Preview: Texas A&M vs Southern Methodist University

The first Aggie game I ever attended was at Kyle Field in 1985 against the SMU Mustangs. A crowd of 70,000 plus went crazy as Eric Franklin drilled a field goal with second lefts and the good guys emerged with a victory.

The next year, I went to Texas Stadium and saw the Aggies beat a Mustang team in front of something like 45,000. Maybe 40,000 of those people were Aggies. At that time, I started wondering how a school like SMU should even be in the same conference as Texas A&M. Obviously, there was a huge discrepancy between what each team brought to the conference. Texas A&M had a following, and SMU didn’t. Remember, this was during the heyday of SMU football, right before the death penalty. They were winning a shitload of games, yet no one really cared. The Dallas Cowboys were the only game in town. SMU was not even an afterthought. They were not thought of at all.

Fortunately, the SWC broke up. Really, the small private schools like Baylor, Rice, TCU, and SMU were not equipped to handle big time college football. They didn’t have much in the form of alumni, and they didn’t have droves of t-shirt fans driving their Buicks over to K-Mart to buy foam Mustangs number one fingers. Baylor bribed its way into the Big 12, but will be left out in the cold in 2012 or 2013, whenever the Big 12 officially closes its offices and Dan Beebe is out of a job for an extended amount of time. Seriously, anyone that hires that man is trying to make a business fail.

Back to SMU, suddenly they are starting to win some games. For the first time since the death penalty, they think they have something going right over there. Craig James seems pretty pumped about that.
The national media, except for ESPN, is blasting James. Because his son sucked at football, he hired people to smear the son’s head coach in the media while he used his position at ESPN to get that coach fired. James is a man who has killed two football programs. Those of us in the media realize you shouldn’t use your position to support an agenda, especially an unpopular agenda that makes no sense.

The real question is why ESPN will allow this man to talk on the air about how SMU deserves to be in a BCS conference. SMU has no following, their appeal on television is zero, they never sell out their 35,000 seat stadium, and they would not travel to games. They might be worse than Baylor in this regard. And Craig James knows this. He goes to games all over the country. He knows that there is a place for SMU, but that place is not in the big time.

The Aggies run away in the second half of this game and win 45-16.

SMU Facts:

1.) Drug culture rules the SMU campus.

2.) Craig James took money to go to SMU.

3.) Most SMU students have more money than than the average mid level manager.

4.) SMU does not belong in a BCS conference.

5.) SMU was partly responsible for the SWC breaking up.

6.) June Jones is a proponent of oversigning and is prohibited from some high schools in east Texas.

7.) SMU’s main rival is TCU.

8.) Bill Clemens was involved with paying players while he was governor of Texas.

9.) The NCAA lists SMU’s average attendance in 2010 as 23,515, but that included the Armed Forces Bowl, which had an attendance of over 36,000.

10.) SMU is loosely affiliated with the Methodist Church.


3 comments on “Preview: Texas A&M vs Southern Methodist University

  1. SMU should be invited to the BEVO-9 so that we can hang SMU around t.u.’s neck like an albatross. Cougar High would work, but better would be both along with Bee Why You.

  2. LOL at 45-16 and LOL at you saying, “Those of us in the media”… writing a blog doesn’t make you media. A&M will be lucky to cover the spread vs SMU and will be the punching bag of the SEC for years to come. Nice job Aggies.

    • Jason, did you see the game? My score prediction of 45-16 was pretty close to the actual score of 46-14.

      You do realize that more people read blogs now than buy newspapers. This is the way of the new world.

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