Dr. Zebbie Dykes Examines Young Mikey Leach

Dr. Zebbie Dykes was a child psychologist doing contract work for school districts in Wyoming and northern Colorado from 1967 to 1971. He disappeared in April of 1971 and has never been seen or heard from since. His last appointment was in an elementary school in Cody, Wyoming. He was seen leaving leaving the school, getting in his car, and driving away.

Earlier this week, authorities found a microcassette recorder in a campsite just north of the Colorado border in Wyoming, along with a wallet and some clothes that were identified as being the clothes Dr. Dykes wore on the day of his disappearance. The cassette was sent off to crime labs in Omaha to try to recover the contents, but the Omaha folks said that all they could really do in Nebraska was judge corn. The tape was then transported to Denver where authorities were able to restore the recording to nearly its original clarity.

The following is a transcript of the recording:

This is Doctor Zebbie Dykes. This is case number 4416. My subject is a fourth grade student by the name of Mikey Leach.

I was called in because of a recommendation from Mikey’s fourth grade teacher, Ms. Loya Hill. The administration of the school and particularly the principal, Mr. Dickey, agreed that an outside opinion was needed. Mikey’s third grade teacher, Darla Ham, had requested a psychological profile of Mikey last year, but the district did not approve it.

After talking with Ms. Hill, Ms. Ham, Mr. Dickey, and Mikey, I was able to make the following conclusions about Mikey’s bahavior:

1. He does not get along with his peers.

2. He is using new math. Cody schools do not use new math.

3. He was kicked out of the chess club for not using all his pawns. He insisted on starting games with only half of his pawns, so the splits could allow the bishops to have open lanes.

4. All the girls in his class hate him. The boys do as well, but the girls called him “throw up” and “slob”.

5. He sings really bad country songs.

6. He does not participate in sports during recess or P.E. They say there is no way he could play sports after high school.

7. He would probably do well on standardized tests, but refused to use a number 2 pencil so all his scores were voided.

8. Never went on a field trip because his parents wouldn’t spend the money on stamps to mail in the permission forms to the district office.

9. Mikey has been caught twice with bottles of cheap bourbon in his locker.

10. He has been in several fights. He never tries to defend himself. He just swings wildly. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he just gets knocked silly.

11. Mikey has been caught twice stealing tortillas from the one Mexican American student in the class.

12. The only time Mike seems happy is when he’s volunteering with retarded students. He really seems to get along well with retarded people.

13. While number twelve is admirable, an off campus incident was brought to the attention of the teachers. Apparently, while spending time with retarded kids on a ranch, Mikey trained a horse to run a certain route that went really close to a barn. At night, he snuck into the ranch and was able to teach the horse to bank right on one of his commands. One day, with a ranch full of retarded people, Mikey got the horse to run its route, then gave the signal for it to bank right. The horse hit the barn and had to be put down.

14. Mikey has a lack of respect for authority.

15. Mikey wants to be in a better place, but never has the initiative to actually leave. He would have repeated third grade if he had been allowed.

16. He drinks out of the water fountain for up to twenty minutes at a time. Once he starts drinking, he can’t stop.

My conclusions about Mikey are as follows:

1. He should not be in a school with normal students. He lives a kind of fantasy life. He pretends he needs an eye patch. He needs to be in an institution. He is dangerous.

2. He needs to stay away from alcohol. He is in fourth grade and he’s already an alcoholic.

3. He won’t be on time. He’s not capable of attending meetings or appointments at a certain time. His time is all that matters.

4. He will always want to work with the mentally challenged. He will challenge all authority, but he will be friends with the mentally challenged. His dream job would be to work in a prison with 20,000 retarded people, even if he could attain so much more somewhere else.

5. He will never be able to hold down a normal job. He will fight with his authority figures continuously until he has worn out his welcome.

6. He should be kept away from public speaking or school plays. He won’t follow the script. He might say anything.

When I get to my office, I will look over my notes and consult some of my more experienced colleagues. This Mikey kid is not suited for society. Right now, my recommendation is to lock him up and put him on heavy medications. Maybe one day, with heavy meds and intensive therapy, he will be able to re-enter society on a limited basis. I believe that is the best we can do with him.

If you have any information on the disappearance of Dr. Zebbie Dykes, please contact your local authorities.


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