Wandering and Confused

A central theme with the University of Texas over the past twenty years has been the propensity of their players to be found “wandering and confused”.  I think we all know why this happens so often.  Normally, the instances that get reported by the media involve players that are either in the coach’s doghouse or players that have moved on from Austin and failed to grow up.  The media control is less stringent on these players.  Last summer, Cedric Benson was reported by police to be “confused” while his boat wandered around Lake Travis.  This incident is so commonplace that it didn’t even make our list.

Ricky Williams also didn’t make this list, and he is always wandering and confused.

5.  Vince Young – After getting serenaded with boos at a home game, Vince ducked out on reporters, left his cell phone behind, said football wasn’t fun anymore, and drove aimlessly around Tennessee with a handgun as his only company.  His mom later said that Vince went wandering because football wasn’t fun anymore.  A lot of us make a lot less money than Vince at jobs that are a lot less fun that football.  Vince, apparently healthy now, has disappeared as his team is making a solid Superbowl run.

4.  Colt McCoy – After a devastating block by Kellen Heard on an interception return, McCoy was seen wandering and confused on the field at Memorial Stadium.  He probably shouldn’t have been in the game since he was injured earlier in the year on a quarterback sneak in a loss to the now fired Ron Prince and the Kansas State Wildcats.

3.  Butch Hadnot – The 1990 conference newcome of the year, Hadnot did not see eye to eye with the then coherent John Mackovic.  Hadnot was seen wandering and confused from RC Slocum’s offense.  The best player on the Longhorn team had somehow driven to College Station and begged RC Slocum to allow him to transfer to Texas A&M.  RC, who really cares about college kids, was so disturbed he had to call John Mackovic and tell him that his best players all wanted to transfer to Texas A&M.  Hadnot never lived up to his potential on the football field.  Had he gone to another school, he could have been one of the all time greats.

2.  Mike Adams – After crashing his car into a liquor store, Adams was seen by several people wandering and confused around the scene of the accident.  Adams never faced any charges, and played in the game next Saturday.  It’s hard to even find details of this incident.  Had there not been so many witnesses, this accident wouldn’t have even made the papers.

1.  Edwin Simmons – Simmons  gets the nod since he was wandering and confused naked.  After an outstanding freshman campaign including a 67 yard streak through the Oklahoma defense that helped Texas upset then number 8 Oklahoma, Simmons took his streaking to a new level.  An injured knee put Simmons outside the circle of protection, and his naked antics in Austin ended up in the papers.  Simmons has emerged as somewhat of a local hero in Austin.



3 comments on “Wandering and Confused

  1. Are you going to start a post with your thoughts on the game; kind of a like a gameday prediction without Corso and staff sucking McCoy’s dick on national TV.

    UT 67
    Ags 35 (UT will pull the first team at half).

  2. I can’t remember if it was Mike Adams or Lovell Pinckney who said it. They were both Mackovic morons. When asked one fall what classes he had just completed in summer school to bring his grades up, he replied, “Human Sexuality and, uh, I can’t remember.”

    Yeah, hook ’em.

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