HSJ Bowl Movement

It’s Bowl Season, folks, and you know what that means…yeah, neither do we anymore.  However, we take a few minutes to preview the games regardless of how ridiculous it is to have this many bowl games.


The Eagle Bank Bowl

RFK Stadium in Washington , D.C.

Navy is + 3 1/2 Vs. Wake Forest

Deathburger: Wake Forest

Comment: Wake Forest is located in a dying city. When cigarettes are banned in five or ten years, Wake Forest might just shut down. Of course, Navy is the least important of the military branches. Wake Forest will slowly wear down Navy like a cancerous tumor. WF 24-20.

Dean Mortimer: Navy

Comment: Navy already beat Wake this year. A service academy playing in our nation’s capital should be unstoppable. Seaman will cover this spread and smother the Deacons.

Higher Authority: Meh

Comment: The only thing worse than not playing in a bowl would be playing in the Eagle Bank Bowl in Washington D.C. in December.

The New Mexico Bowl

In Albuquerque

Fresno State is -4 Vs. Colorado State

Deathburger: CSU

Comment: Here are a couple of teams that most people think are in the same conference. When Pat Hill grooms his mustache and says he’ll play anyone anywhere, I don’t think he meant he’d go to Albuquerque to play Colorado State . Give me the Rams to cover in a Fresno squeaker, 34-31.

Dean Mortimer: CSU

Comment: I was in Abuquerque this year for the Ag game and it’s a terrible place to play. It’s got all the flavor of cardboard. Whoever can stay motivated in that soul sucking town will win, I predict it will be CSU due to more fans in the stands.

The magicJack St. Petersburg Bowl

Memphis is +14 Vs. South Florida

Deathburger: USF

Comment: A lot of cars are stolen in St. Petersburg then driven across the border to Cuba . magicJack should make a killing at this game. Give me South Florida to win big, 42-20.

Dean Mortimer: USF

Comment:magicJack? What. The. Fuck. is this? GalleryFurniture.com bowl step aside, there’s a more ridiculous bowl. USF rolls and no one cares. magicJack declares bankruptcy.

King Puppy: USF 31 – Memphis 24

Comment: The bidding war for the naming rights to this one got ugly real quick. We were THIS close to seeing the first ever Fleshlight Bowl.

Anyway, 14 points is quite a bit to lay with this much time off. I like Memphis plus the points.

Las Vegas Bowl

BYU +3 Vs. Arizona

Deathburger: Arizona

Comment:This is a game of contrasts. You have Pacific Islanders facing people with dry skin. The Pac 10 wasn’t very good this year, but BYU seemed to get worse as the season wore on. Arizona wins and covers, 28-21.

Dean Mortimer: Pick Em

Comment:Bettor’s paradise. The Stoops are shady, so it’s hard to call this one. Will the gamblers get to him? What’s the angle? On pure football, I’d pick Arizona to win and cover, but the gambling aspect complicates things. Mormons are pure and may be excommunicated for even stepping foot in Sin City.

Higher Authority: Arizona

Comment: Honestly, it’s not all that smart to have a drunk degenerate like Mike Stoops that close to a casino during the holidays, but I guess it’s better than having a bunch of goofy Mormons wearing magic underwear being all nice and stuff to everyone while wearing short-sleeved shirts, ties, and bicycle helmets.

The R+L Carriers Bowl

in New Orleans

Troy -3 Vs. Southern Mississippi

Deathburger: USM

Comment:I’m assuming Troy is the same thing as Troy State , so I have to take Southern Mississippi big, 31-9.

Dean Mortimer: Troy

Comment:Mother of fuck, what is this R+L crap? I have no idea but it’s in New Orleans. Was this the Sugar bowl? Jesus, NO is in disarray. Troy wins on karma, USM never should have fired Bowers.

Richard23: Who knows?

Comment: Who knows. But this bowl begs the question: just how many colleges can a state like Mississippi support?

The Poinsettia Bowl

in San Diego

Boise and TCU is a pick.

Deathburger: TCU

Comment: TCU has a good defense. Boise has a good offense. San Diego hosts a lot of minor bowl games. TCU should win this game in a defensive struggle, 14-13. They probably need to roll out those tarps to cover up 90% of the seats.

