Sluttiest Women in the Big 12 South

Here at HSJ, we took a hard look at the women of the Big 12 South and their sexual habits.  We noticed certain trends at each school and were able to rank the schools based on the sluttiest students.  While some schools, such as Texas A&M, had classy women that weren’t slutty at all, others, such as Texas Tech, contained nothing but slutty women. 

But what exactly is a “slut”? Is it a dirty whore who fucks and sucks for money, or just some loose bitch who can’t keep her flaps closed when a waving dick comes near? As normal, we used very scientific data to research this topic.

We’ll count these down backwards from the most pure to the sluttiest women in the Big 12 South.

        6. Texas A&M

Aggie women are down to earth.  They have a certain pride to them that makes them special.  If you are out looking to just bang someone, you should probably look further than the Aggie woman.  She has just a little more class than you do and is not the type to regularly engage in acts that make God scowl down on our society.  If you are looking for a good wife, though, an Aggie woman will treat you right for life.

 5.  Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State women check in  as the fifth most slutty women in the Big 12.  It’s not necessarily because they don’t try, but most of them are too ugly to get laid.  After a couple of trips through the handful of guys on campus with the “go ugly early” mantra, the Oklahoma State woman finds herself looking beyond the Stillwater city limits sign, but there simply are not many takers.

4.  Oklahoma

Oklahoma women are kind of like Oklahoma State women on meth.  They do a lot of drugs and sleep around with a lot of people when they can.  The problem is that crystal meth will run someone into the ground after a few years.  By the time the Oklahoma woman is an upper classman, she rarely sleeps around because she rarely leaves her dorm or apartment or sorority house.  She just sits around and scratches her face and wonders when her dealer will stop by with a few more hits. 

3.   Texas

The Texas women are loose.  They’ll fuck anyone:  musicians, professors, drug dealers, other women, high school juniors, etc.  However, most of them are unkempt and gravitate toward relationships with others classified as unkempt or dirty.  They become surprisingly loyal to their mates for weeks at a time, and therefore tend to be off the market for good chunks of time during their college careers.  If you catch them during one of their breakup periods, they are good to go.  However, as earlier mentioned, they are unkempt, so be ready for some hair in odd places and smells that may be better left in an ACL portable potty.

 2.  Texas Tech

The Texas Tech woman tends to be an absolute whore.  She likes to go out, get fucked up, and get laid.  That’s pretty much her standard night.  However, somewhere around her junior year, after she’s banged a good percentage of Lubbock, she settles down a bit and starts looking to get married.  At this point, she realizes that her degree from Texas Tech is about as useful as a torn up condom.  She closes up her vagina to other Texas Tech students and starts looking to improve herself by starting relationships with Abilene Christian or Tarleton State guys, figuring this may be her way out of Lubbock.

 1.  Baylor

This is a tough call.  Technically, the Baylor woman probably doesn’t put out as much as the Tech or OU or Texas woman.  Really, there just aren’t many men in Waco.  However, get that Baylor woman out of Waco, especially to College Station, and she will fuck anyone and come back to it repeatedly like a dog to its own vomit.  Baylor women are notorious for acting one way at Baylor and acting completely different once they get away from that stifling environment.  The Baylor girl serves a great purpose for most Aggie men who wouldn’t dream of using and abusing a classy Aggie girl in some of the ways the Baylor girls beg to be abused.  Baylor women are closet whores, and leave that closet as often as they leave Waco. According to Forbes, Baylor females are more likely to engage in premarital anal sex than any other school in the entire world. Also, many repressed Baylor girls will engage in mass gangbangs just to get back at their fathers, which usually ends in a bukake-style creaming. All in all, Baylor girls are by far the sluttiest based on these factors and take the Golden Dick trophy.


5 comments on “Sluttiest Women in the Big 12 South

  1. Texas A&M sucks; they cry because they can’t afford their own televised network and, oh ya, they lose every game in the second half.

  2. Well besides the two aggie gals in the often posted picture. Aggy doen’t have any women anyone would want to lay and the guys are to busy with all the glory holes on campus to mess with the over weights anyway. I agree TAMU #6

  3. Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images on this blog loading?

    I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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