Sleaziest Coaches in the Big 12

The Big 12 has a reputation as a fairly clean conference. Oklahoma has been up to some weird stuff in Norman lately, and Colorado football players sometimes get out of hand, but overall the conference has a reputation as being fairly clean. No one would accuse the Big 12 with being as unethical as the ACC or, heaven forbid, the SEC.

However, there are a number of coaches in the Big 12 that drag down the image of the conference. We all know about Bob Stoops and the Bomar family’s accusations that he is not clean. We’ve all seen Mack Brown whining on national television about his team’s rankings. Surprisingly, neither Stoops nor Brown made the list of the ten sleaziest coaches in the Big 12.

If the Big 12 required its member institutions to fire these coaches, the league would instantly earn the reputation as one of the cleanest, if not the cleanest, BCS conferences.


1. Scotty Drew – Baylor
Scotty just looks like someone that needs to be punched in the mouth. He recruits lights out, yet doesn’t coach his team in any way. The playground mentality of the Bears is an embarrassment to the conference. All that talent, and it’s just a contest to see who can jack up the most shots.

2. Mike Leach – Texas Tech
He is stuck at Tech because no one else will hire him. It’s hard to take him seriously because he can’t carry on a normal conversation. Leach is not a hard worker, preferring to drift into the office at noon every day. He models himself after seventeenth century pirates, the Enron executives of their time.

3. Bill Snyder – Kansas State
Back in his heyday, Snyder was the most hated coach in the conference by his peers. Expect him to claim that throne again by the end of his first season. How he manages to fill a roster with juco players that can’t get into any other school is a mystery to any college football team, but get ready for Snyder put his stamp on the K-State football team once again. I believe his first game is against a school that doesn’t formerly field a football team.

4. Mike Gundy – Oklahoma State
Everyone saw Gundy’s “I’m 40, I’m a man” rant. The rant made him a star on youtube but also ruined the career of a talented quarterback. Don’t think for a second Gundy was trying to protect his player. Remember, he is following in Les Miles’ footsteps.

5. Pat Knight – Texas Tech
Pat is guilty by association. We all know why he got the job, and it had nothing to do with coaching ability. He is trying to follow in the footsteps of a man that quit in the middle of the season.

6. Rick Barnes – Texas
What other coach says “watermelon watermelon watermelon rind” in his post game press conferences? How did Damion James end up in Austin and where is his former high school coach and exactly when was he promised his new gig?

7. Bo Pelini – Nebraska
It’s a shame to see a classy individual like Bill Callahan driven from his job and replaced by someone who had been mired in the sleaze of the SEC. Pelini had only been in the SEC for three years, but it was with LSU, so the sleaze factor was a little higher than normal down there.

8. Jeff Capel – Oklahoma
Taking over a program that had a cheating infrastructure already in place, Jeff Capel has the Sooners riding high this year. He’s a good coach, evidenced by his team’s effort every game, but he was placed into a system where his hands will start to show some grime.

9. Mark Mangino – Kansas
Just looking at the man, you can tell he’s sleazy. Do you think he’s ever done anything to excess? Obviously, a man that cares so little about his own health can’t be bothered with any rules or guidelines or ethical standards.

10. Gail Goestenkors – Texas
Sure, just leave Duke, a place where basketball is everything, for Texas, a place that doesn’t care about basketball. I know some cultural influences pulled Gail to Austin, but something is definitely wrong with this hire.


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