Dean Mortimer: TCU

Comment: Nice setting. Gay, but recognizable name bowl. I like the matchup. I am going with TCU, but Texas football rules.

Richard23: Can’t watch

Comment: TCU is a nice school but I can’t watch a bowl that proves that we are not even the 3rd best team in Texas.

King Puppy: Boise 49 – TCU 47

Comment: Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias are not toxic. After a thrilling overtime win, Boise State WR Jeremy Childs will ask his cheerleader girlfriend on television if she will fellate him.

The Sheraton Hawaii Bowl

Notre Dame is +1 1/2 Vs. Hawaii

Deathburger: Hawaii

Comment:Is Charlie Weis married to Roseanne? Notre Dame circled Navy as a must win and didn’t get a first down in the first half against USC. I’ll take Hawaii by five touchdowns and I haven’t watched NBC in five months.

Dean Mortimer: Hawaii

Comment: Hawaii covers, Hawaii wins, ND is held scoreless. Weiss discovered buried in ground surrounded by coals prior to the game. Reported as “delicious”.

Richard23: Hawaii

Comment: Proof that God doesn’t approve of child molesting. Hawaii wins despite worshiping pagan idols.

Higher Authority: Hawaii

Comment: It’s fucking ridiculous that Hawaii plays in their home stadium every year and calls it a “bowl game”.  However, Fuck Notre Dame.

The Motor City Bowl

Florida Atlantic +5 1/2 Vs. Central Michigan

Deathburger: CMU

Comment: I guess if you have a shitty season they send you to Detroit . Central Michigan will win big and Florida Atlantic will be happy to get out of there alive.

Dean Mortimer: CMU

Comment: BAIL OUT BOWL! Attendance: 314. Schnellenberger declares they will write books and make movies about this bowl game. CMU blows out Florida Atlantic.

Richard23: ECTAMU

Comment: Directional schools rule. I’m thinking we change our name to East/Central Texas A&M University

Higher Authority: Central Michigan

Comment: See, this is the bullshit you get when programs like Texas A&M are down.

The Meineke Car Care Bowl

in Charlotte , NC

West Virginia and North Carolina is a pick

Deathburger: WVU

Comment:A true contrast in fans: blue collar passionate fans versus lacrosse playing rich kids up to no good. Give me the Mountaineers to burn the Tar Heels’ sofa, 45-10.

Dean Mortimer: WVU

Comment: WVU will roll in this game, it’s blue collar versus high dollar. Butch Davis will breakdown and cry again. Meineke is a ripoff.

Richard23: WVU

Comment: North Carolina breaks down and has to be towed home.

King Puppy: UNC 28 – WVU 24

Comment: Olden Polynice saysI’m not going to pay a lot for this muffler,” but then Karl Malone says “Sweet sassy molassey, you are going to pay a lot, and that cost is going to be prohibitive!”

The Champs Sports Bowl

Wisconsin +5 1/2 against Florida State

Deathburger: FSU

Comment:Can the Big 10 win a bowl game? Not this one. Bobby Bowden may not have all his faculties, but I think the enhancements beat the sweaters, 17-10.

Dean Mortimer: FSU

Comment:Orlando is a great winter destination, congratulations to the two teams. It’s cheesers versus geezers, and age and experience wins everytime. One of the oldest FBS coaches beats one of the youngest. FSU covers.

Richard23: Wisconsin

Comment: Champs has great fries and that’s enough for me to support this bowl. I’m going with Wisconsin because old people scare me.

The Emerald Bowl

Cal -7 1/2 Vs. Miami(Fl)

Deathburger: Cal

Comment:Miami can out talent a lot of teams, but not Cal. The Hurricanes seem to have given up, and this is basically a home game for the golden Bears. Miami should feel right at home in a stadium known for steroid abuse and in front of none of their own fans. The tree huggers win going away, 28-13.

Dean Mortimer: Cal

Comment: Cal versus Miami, what a weird matchup. Huge geographic distance between the two schools. An even bigger cultural gap, one that could only be bridged by forcing the tree sitters to live in a Liberty City tree for a week (or as long as possible). I like Cal in this game, but they won’t cover.

