10 Big 12 Questions Answered

Who is the most overrated player in the Big 12?

Two players stand out in this category this year. First, Blaine Gabbert received a lot of hype before the season. His legacy will be one of disappointment and unfulfilled potential. Chase Daniel and Brad Smith set the bar pretty high, and Gabbert, despite having all the measurables, just doesn’t have “it”.

But Garrett Gilbert has taken unfulfilled hype to another level. He is the reincarnation of Todd Dodge. He has failed miserably and won’t finish the season as the starter. The team hates him, the line doesn’t want to block for him, and he has blamed his receivers in the media for his own ineffectiveness. Not only is his play on the field hurting his team, his antics in the locker room have split the team apart.

Who is the worst coach in the conference?

Tommy Tuberville wins this in a landslide. Sure, he’s old school and has always done things his way, but he looks like a baby trying to fit a square block through a round hole. He had a record setting offense sitting on campus for him, but he changed it up by eliminating crossing routes, starting the inferior quarterback, reducing line splits, and trying to run the same offense as the 1970’s USC Trojans. Maybe he can regroup in three or four years when he has a different set of players on campus, but several 4-8 and 3-9 seasons probably won’t give him the opportunity to hang around that long.

What team currently in the Big 12-2 will be the next one to leave the conference?

Missouri will be the first one to move and it will create a total collapse of the conference.

How much of what Dan Beebe says is total bullshit?

This is a tough one. For years, he never said anything. Then, he started talking about imaginary money and the cohesiveness of the Big 12 schools. It’s almost like he lives in some kind of fantasy world.

I wouldn’t be surprised if his house was like a wax museum, and he walked around telling ridiculous stories to piles of candle wax until he got the guts to say those things in front of real people. It takes real practice to be that spacey.

Is Art Briles doing a good job at Baylor?

It’s hard to tell. Guy Morris probably did a good job at Baylor. What Art needs is about ten more years in Waco to really get things moving in his direction. The problem is that the Big 12 won’t exist in ten years.

He could probably accelerate the process by using the same means as Scott Drew and Dave Bliss, but I like to think Art Briles is a nice guy.

Is Texas Tech dead?

Yes. They’ve never won an outright conference championship since joining the SWC, and they never will.

How much of Nebraska’s early season success is smoke and mirrors?

A bunch. They will get exposed very soon. The Husker defense is almost as good as last year’s group, but the offense just doesn’t have the weapons to move the ball once they get into the meat of the conference schedule. They are starting to resemble a Big 10 team.

If Oklahoma advances to a BCS bowl game as the Big 12’s automatic qualifier, will they be able to embarrass the conference anymore than they have in previous years?

The Sooners at this point have to be the favorite to represent the Big 12 in a BCS Bowl, but Bob Stoops is still the coach. They can’t sneak up on anyone. While Oklahoma has a lot of talent, they’ve lost all their top notch assistant coaches over the years and are now unable to perform well in big games.

What do Les Miles and Mike Gundy have in common?

They have a lot in common. Mostly, they go on rambling tirades that make no sense. While they both provide us with ample youtube entertainment, neither one is coherent. Maybe they can relate to their players well if their players can understand them.

Is Bill Snyder mean?

Bill Snyder is the type of man that would enjoy throwing apples at another man. Yes, he is very, very mean.


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