Conference Shuffle – Ranking the Schools

After exhaustive research on a number of factors, we’ve been able to rank the attractiveness of all the schools in the PAC 10, Big 10, Big 12, and Notre Dame. We’ve also thrown in a couple of schools the Big 10 is supposedly considering for expansion.

The factors considered are as follows:
1. TV Market
2. Academic Standing
3. Alumni Pull
4. Historical importance
5. Fanbase
6. School size
7. Marketing Appeal

Of the research we collected, we tried to use as much quantitative data as possible. We’re confident this list, with 36 schools, is 95% accurate with the quantitative data, but that accuracy may decrease to to 92.5% with some future demographic projections, which may cause some teams in dire economic areas to move down on the list one or two slots. We minimized this factor more than we should have just to see a snapshot of how the schools stand right now. Of course, in five or ten years, a lot of the schools from the Big 10 will move down several slots.

Here are the schools and how attractive they are to conferences right now:

1. Notre Dame – A small school, but they proved they could make their own TV contract work when they win games. Catholics, Mexicans, pedophiles, and foreigners like to watch Notre Dame football.

2. Michigan – Until recently, a great program. Michigan has fans nationwide since the state is dying and people are moving all over the country if they have the means.

3. Texas – A huge school that sells most of its merchandise to people that don’t know were the school is located, Texas markets very effectively to the Wal-Mart crowd.

4. Ohio State – The king of Ohio, the Buckeyes are always looking up to Michigan, but they may catch them in the next twenty years.

5. Texas A&M – 40K plus students in the crown jewel state in the nation, the Aggies are better positioned than just about any school out there.

6. Penn State – With Joe Paterno’s upcoming retirement, Penn State can once again join the ranks of serious college football teams.

7. UCLA – Southern California’s public school is a sleeping giant. Maybe Slick Rick can take over Los Angeles. The Bruins should rule SoCal.

8. USC – Pete Carroll is gone. Years of cheating and in both basketball and football will surely make the Trojans plummet in the rankings in the near future.

9. Oklahoma – The Sooners sure know how to get to the big game. A powerful tradition keeps them in the top ten.

10. Washington – What they need is another Don James. The Huskies will be battling UCLA for the PAC 10 title in the near future.

11. Oregon – Phil Knight’s money moved them up about 20 slots. You can’t ignore Phil Knight’s money.

12. Wisconsin – Conservative students at a liberal school keep these guys near the top. Great game day atmosphere.

13.Colorado – The Denver TV market and an overall cool place make Colorado attractive for any conference.

14. California – Sure, they protest cutting down trees to expand the football stadium, but Cal is THE school in California, and that says a lot.

15. Nebraska – A program that has lost a lot of its luster over the years, Nebraska offers almost nothing to a football conference. Their impressive history of winning titles with Prop 48 students keeps it high on this list.

16. Illinois – A powerful state school from a highly populated state promises more than it delivers.

17. Stanford – They do well in almost all sports. Great athletic program, average football program.

18. Arizona – Desert Swarm is growing. They’ll keep creeping up this list every year. Soon, their football team will match their university’s importance.

19. Iowa – Sure, an old school team that can still pull some upsets every now and then.

20. Michigan State – Football is good, basketball is outstanding.

21. Mizzou – A goal of every Mizzou coed is to sleep with a dude from a Big 10 school.

22. Kansas – This rating is based on basketball only. These guys are good at basketball. Sure, they cheat, and they got rid of their blob of a football coach, but they are up there with the likes of Memphis as far as their athletic department.

23. Arizona State – Growing area plus hot coeds.

24. Indiana – This is a school that fired Bob Knight. They might have ethical standards. Their football program sucks. Basketball tradition keeps them in the top 40.

25. Purdue – They have solid programs, but outside of part of the Big 10, no one really knows where Purdue is.

26. Washington State – Apples are great, and Washington state is hanging close to Washington in the apple state.

27. Minnesota – These guys just built a new stadium. Good for them.

28. Oregon State – They’ve gained some belt notches for a couple of big home night wins over the past few years.

29. Oklahoma State – These guys fluctuate in value like the junk stock that is floating their athletic department.

30. Kansas State – Manhattan is a great place and the fans are passionate.

31. Iowa State – Historically great basketball school, and a good academic school as well.

32. Texas Tech – Lubbock is a terrible place and the fans are awful. Texas Tech delivers nothing in the way of TV contracts.

33. Northwestern – Pulls in a little of the Chicago TV market, but otherwise churns out geeks.

34. Rutgers – Has no fans and an alumni base that delivers nothing. The NY TV market treats them the same as Oregon State.

35. Pitt – A team playing in a half empty pro stadium whose fan base is challenged.

36. Baylor – Brings absolutely nothing to the table, except beards and religious leaders gone awry.


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