Richard23: The U

Comment: I always am against teams that have embarrassed us in big games. I’m going with Miami because they didn’t beat us in a bowl game.

The Independence Bowl

Northern Illinois -3 against Louisiana Tech

Deathburger: La Tech

Comment:This is an absolutely terrible game played in a glorified high school stadium. The city of Shreveport is not a tourist destination unless you are 80 years old and ride a bus into town to play the slots for five hours. Louisiana Tech will pull the upset as Northern Illinois won’t be in town long enough to overcome the culture shock, 19-18.

Dean Mortimer: La Tech

Comment: Independence Bowl? Independence from what, my love of college football? What a miserable matchup, La Tech hasn’t mattered in years. But I still pick them to beat Garrett Wolfe U. The Snow Bowl was the most fun game I have ever attended, results aside.

Richard23: Don’t care

Comment: If I was getting paid to do this I would comment on this bowl.

The Papa Johns.com Bowl

North Carolina State +7 against Rutgers

Deathburger: NCSU

Comment:What is that nasty melted sour cream that comes with every Papa Johns pizza? I think a lot of Rutgers people put that shit in their hair. Give me the Wolfpack in an upset, 35-24.

Dean Mortimer: NCSU

Comment: NC State is one of my brother’s schools, so I have to pick them. Thats how we roll. Plus, I hate NJ and Rutgers seems to be full of terrible, Texas Tech-like fans. NC State with the outright victory. There is no need to append “.com” to these names anymore.

Richard23: NCSU

Comment: I like your brother, Dean. That put me over the top for NC State. Plus I like schools with extra information appended to the name of their state. State. A&M. It shows that you weren’t the first school to think of a name in that state.

King Puppy: NCSU

Comment: Rutgers loses by forfeit after noxious fumes from their alumni’s copious use of Axe body spray overwhelms the team in the hotel.

The Valero Alamo Bowl

Northwestern +14 1/2 against Missouri

Deathburger: Missouri

Comment:It’s hard to get lines this big in bowl games unless there’s a Big 10 team involved. Chase Daniel will pick apart the Wildcat defense and leave them standing still like nose hair frozen in place by dried snot. Tigers win big, 49-21.

Dean Mortimer: Missouri

Comment: The Big 12 has been so much deeper than the Big 10, this game just sucks. With a boring end to a run in the top 10, Missouri will just be going through the motions. Plus, Chase Daniels always gains 15-20 pounds during the holidays. Mizzery wins but does not cover.

Richard23: Missouri

Comment: Luckily, San Antonio is a fun place to hang out and warmer than Missouri or Illinois. I think Mizzou covers. Northwestern has a bunch of smart people that have gone soft. Mizzou has hillbillies. Tough and ornery.

The Humanitarian Bowl

Nevada and Maryland is a pick

Deathburger: Maryland

Comment:All bets are off in a game played in horrible conditions on a blue field. Why not just have five bowl games in San Diego and eliminate this one? Maryland wins, 28-27.

Dean Mortimer: Don’t care

Comment: The most pompously named bowl, how is this “humanitarian”? This actually detracts from the human existence. It’s actually called the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl, and it’s played on blue turf for crying out load. Roady’s is a chain of TRUCK STOPS. Who gives a fuck who wins.

Richard23: Don’t care

Comment: If they were humanitarians they would shoot it. It’s the right thing to do.

The Texas Bowl

Western Michigan is +2 against Rice

Deathburger: Rice

Comment:Enterprise Rent-a-car sponsors this game, and for good reason. Houston is the worst city in the nation in regards to suburban sprawl. Rice knows this but Western Michigan doesn’t, so give me Rice by a touchdown, 28-21.

Dean Mortimer: Rice

Comment: This bowl in Houston has been through a few incarnations and sponsors. I’d love for it to be called the BlueBonnet Bowl again, but it will never happen. I am glad to see Rice in a bowl, and in Houston no less. The Owls will kill the Buster Bronco’s, the main reason to attend is the M.O.B.

Richard23: Rice

Comment: I’ll always pull for Rice. How does the fourth largest city in the US get stuck with Western Michigan? Do they travel well? C’mon Mattress Mack!

