Conference Realignment – The Big 12 is Dead

We are about see phase two of conference realignments. The present state of college football is not working at all. There are plenty of rumors out there, but let me try to clear things up for everyone out there. First of all, the Big 12 is dead. When the Big 12 was formed back in the nineties, most people looked at it as a temporary solution. It is about to lose its major players. Let’s look at what will happen.

First of all, the Big 12 will continue to play with a bastardized version of the weak links in the conference. Iowa State, Texas Tech, Baylor, and maybe Kansas State will probably continue to play in the Big 12. They will probably add Houston, Tulsa, TCU, SMU, New Mexico, Boise, and maybe some other schools that are considered mid majors. It’s severely doubtful that they’ll end up with 12 teams.

The Big 10 will snap up Mizzou and Nebraska. That much is obvious. The fact that the Big 10 will take Nebraska just shows how desperate they are. Up until a few weeks ago, the poor academic standing of Nebraska made it a non-candidate to join the Big 10. However, things are changing fast, and Nebraska’s football team, with no offense, fits well into the Big 10 culture. Their poor basketball team does not impact their status with the Big 10.

Colorado will bolt for the Pac 10. Seriously, they should already be there.

Here’s where it gets tricky. Kansas might be headed for the Big 10, but state government in Kansas will push for Kansas State to be included in any deal like this. Remember, Bill Snyder is the coach at Kansas State, so the Big 10 will not take Kansas State.

We’ve been reading a bunch of crap about a Big 12 and Pac 10 merger, just for football. Don’t believe that crap. Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, and Texas have an offer right now to join the SEC. This will happen by the end of the summer. You aren’t reading about this stuff because no one wants to be the first to go public with it, but this will make the SEC control the Texas television market and the Florida television market. Plus, with weak academic institutions like Mississippi State and Alabama, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will be welcomed into the SEC.

You heard it here first. We’re in for a big shakeup. Look for the announcements to take place before next season, and for the new conferences to begin play in 2011.


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