Wednesday Weekly from Bill Byrne

Great Week for Aggie Athletics

Our soccer team is a shining star. Coach G and team continued the great success of past years and brought great pride to the Athletic Department. Coach G took a young group of girls, many of whom are only 16 and should still technically be in High School, and upset The University of Florida on the road. Road wins are great – these teams are ambassadors of A&M and winning on the road sends a great message to the hosts.
As a Final 8 squad, we are set up nicely for next year. The girls will all have more experience and will use this past year as a building block.
Many of you have asked about travel packages through the 12th Man Foundation for these soccer games held outside of College Station. I am happy to report that starting next year, Ag Adventures will be making the Soccer Sightseeing program available to our fans. At packages starting at $1995 (All Inclusive), fans will be able to travel with the girls to all the far flung destinations. Look for the flyer and video in your email inboxes soon.


Aggie Basketball continues to roll in 2008. The Men’s team had strong victories over UNC Wilmington, who was one of the highest scoring teams in the nation prior to the matchup in Reed, as well as over surefire NCAA team Kent State. In addition to these victories, Coach Turgeon and his staff, and players, made us all so proud in South Padre. I can not begin to tell you the number of people, particularily young women, who came up to me and shared their thoughts on the respectful and pleasant behavior of all involved in our program.

Coach Blair continued to have his team rolling on the road, and was honored with an Achievement award from his old employer. I am pleased to announce awards received by our coaches are rewarded monetarily due to contrat clauses, and as such we will presnt Coach Blair with his check at the next home game. Please come out to thank Coach, he deserves a great turnout. Don’t forget the eight seats for the price of seven special that is available through all Skaggs Alpha Beta stores. We have a high national ranking and every reason to believe this is the year for A&M Women’s Basketball to carry our entire department to greatness.


Many of you have expressed your safety concerns following the football game in Austin. We have heard you, and we will act. We are working with the Austin Police Department and state police to insure that you will not be subjected to the same abuse in 2010.


You’ve probably already noticed, but it is even easier to renew football season tickets for 2009. In recent years we’ve made great progress in our mailings and direct calling, but we aim to serve Aggies to the best of our abilities. As such, beginning On December 1st, we rolled out a new online renewal system. If you log into the 12th Man Foundation site with your donor number and password, you will automatically be renewed for 2009. In addition, if you have a static IP on any of your computers, simply accessing any page at will renew your season tickets.


I’d like to relate to you the costs of conducting a football game in Kyle:

Physical Plant Fees (Utilities) – $355,388
Staff (Entrances, security, safety, concessions) – $238,990
Post Game Cleanup and Sanitization – $21,500
PreGame Zone Plaza Activities (Operating at a loss) – $62,902
Bat Wrangling – $3,875
Elevator Performance Monitoring – $9,800
Fan Heat Mitigation – $17,500

Folks, the cost of living continues to increase. We hope you all enjoy the best gameday experience possible.


Congratulation to our All Big 12 Aggies! Four young men from our football team were selected to the All Big 12 squad, the highest number in many years. Our punter, Justin Brantley, is one of the most highly regarded and oft-used kickers in the country. We welcomed Javorskie Lane (Fullback) and his entire immediate family into our home for Thanksgiving, what a delightful young man.

Also, thanks to Stephen McGee for a magical and courageous four years. Seeing our seniors go always deeply affects me, and we wish them the best.


For those of you wondering why Miss Reveille was not in South Padre, I have an answer. As is tradition for Miss Rev and her handler on years the football game is on Turkey Day, she spends Thanksgiving on the following weekend with the handler’s family. She is not available for any Thanksgiving events other than the football game. Also, she snaps the wishbone every year and tradition holds the the break can predict our football Bowl Game outcome.


If you noticed dead rats, and rat droppings, around your Reed Arena seats for the game last Tuesday, you are not alone. We have animal control mobilized and rectifying the issue. Odors will be treated as well.


Toys for Boys progam – Remember to bring you donated toys to any home game in December. Remember – No moving parts!


Note to Aggie English Professors: It appears our former students were woefully trained! I receive many, many letters and I must say that the grammar and spelling is atrocious in 98% of them! Perhaps Coach Sherman could correct this, as he was a former Professor of English at Oxford.


See you in NYC!


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