The Holiday Bowl

Oregon +3 against Oklahoma State

Deathburger: Okie State

Comment: This looks like an intriguing game. Oregon plans to pull a Madonna and change uniforms every quarter. Oklahoma State ’s athletic department just lost $300 million in hedge fund money. Oklahoma State doesn’t care if they look like shit judging by their orange uniforms, and Oregon seems to be growing wings. OSU has to win this game, don’t they? 45-38 Cowboys.

Dean Mortimer: Okie State

Comment: I think this is an interesting matchup, but again the Big 12 team spent a good chunk of the year in the top 10. Right now, they are ranked about the same but I give OSU the win and the cover. Boone Pickens will reinvest the bowl payout in alternative energy.

Richard23: Okie State

Comment: Will it never end. How many more Big 12 teams will I have to praise? OSU. Dez made the right decision.

The Armed Forces Bowl

Air Force +2 against Houston

Deathburger: UH

Comment: I believe the Texas Bowl used to be in Fort Worth , but now Dallas ’ little sister hosts the Armed Forces Bowl. Air Force is considered one of the armed forces and is playing Houston, a commuter school. Everything points to neither team winning this game. I’ll have to go with the Cougars, 35-17, as kind of a goodwill gesture.

Dean Mortimer: UH

Comment: This bowl has the coolest sponsor – Bell Helicopter. I have no idea why it was named the Armed Forces Bowl. No service academies participated in the bowl the first four years, but this is the second year in a row for Air Force. Houston wins huge because Texas football is the best in the nation.

Richard23: Pick Em

Comment: Houston has come a long way. What did I say about A&M being the 4th best in the State of Texas? Houston and Rice in bowls. Let me do some research: what other schools are in Texas?

The Sun Bowl

Pittsburgh +3 against Oregon State

Deathburger: OSU

Comment:The Sun Bowl is one of the classic bowls, and they have a classic contest this year. Pitt, a school whose fans are kind of wannabe Pittsburgh Steeler fans, faces Oregon State , the team that beat USC this year. Give me the beavers over the pussies, 31-27.

Dean Mortimer: Pitt

Comment: I love the Sun Bowl, always have. Let’s forget it is sponsored by Brut. I’ve always wanted A&M to play in this bowl so I’d have a reason to go to a game in that stadium. No human should be named Jacquizz, it’s just wrong, and I think Pittsburgh wins this game.

Richard23: Don’t care

Comment: ahhh, El Paso in the winter. The flight in is enough to scare you from going to the game. Desolate. Unless you have an urge to cross the border, check for Friends reruns.

The Music City Bowl

Boston College is -4 against Vandy

Deathburger: Vandy

Comment: The Boston Diocese is losing its influence with the Catholic migration into the southern states. Boston College will lose power over the next decade. Vandy is an SEC school, and I’ve heard that SEC schools win bowl games because they play defense well against unimaginative offense. I’ll take BC to win this game but Vandy to cover, 10-9.

Dean Mortimer: BC

Comment: Neither team finished strong, but Vandy collapsed the hardest. What are these teams playing for, pride? I don’t find this matchup interesting at all and I predict a 5 OT game. BC wins due to depth.

Richard23: Don’t care

Comment: Oh come on! Who doesn’t get to go to a bowl these days? Never mind, I know the answer.

The Insight Bowl

Minnesota is +8 1/2 against Kansas

Deathburger: KU

Comment: Again, a Big 10 team faces a spread bigger than a Mangino midnight snack. Kansas should absolutely swallow up Minnesota and digest them using up to four stomachs. Kansas 38-14.

Dean Mortimer: KU

Comment: Minnesota was a fraud most of the year, Kansas was pretty consistently mediocre (for the Big 12). Due to the number of Texans on the squad, and the fact they’ve been battle tested in the best conference in the country, I pick KU to cover.

Richard23: KU

Comment: I’ve got to go with Todd. He has nice parents and my kids went to school with him. What a success story. I think early on he was trying to graduate early because he didn’t see himself staying 4 years. He’s a winner.

The Peach Bowl

LSU is +2 1/2 against Georgia Tech

Deathburger: GT

Comment: Lies Miles against a triple option. The best team in Louisiana against the best team in Georgia . Moonshine against whiskey. The Peach Bowl. This is what college football is all about, until they actually play the game. Georgia Tech wins going away, 42-28.

