Early Top 20 For 2011

These lists usually start showing up after spring practice, but we’ll throw out an early top 20 before signing day. This coming year looks to be one of the most intriguing college football seasons in recent memory as the power shifts out west.

1. Oregon – Should be going for two in a row
2. Stanford – The Luck will return
3. Oklahoma – Impressive BCS Bowl win last season
4. Boise State* – A football factory
5. Ohio State – Best team in Ohio
6. Texas A&M – Has overtaken Texas in Big 12 South
7. Florida State – Bowden set the table
8. Oklahoma State – Pickens writes checks
9. Wisconsin – Looking to rebound from embarrassing bowl loss
10. Virginia Tech – Offense should improve
11. Michigan State – Dangerous, plodding team
12. Notre Dame – Touchdown Jesus won’t lose to service academies
13. Auburn – Defending champs once again strong
14. South Carolina – Old Ball Coach knows football
15. Missouri – Need to find a QB
16. Arizona State – Naked Girl U has some football players as well
17. Penn State – Joe Pa should finish out this decade as the coach
18. USC – Trojans fend off UCLA for Los Angeles supremacy
19. Arkansas – Hogs may have peaked last year
20. BYU – Cougars always tough

* This ranking assumes this team goes undefeated


3 comments on “Early Top 20 For 2011

  1. Wait, wait, WAAAAAIT. You put michigan state @ 11 but COMPLETELY leave out bama who beat the hell out of them in the bowl game? They return richardson, the quarterback doesn’t have to be great just hand the ball off and lose marcel and you think they’re not top 20. Wow. What a joke.

    • Bama should have been the favorite to win it all last year, but blew a three touchdown lead and played uninspired ball all year. They will be lucky to make a bowl game. Saban’s days are numbered.

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