TAGIC – Type A Global Implosion Coaches

Type A Global Implosion Coaches (TAGIC) are kind of a throwback type of coach. They make excellent coordinators but usually cannot handle the head coaching duties.

For a TAGIC, everything is about success on the field. In football, a coordinator that is a TAGIC can be very effective. Honestly, they don’t care if the team loses or wins as long as their unit plays well.  Will Muschamp is a textbook TAGIC.  Once promoted to the head coaching reigns, the sphere of influence is too great for most TAGICs to handle.

Characteristics of a TAGIC:

1. Disregard for physical appearance, health, well being, and rules of any kind. Obviously, Bill Belichick is a classic example of a TAGIC from the NFL.

2. No fear of blaming others for poor performances on the field. Bob Stoops early coaching staffs were so good, you never heard of this from him until the last few years.

3. Addiction problems with alcohol, drugs, or gambling. Rick Neuheisel is a borderline TAGIC. He has realized his problem and is working on it, but he will fall right back in line this year at UCLA.

The thing about TAGICs is they will eventually piss people off since all they really care about are themselves. Of course, if they keep winning, no one really gets very pissed off, at least publicly. They are very career driven, have no loyalty, work long hours, and will change jobs at the drop of a hat. I’m proposing that our own Dennis Franchione was also a borderline TAGIC.  Just because a coach can be labeled a TAGIC does not mean he will be successful or a failure.  It’s simply a labeling tool to understand why they act like they do.  Billy Clyde is probably the textbook basketball TAGIC.

Bob Stoops appearance seems to be rapidly denigrating.  He is now sporting a nice little gut, and his lips are becoming even less pronounced. Last night against Florida he looked like he was going to start crying in the fourth quarter. If Oklahoma has a down year somehow in the near future, I really think Stoops might be out of there. He’ll piss off donors, players, administrators, etc. and the entire balance of things up in Norman could implode.  The TAGIC will fend for himself, cast blame, and try to improve his situation, even if it’s just a temporary solution.  The Denver job is probably looking pretty good to Bob Stoops right now.

Classic TAGICS include Buddy Ryan, Les Miles, Bobby Knight, the Mongoloid, and Mike Martz.

While TAGICS are probably drawn to the coaching profession, few TAGICS make it to the big time. Most of them burn out early in their careers and aren’t given second chances.


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