Dean Mortimer: GT

Comment: I’ve been to the Peach Bowl, it was fun. Lots of drinking and a great crowd, one of the better “next tier” bowl games. Georgia Tech will absolutely rout LSU, and the nation will love it. Les will be fired next year, and again the nation will rejoice. GT – huge.

Richard23: Pick Em

Comment: You had me at “Les will be fired…” Can’t believe that LSU has fallen to this level. win or lose they can’t be happy about playing GT in Atlanta. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

The Outback Bowl

Iowa -3 against South Carolina

Deathburger: Cocks

Comment: This game is not played in Australia . Iowa beat the best team in the Big 10 this season. I really think this is the Big 10’s chance to win a bowl game, but this game smells funny, which favors South Carolina . I think South Carolina will cover in a 7-6 loss. Congrats Big 10!

Dean Mortimer: Iowa

Comment: Spurrier was once the hottest thing in coaching. Ferentz was also hot, rumored to be leaving for other programs. Now both are in the appropriately named Outback bowl. This would have to be played with Rugby rules to make it interesting, but that won’t happen. I like Iowa in this game and Spurrier retires in the offseason.

Richard23: Don’t care

Comment: I’ll be out back working on the yard during this one. Hope they give away nice gifts to the players to make their time well spent.

The Capital One Bowl

Georgia -6 vs Michigan State

Deathburger: Georgia

Comment: Matthew Stafford has all the tools. Michigan State is a two field goal underdog which is pretty damn good for a Big 10 team. With the auto bailout becoming a reality, it looks like some people will continue to live in Michigan well into next year. State covers as Georgia continues to underachieve but somehow manages a 19-17 victory.

Dean Mortimer: Georgia

Comment: What a disappointment for Georgia, can they get up for this game? I expect they will, and that they will cover the spread. I hate Capital One with all my being and I pray nightly they go under. Please God, destroy Capital One.

Richard23: Georgia

Comment: Wow, I love pre-season rankings. I’ve got nothing against Georgia but this bowl is bankrupt. Georgia wins big.

The Gator Bowl

Clemson +1 against Nebraska

Deathburger: Clemson

Comment: This, my friends, is an interesting game. In bowl games, always go against a team that has had a coaching change during the season, except here. Clemson wins 34-31. Nebraska had the easiest schedule in the Big 12 this year, and their record is kind of a mirage. Clemson played a little better once they got rid of their coach.

Dean Mortimer: NU

Comment: Another great second tier bowl, been around forever. Nebraska in a January 1st bowl, is that for real? How did that happen? The Big 12 is simply the best, and NU in a Jan. 1 bowl proves that. Clemson has some great talent at the pretty positions, but that’s it. Nebraska covers the spread – barely.

Richard23: NU

Comment: I’ll be interested in this one. Is Nebraska legit and making a comeback? Can Bo get it done with local talent because he can’t get the top talent simply because Nebraska is on TV every week. So is Boise State. I’m going with Nebraska.

The Rose Bowl

Penn State is +10 against USC

Deathburger: USC

Comment: Another double digit Big 10 underdog. I think USC can name the score. You see, some programs like Oklahoma and Arkansas cheat by buying players cars. USC takes it to another level and buys houses. Pete Carroll will not run up the score on Penn State just because of that whole Joe Paterno surgery thing. Look for USC to jump out in front by five or six touchdowns then coast the rest of the way. USC wins 45-0.

Dean Mortimer: USC

Comment: I really, really wanted PSU to go undefeated. That Iowa loss has to be killing all fall residents of Happy Valley – what a terrible, terrible loss. Between that game and the 2005 last second TD by Michigan to beat them, Paterno has probably aged an additional ten years. Unfortunately, they pulled the worst draw possible among the bowls. USC will win – BUT NOT COVER!

Richard23: USC

Comment: USC wins. Too bad. I hate schools that have everything going for them and don’t make it to the BCS championship bowl because of one loss. Don’t know where that comes from, I just do.

