Ethical Rankings – Southeastern Conference

Everyone knows that, as a group, the SEC is the most crooked conference in college football. However, not all of the schools should be included in the mudslinging. Here’s a list of SEC schools from the most ethical to the least ethical.

1. Vanderbilt – This one is a no brainer. Vandy is the only school in the conference that stresses academics ahead of football. Their team wasn’t terrible last year, either.

2. Mississippi State – I know the school is not a very good school, but they don’t go out of their way to cheat most of the time. Jackie Sherill really cleaned the place up. They do need an offense to win a game next year.

3. South Carolina – USC can afford to be ethical. It seems that no matter how bad they are, the fans will keep showing up. Thus, they don’t have much motivation to wipe their hands in the dirt.

4. Kentucky – Kentucky gets a high ranking because we’re not including basketball. Paying a kid’s dad several thousand dollars to help out at basketball camps so he’ll attend Kentucky is legal, though probably not ethical.

5. Auburn – The moral stalwarts of Alabama, Auburn has always been at a disadvantage, and the difference has never been as pronounced as it is today.

6. Tennessee – The Vols jumped up a couple of spots with Lane replacing Phil. Lane is a standup guy. Phil was not.

7. Arkansas – Arkansas is slowly moving up the list. As documented in “Under the Tarnished Dome”, they were dirty under Lou Holtz. Houston probably helped them out a little bit in some ways but not enough to put them in the upper echelon.

8. Florida – Florida used to be rated much higher. Though an excellent coach, Urban Meyer is not concerned much with ethical behavior.

9. Georgia – The Dawgs have a tremendous gameday atmosphere. They aren’t too concerned about how they get there.

10. Mississippi – They have some ethical issues at Ole Miss. How many athletes can you sign on signing day? The racial problems there prevent them ever being ranked higher than 10 until things change.

11. Alabama – Ethics mean nothing at Alabama. Nothing.

12. LSU – Ethics are discouraged at LSU. Really, LSU fans should be pissed that Alabama is above them since Alabama has their old coach, but Les Miles can play in the dirt as well as anyone,


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