End of November Power Rankings

1.  Florida – Early season loss to Mississippi has been forgiven.  The Gators are favored to win it all.

2.  Oklahoma – Scoring 60 points four weeks in a row is stout.  The Sooners are poised for another national title game.

3.  USC – One game remaining against a weak UCLA team, and a win won’t really help them move up.  They need Mizzou to upset Oklahoma or Alabama to upset Florida to sneak into the title game.

4.  Texas – Reminiscent of the 1970 national champions, this Texas team just didn’t have enough down the stretch.

5.  Utah – The uninvited guest will end up in a BCS game, just not the big one.

6.  Alabama – They played the weakest schedule in the SEC in a down year for the conference, and they have no offense whatsoever.  Watch their defense and special teams, though.  They are formidable.

7.  Texas Tech – Their one loss was a big one.  Though academically challenged, they did field a nice team this year.  Non conference scheduling really hurt them.

8.  Boise State – They’ve already proved what they can do in the big games.  If they don’t get in, it’s a travesty.

9.  Penn State – The champions of the Big 11 represent a once great conference, even though they weren’t in that conference when it was great.

10.  TCU – The Frogs jump to the ball on defense and don’t turn it over on offense.


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