King Puppy: USC 38 – Penn State 21

Comment: Teams that are wrongfully snubbed from better bowls tend to come out flat (See Cal 2004). Will Penn State lose motivation after they were screwed out of the BCS title game? I’m guessing they will.

The Orange Bowl

Cincinnati is -2 against Virginia Tech

Deathburger: Cincy

Comment: Most people don’t recognize Cincinnati as a BCS school. Hell, they were a buy game for Oklahoma this year. Virginia Tech has been solid for a decade and are in a BCS Bowl despite fielding one of their weaker teams this year. This game looks to be a dogfight. Cincy wins, 17-13.

Dean Mortimer: VT

Comment: VT played better towards the end of the season. Kelly is a hot commodity and therefore a distraction. Also, another brother went to VT so I am duty bound to pick them anyway. VT wins outright.

Richard23: VT

Comment: Cincinatti? That’s not even a state! (Is it?) I always like VT and the way they play. I’m for a state over a city any day.

The Cotton Bowl

Ole Miss is +7 against Texas Tech

Deathburger: TT

Comment: It’s obvious that Texas Tech has given up. They should’ve lost to Baylor and they just gave up against Oklahoma . Ole Miss beat Florida , so they have that going for them. I think the lack of academic accreditation gives the Raiders an advantage in this game, but their coach is flying around the country and interviewing for jobs, so that evens things back up. Look for Texas Tech to miss an extra point and not cover the spread in a six point victory, 34-28.

Dean Mortimer: Ole Miss

Comment: TT and Leach remind me of the Texas State Fair, so it’s an appropriate place for them to play. It’s an interesting matchup, but I predict Ole Miss will shut down Tech like Bama did in the same bowl a few years ago. Leach is unwanted by any other self-respecting school, despite his desperate attempts to escape, and his mojo is over. Ole Miss wins outright.

Richard23: Ole Miss

Comment: Is Ole Miss in Missippi, too? How many is that so far? One can only hope for an embarrassing loss where the fans and the coach at tech make another statement about their relevance.

King Puppy: Texas Tech 49 – Ole Miss 12

Comment: Psychologists have determined that the most depressing football stadium in the continental U.S. is the Cotton Bowl. The Red Raiders have the edge in dealing with moribund settings. It’s tough enough to stop Mike Leach’s offense, but when you’re pondering the inconsequentiality of your existence, it’s damn near impossible.

The Liberty Bowl

East Carolina -1 against Kentucky

Deathburger: ECU

Comment: East Carolina is very unstable. You go through elementary school and you learn the states then you turn on ESPN and hear Lou Holtz slurring about East Carolina . It just sounds wrong. It should be East North Carolina . They play a basketball school. Give me the pirates in a route, 27-13.

Dean Mortimer: UK

Comment: Give me Liberty Bowl or give me….anything else. This is a January bowl matchup? The bowls are all fucked up, man. How did Skip Holtz end up so much larger than his father? I can’t answer that question, so UK wins.

Richard23: ECU

Comment: I like purple things. I don’t like Kentucky things. East Carolina in a route. Don’t question my criteria, my percentages prove me out.

The Sugar Bowl

Utah +10 1/2 against Alabama

Deathburger: Utah

Comment: Alabama gave it their all against mighty Florida , but fell flat against Urban Meyer. Well, Urban’s old team is more of the same, except they have a better offense. The Tide doesn’t have anything left, so the Utes of Utah will upset the youth of Alabama in a shocker, 35-20.

Dean Mortimer: Utah

Comment: GREAT matchup. This should be a hotly contested game, but as Alabama has shown in the past they just aren’t quite ready for the big time. Look for this line to move to a pickem – so get on Utah NOW! Utes win outright.

Richard23: Pick Em

Comment: OK, now we are up to some serious games… wait is that Buffalo listed below? Damn, first we name teams after cities and now after extinct animals?

King Puppy: Utes 28 – Bama 3

Comment: This is my value pick of the bowl season. After the Gators embarrassed the Tide on national television, thereby reminding Alabama who wears the pants around the SEC, this team is really questioning themselves. Nick Saban’s cavalier attitude is sitting with Tide faithful about as well as a bowl of burnt dumplings right now. Utah wins this one running away. Bet the farm on the moneyline.

