Wednesday Weekly

A&M Salutes Living Legend John David Crow
In front of the Bright Building on a picture perfect Fall day, a giant statue of John David Crow was unveiled in front of members of the Aggie inner circle. John David served many years in the hardest job on campus, and also won the Heisman trophy in 1957. He was also on the Aggie squad in 1956 when the Ags beat our friends in Austin for the very first time at Memorial Stadium. When regent Jim Wilson, who gave an introductory speech, suggested to a visibly relaxed Mike Sherman to do the same this year, his son in law propped Mike’s arm and hand up in such a way as to resemble a big Gig Em!

Letters, Letters, Letters
We sure do receive a lot of letters in our office, and I commend each graduate of A&M on their letter writing abilities. It is clear which letters are not written by actual graduates, and these I place in my ‘circular file’. But it is not every day I receive an email with the subject “Tiny Asses” with a personal challenge. The writer was concerned that the modern Texas adult can’t fit into our bleacher seats as so sized, and challenged me to try to fit in one as well. As I responded via phone, I spend my time during the games interacting with our student athletes and therefore do not require a bleacher seat. If I did I would follow our recommendations of chairback seat rental (only $10 with purchase of season tickets and parking pass) and dieting. Coach Sherman has lost a lot and so can you, if you are committed.

Kyle Field Egress
I am happy to report that after many years of elevator upgrades and foot traffic flow control barriers, exiting from Kyle Field has never been easier. After the game this past weekend I noticed no backup at the elevators, and traffic down the ramps and out of the stadium moved quickly and easily. $100 million of future Kyle Field updates are just around the corner, and these updates will include full time elevator attendants, escalators, fireman’s poles, and much steeper ramps in order to assist our fans in getting out of Kyle as fast as possible.

Missouri Goes Down
A&M defeated Missouri in front of a national television audience, and continue to climb up the national rankings. The women currently sit at #7 in the country, and Coach G is once again assaulting our regular season opponents. Please join us at the Aggie Soccer Stadium this upcoming weekend and watch some great women in action.

I-35 Showdown is Nationally Televised
This Saturday’s football game with Kansas University is set to start at 6:07 PM and will be televised nationally on the G4 Network, immediately following ‘Worlds Worst Building Collapses’. As always, with the Aggies playing away from Kyle we work to insure all former students, and current students, will be able to see the team play on television. Be sure to cheer the band as well, as they will be making the trip to Lawrence for another halftime victory (undefeated in my time here). Let’s cheer the football team onto a second consecutive year of bowl eligibility.


I’ve always been impressed with how many people read this column. Over the years, I’ve heard from people all over the world who have commented on something I’ve written.

Case-in-point happened recently. Last week, I told you how I consumed an entire Brown Bag special at Sonic. Well, early Saturday morning I had a message from my health provider concerned about the welfare of my heart. Well, it runs great and I’m happy to report there was no damage.

Looking forward to seeing y’all Saturday at the ITA Regional Championships.


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