Texas A&M vs Arkansas Preview

A clash of cultures meet today in Arlington in the best stadium in the world. Arkansas, fresh off a loss to Alabama in Birmingham, and Texas A&M, riding high after a thorough pasting of the Tide in College Station.

It’s been years since anyone from the state of Texas has actually heard anything about the Razorback football program. Since Arkansas left the Southwest Conference, they have rarely been on television, they have received little or no newspaper coverage, and they have become a complete non factor in recruiting the state of Texas. The last time they got any media attention was when they ran off Houston Nutt, the best coach they have had since Lou Holtz was spraying people in Fayetteville.

Texas A&M has struggled in recent years as well. While struggling on the football field is expected for a school like Arkansas, it’s kind of baffling how a school like Texas A&M, with a market forty times the size of Arkansas’ market and a school two and half times larger than Arkansas can struggle like the Hogs do on the football field. These struggles are even more baffling when you take a look at socioeconomic and cultural data.

Arkansas, for instance, is known for Wal-Mart, the company that is most responsible for the trying economic times in the United States. Sam Walton’s minions of morally bankrupt hicks have gone into small town America and closed downtowns by selling crap made by eight year old Chinese girls working sixteen hour shifts. Texas A&M, on the other hand, is responsible for the United States winning both world wars, remaining competitive in Vietnam, cloning cats, and the animation in Finding Nemo. The vast cultural difference is mind boggling.

College football is about fun and pageantry, and that’s what we’ll all see today in Arlington. While the Florida – Georgia Tech game is known as the world’s largest cocktail party, this event at Cowboys Stadium could be known as the world’s largest forum on socioeconomic and cultural diversity. Jerry “Navin Johnson” Jones has created a Wal-Mart type money gouging event historians will study for years. As a wagon train of settlers make their way from Arkansas to Arlington for the game, a group of businessmen and upstanding citizens will check their email one last time before loading up their cars and making the short drive out to Arlington.

For this inaugural contest, the stadium management has decided to keep the two fan bases separate. Each school will have their own party plaza, and security will keep the Razorbacks in their own end zone and the Aggies on their own side. This is probably a smart move for the first game in this series. Let the two groups get used to each other, maybe sniff at each other a few times before letting them interact. As the movie Deliverance emphasized, some groups of people are just too different to be thrown into a social situation with each other without somebody getting hurt.

On the field, Arkansas hasn’t played a meaningful game in years. Texas A&M has struggled recently, but at least the Aggies have played in some big games. Since this will be the best football atmosphere the Razorbacks have seen in a decade, they may come out confused and a little simple. The Aggies will probably come out a little fired up and may need a series or two to to calm down. Expect a lot of offense and a lot of big plays in an 38-28 Aggie victory.


2 comments on “Texas A&M vs Arkansas Preview

  1. The world’s largest cocktail party is the Florida / Georgia game, not the Florida / Georgia Tech game.

    Be careful when you venture out of your comfort zone.

  2. Clearly you know nothing about college football. If you will notice, Arkansas has played for more SEC championships than A&M has played Big 12 championships since leaving the SWC. Also, if you knew anything about football you would probably know that Alabama, one of the most storied programs in college football, does not play in Birmingham, but instead Tuscaloosa. Also, Arkansas is on TV numerous times every season. You may not know this being in Texas and not getting the SEC games of the week, so that can slide. Another thing I am not understanding is why you seem to think that the economic situation of an area plays any role at all in the abilities of a school on the football field. Of course, if you had done any research, you would realize that the Northwest Arkansas region is still doing quite well even in the hard economic times. Also, there are cars in Arkansas believe it or not making the wagon train comment slightly idiotic. Believe me, if you left Texas, you would find that most people around the country look at the majority of your citizens the same way you look at people from Arkansas. So in conclusion…your an idiot. Oh ya and real nice call on the game score. have fun with another joke of a season at College Station. One last thing before i go. Never forget the series record. I think its something like 39-24-3 in favor of Arkansas.

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