The International Bowl

Buffalo +6 against Connecticut

Deathburger: UConn

Comment:Buffalo will probably lose their coach. Connecticut is a basketball school. Basketball schools traditionally do well against schools that are about to lose their coach. Give me UConn by a touchdown, 27-20.

Dean Mortimer: Buffalo

Comment:”No, I said my name was Turner BROWN.” LOL!! Buffalo by 10 under an interim coach.

Richard23: Buffalo

Comment: Isn’t Buffalo larger than Connecticut? (OK, I know it’s a city not a bovine). I’ll be glued to the telly on this one!

The Fiesta Bowl

Texas is -10 1/2 against Ohio State

Deathburger: Texas

Comment:Texas fans are buying banners all over the place and constantly whining about how they’ve been cheated out things like the BCS Championship game and running backs that went to Colorado . Ohio State is another Big 10 team on the bad end of a double digit spread. I don’t think Texas will show up in this game, but they’ll still cover. Ohio State once again gets embarrassed, 31-7.

Dean Mortimer: Texas

Comment: Great, I saw this already. Both fanbases rank among the top 10 worst, so it’s intriguing from that angle. Due to the incredible dominance of Texas football and the Big 12, UT will roll. The Big 10 is so ….. 1970’s.

Richard23: Texas

Comment: Texas will roll them. I hate to say it. Ohio State wins the award for the most boring super power. They remind me of Russia. They have all the tools and want to play on the international stage but they just don’t have the arsonal this year. For the record, I like Cart for the Heisman. Get him the award and get him the hell out of here. Come on Chiles.

King Puppy: tu 42 – OSU 24

Comment: It’s nice to see kids like Brian Orakpo be successful naturally, the way God intended. Kids, this is how it’s done.

The GMAC Bowl

Ball State -2 1/2 against Tulsa

Deathburger: Tulsa

Comment: Tulsa really sucked in their conference championship game. Ball State has an outstanding broadcast journalism department, but I thought they only played football on Wednesdays. Tulsa doesn’t turn the ball over a million times and wins a close one, 49-42.

Dean Mortimer: Tulsa

Comment:Mobile, Alabama is such an exotic locale – both teams must be thrilled. Todd Graham is a Texan, a product of Texas football, and really this game won’t be a contest. Ball State puts the MAC in GMAC, but embarrasses the hell out of the sponsors. Tulsa by 5 touchdowns

Richard23: Tulsa

Comment: My son was being recruited by the Tulsa Petroleum Engineering school. I told him to go to A&M because he needed to go to a football school. I have to go with Tulsa even though it violates my rule about pulling for teams named after cities. But the corallary is that teams named after sports equipment fall below cities.

The BCS Championship Game

Florida Gators -3 against the Oklahoma Sooners

Deathburger: OU

Comment: The best coach in the SEC goes against the best coach in the Big 12. This is a helluva a game with last year’s Heisman winner going against this year’s likely winner. These teams are both loaded with athletes. Florida ’s defense may be a little better, but Oklahoma ’s offense is a lot better. Big Red Motor U says FU to UF and grabs another national championship, 38-35.

Dean Mortimer: OU

Comment: OU is full of Texas players and won the Big 12. They are the best of the best, let’s face it. This one really won’t be close, which is unfortunate. This is played on Jan 8th, which is ridiculous. Florida really back doored their way into this game by beating a very, very overrated Alabama squad (who couldn’t win with Shula’s recruits?). OU huge.

Richard23: OU

Comment: OU is full of Texas players and won the Big 12. They are the best of the best, let’s face it. This one really won’t be close, which is unfortunate. This is played on Jan 8th, which is ridiculous. Florida really back doored their way into this game by beating a very, very overrated Alabama squad (who couldn’t win with Shula’s recruits?). OU huge. This game will show the world why the Big 12 (at least this year) is better than the SEC. OU was amazing this year. How they lost to tu, I can’t figure. And with a 16 year old QB that’s going pro. Stoops versus Meyers. great match up. I just hope to see planes with creative banners flying over the stadium reminding us that tu should be there.

King Puppy: UF 35 – OU 28

Comment: Placing Baby in a corner. Land wars in Asia . Coke and Pop Rocks. Betting against Urban Meyer in a bowl game.


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