears so did many others. (what a coincidence)

    In regards to Tech, when it’s fans jump up and down from excitement and enthusiasm, the stands break, they are not the best quality in the student section. I suppose this is the reaction/what happens when a smaller school beats much larger schools on a consistent basis.

    Tech was late in reporting its academic schedule for one year and since has been falsely accused for being “not up to par” academic wise, are you kidding me? #7 communication school in the nation, top Engineering school in the nation, huge Law school and Rawls Business school, Medical school/center, amazing foreign language department. Tech is one of the finest schools and campuses anywhere in the nation.

    Congrats on having a top 10 that was so pitiful I actually felt the need to defend my school, wow. The only thing I probably agree on is Nebraska having a good fan base (despite booing their coach/team last year when we beat them) and also A&M has a good fan base as well. However their campus is not quite the level Tech’s is at, have you even been to see both of them in person? I highly doubt it… Thanks for

    • “Tech was late in reporting its academic schedule for one year and since has been falsely accused for being “not up to par” academic wise, are you kidding me? #7 communication school in the nation, top Engineering school in the nation, huge Law school and Rawls Business school, Medical school/center, amazing foreign language department. Tech is one of the finest schools and campuses anywhere in the nation.”

      Tech is a Tier 3 school. I guess if you compare tech toleveland junior college and West Texas A&M, then it probably looks better than it is. But it will never be considered one of the finest schools and campuses anywhere in the nation.

  52. Yea, I’m mature enough to admit that LSU fans tend to be somewhat obnoxious… but the fact that we have one of the most dedicated and passionate fan bases should put us in the Top 10. We have the third highest sound record in the country, and the fans in the stadium even caused the seismograph across campus to register the vibrations back in the 80s. Also, I doubt that you’ll find a tailgating scene like ours ANYWHERE, due to the fact that people show up on campus on Thursdays before a game to start tailgating. It might just be me, but I most definitely think the good outweighs the bad here.

  53. I used this article in a research paper I wrote about a year ago and my professor has asked me to update it. I was wondering if you were intending to put out any new listing? Specifically, my paper discussed Texas schools generally having bad fans with Texas A&M being the exception and Big 10 schools generally having good fans.

  54. I think there’s some inconsistency here. If you’re going to put LSU and Bama fans in the worst list for there occasional proneness to violence, then you can’t put West Virginia fans, who are probably the MOST violent, in the top 10.

  55. im represent my team cal, cal has been a great traditional football team. in prospective we have been beating good teams from early on till now yes last season we had a bad year but overall we are a great program with good players and with a well respected coach Jeff Tedford. now that we getting Utah and Colorado in are conference will be a much harder conference and it be interesting on how we will fare down the road with a great recruiting class in 2011 well be back top 25. representin and for anybody who will hate you just never seen cal play we are a deadly school to play against we smashed teams like from acc Miami, Maryland, Michigan State,Michigan. etc can i go on?? enough said.

  56. As a diehard Gator fan and alum, you’ve got it wrong about our fans. I really think we belong on the worst list because some of our fans are awful. I’ve heard of visitors pelted with bottles of urine and like; I’ve never seen but wouldn’t doubt it honestly. That said, most of our fans are pretty chill (we have a large fanbase)…bandwagoners maybe, but not horrible. Can’t say I’ve had a bad experience with other fans. I’ve heard bad things about LSU, UG and UT fans, but I’ve met really nice alums from all these schools. I guess it really depends on whom you meet, how attached/detached they are from society and their blood alcohol level.

  57. First time i actually agree with one of these rankings! Everybody always says Texas fans are good, but a lot of Texas fans are posers and bandwagon fans. Nobody recognizes my Aggies in these rankings. If you want proof that Texas A&M has some of the greatest fans in all of sports, watch footage from the 11/20/2010 game against Nebraska. I was there, and it was the best fan atmosphere i have ever seen.

  58. Colorado should b in top 5 worst fans. Vandelisn cars throwin beer. One year when played nebraska their whole student section got kicked outa the game. By far the worst I’ve seen. Agree with nebraska being top. When huskers travel thears more red in the stadium then home colors.

    • It comes as no suprise that Nebraska was the second worst academic school in the Big 12 behind Texas Tech. Now, Nebraska is the worst academic school in the Big 10.

      Those corn people are dedicated fans, though.

  59. Considering what has happened in the past few years, I definitely agree that Alabama fans are the worst.

    They throw food at other teams’ bands. They poison trees that are at least 100 years old and a symbol of a university. They cheer when players are the other team are injured. They turn over trash cans on other teams’ campuses. Heck, one of their highlight videos was “watch how the quarterback’s leg snaps in this sack”.

    To put it short, they are absolutely distasteful.

    • Oh bull shit. No wonder you posted as “anon” since you are spewing nothing but hate. Don’t hate, bro! You are obviously a pussy who was dropped on his head as a child.
      i.e. An Aggie

  60. I’ll be honest I’m a Nebraska fan and like how Nebraska has been picked number 1. But I live in Texas and the fact UT and Tech are in the worst category does not suprise me at all, but remember before talking shit about someone else’s fans, these schools all have tens of thousands of fans and yes there are some who give their schools a bad name. My life in Texas has taught me that. But there are some who are really good people so you can’t raelly make a broad generalization about a whole fan base.

  61. I’m afraid I have to say it is sadly ridiculous you have West Virginia on the best fans list. I’m a Wyoming fan so obviously I have no seeded hatred for West Virginia, I have just seen and read some of the horror stories about there fanbase.

  62. Yeah kentucky fans get a bad rap because schools and fans alike don’t want them to win another championship and most of the time if a Kentucky fan is talking shit it’s because some fan of another school is discouraged because they lost to Kentucky we will talk shit back because we have the most dedicated fanbase so don’t hate on us just prepare for next year

  63. You guys can argue all you want, but you can’t argue about Nebraska. Greatest fans of all college football. 85,000 people every game since 1962. 317 consecutive sellouts ya try and beat that Texas a & m or Alabama. No doubt Nebraska has the best!

  64. The absolute meanest fans in college football are the Clemson Tigers. They are absolutely the epitome of hate-filled, hateful, nasty, classless and most venom-spewing group of fans that I’ve ever experienced. I’ve gone to Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, North Carolina State and to a lot of other ACC teams games. Florida fans are a close second. But, Clemson takes the cake. Most ACC fans agree. If you’re an old person, in a wheelchair, a young child and you don’t want to get cursed at, get bottles thrown at you, or get chewing tobacco thrown on you – don’t go to Clemson to see a football game. Besides, it will take you 4 hours to get out of that one-horse town.

  65. Lsu doesnt care if u like us. We have most dedicated fans by far. and we’re definitely the scariest and most difficult stadium opposing teams to play in. 93,000 fans in the stadium and fifty thousand fans outside tailgating. football in Louisiana and Texas is a religion. Geaux tigers !!!

  66. This article is complete FAIL. Texas a&m campus is ugly. That campus looks just like the 1960 Soviet Union buildings. Google it and look at what aggy say about their campus and then you will know this article is misleading. Oh BTY, WVU fans are nice people.

  67. The doctor appearing in the cialis commercials, Jack Barkin, is a urologist and surgeon who is director of the Male Health Center in Toronto, Mr. Beebe said. “We looked around for someone with the skill set and credibility,” Mr. Beebe said, adding: “He was our first pick. And the only pick.”

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