Famous Oklahoma State Alumni

Thurman Thomas

Best known for losing his helmet during a Superbowl. The most accepted version of this story is he was scared to go into the game so he hid his helmet.

Barry Sanders

Best known for quitting on his teammates at the prime of his career. Also, was not able to pick up short yardage on third and short.

Dez Bryant

Best known for lying to NCAA representatives about his relationship with Deion Sanders.

Jason Boland and Cody Canada

Best known for their drug use and championing of illegal drugs in their concerts and blog writings.

Dexter Manley

Best known for being the only person in history to attend college for four years and to remain in good standing with the college without being able to read.

Chris Gaines

The fake identity of someone that wanted to re-invent himself so people wouldn’t know about his background, especially where he went to college.

T-Boone Pickens

Best known for donating $250 Million to the athletic department of Oklahoma State and insisting the money remain in his hedge funds. Now, Oklahoma State owes about $200 Million on their athletic facilities since his hedge fund is now worthless.


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