Bill Snyder – ISTJ

Introverted – 94%
Sensing – 11%
Thinking – 90%
Judging – 95%

The one word that best describes Inspectors is superdependable. Whether at home or at work, Inspectors are extraordinarily persevering and dutiful, particularly when it comes to keeping an eye on the people and products they are responsible for. In their quiet way, Inspectors see to it that rules are followed, laws are respected, and standards are upheld. They have no qualms about shitting on someone and throwing that person under the bus if it means structure is maintained. They will beat their children for the most minor reasons.

Inspectors (as much as three percent of the general population) are the true guardians of institutions. They are patient with their work and with the procedures within an institution, although not with people. Responsible to the core, Inspectors like it when people know their duties, follow the guidelines, and operate within the rules. Inspectors will always follow the rules they make for themselves, which does not mean they are ethical, they just do what they feel is right for their institutions. For their part, Inspectors will see to it that goods are examined and schedules are kept, that resources will be up to standards and delivered when and where they are supposed to be. And they would prefer that everyone be this dependable. Inspectors can be hard-nosed about the need for following the rules in the workplace, and do not hesitate to deal with irregularities with an iron fist. Because of this they are viewed as being hard-hearted, or as having ice in their veins, since people are just tools for something they see as more important. Inspectors don’t give a shit what anyone things about them as long as they get the job done. People, even children, are merely tools to them. Love is a ridiculous concept. They don’t hate anyone, because they lack enough emotion to care one way or the other.

Inspectors are still highly sociable, and are likely to be involved in community service organizations, such as Sunday School, Little League, or Boy and Girl Scouting, that transmit a sense of order or control over people. Like all Guardians, Inspectors hold dear their family social ceremonies-weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, treating these events like a job with a starting and stopping time. Generally speaking, Inspectors are not comfortable with anything that gets too fancy. Their words tend to be plain and down-to-earth, not showy or high-flown; their clothes are often simple and conservative rather than of the latest fashion; and their home and work environments are usually neat, orderly, and traditional, rather than trendy or ostentatious. As for personal property, they usually choose standard items over models loaded with features, and they often try to find classics and antiques – Inspectors prefer the old-fashioned to the newfangled every time.


2 comments on “Bill Snyder – ISTJ

  1. Yes, his personality is suited to things like running a football program. Don’t count on him for anything else, though.

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