Quick 2010 College Football Preview

Summer is slipping away, so it’s time to focus on the fall, and with the fall comes cold fronts, dying leaves, and college football. For the first go around I’ll just list teams with the best chance to win their respective conferences this year, a team that could sneak into the top spot, and the team most likely to be a complete bust in 2010. Of course, we are only focusing on BCS conferences because no one really has any interest in the lower divisions.


Winner: Georgia Tech
Paul Johnson’s innovative offense provides unique challenges to opponents every week.

Could Challenge: NC State
Wolfpack is the bastard child of the land of tobacco, but sometimes those bastard children own guns.

Flop: North Carolina
Butch Davis is the new Mr. Football, but he might have some additional pressure this year since the Tar Heel basketball team is in the toilet.

Big 10

Winner: Nebraska
Nebraska won’t start playing in this conference for another year, but for prediction purposes will go ahead and slide them up north. The new boy carries the biggest stick.

Could Challenge – Wisconsin
The Badgers have been good but not great over the last decade, and this looks like the year they take home the trophy. They are helped out by Nebraska spending one last year in the Big 12.

Flop – Penn State
Pitt has passed Penn State as the dominate football program in Pennsylvania.

Pac 10

Winner – Washington

The Huskies have been down since the Rick Neuheisel hire, but they seem to be amassing a talented team that no longer has to deal with Pete Carroll’s questionable recruiting tactics.

Could Challenge – UCLA

The Bruins have a softer, more lovable Neuheisel than the gambler that ruined the Huskies. The tide has turned in Los Angeles.

Flop – Oregon

The uniforms are cute, but this team is in disarray.

Big East

Winner – West Virginia

The Mountaineers take this one by default.

Could Contend – South Florida

There are tons of athletes in Florida, and the Bulls are picking up the leftovers and doing quite well.

Flop – Rutgers

The Knights have tasted a little success here in the 21st century, but that’s about to come to an end.


Winner – Mississippi

A lot of people were predicting the Rebels to win this thing last year. Those people were a year too early. Houston Nutt is the best coach in the conference and all signs point to Ole Miss rising up in a big way in 2010.

Could Contend – Tennessee

Tennessee has had a disastrous off-season. There are two ways the team can react to situations like those in Knoxvill. The Vols will turn this into a positive.

Flop – LSU

Les Miles doesn’t seem to know what to do with talent. People are scratching their heads in Baton Rouge over some of his decisions, and he’ll probably be shown the door if the Tigers dip below .500 this year.

Big 12

Winner – Oklahoma

The Sooners have been the dominate team in the Big 12 since it was formed, and until someone can knock them off the top, they will continue to be the favorite.

Could Contend – Texas A&M

The Aggies seem to have the offense in place but need to stop someone before they can overtake the Sooners.

Flop – Texas Tech

Playing with tight ends and fullbacks isn’t what formed the niche in Lubbock. Expect the Raiders to struggle with mismatched personnel.


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