An Aggie Guide to College Football this Weekend

With a new conference affiliation, some Aggies might be confused who they need to root for this weekend. Here at HSJ, we’ve compiled a list of all the television games to advise Aggies what team to root for. As the season goes on, these choices will become obvious, but for week one, here is what we want to happen.

Youngstown St. at Michigan St. BTN HD Sep 2 2011 7:30ET
Go Youngstown State! We don’t appreciate the smear campaign the Big 10 launches against the SEC every year.

TCU at Baylor ESPN HD Sep 2 2011 8:00ET
Go Frogs! As long as Baylor has a pussy like Kenny Starr attempting to call they shots, they need to continue losing almost all of their games.

Akron at Ohio St. ESPN HD Sep 3 2011 12:00ET
Go Zips! Pretty much everyone in the country wants to see the Buckeyes fail.

Utah St. at Auburn ESPN2 HD Sep 3 2011 12:00ET
Go War Eagles or Tigers! We SEC types stick together.

Miami (OH) at Missouri FSN HD Sep 3 2011 12:00ET
Go Tigers! Mizzou will probably end up the SEC, so we need to hope they don’t suffer any embarrassing losses.

Northwestern at Boston College ESPNU HD Sep 3 2011 12:00ET
This is really a boring game, so I guess we’ll pull for Boston College just because Northwestern is in the Big 10.

Kent St. at Alabama SEC Network HD Sep 3 2011 12:00ET
Roll Crimson! However, just for fun, we’d like to see a close game in this one.

Tennessee Tech at Iowa BTN HD Sep 3 2011 12:00ET
Go Tennessee Tech! Since Coach went off the air, Iowa has fallen off the map.

Indiana St. at Penn St. BTN HD Sep 3 2011 12:00ET
Go Larry Bird! Although slow and terrible drivers, the elderly can serve a purpose.

Middle Tennessee at Purdue BTN HD Sep 3 2011 12:00ET
Go Middle Tennessee State! Purdue needs to go back to being Purdon’t.

Appalachian St. at Virginia Tech ACC Network Sep 3 2011 12:30ET
Again, we should pull for one of our potential SEC conference mates. Go Hokies!

South Dakota at Air Force The mtn. HD Sep 3 2011 2:00ET
While I enjoyed watching the Air Force bomb Iraq several years ago, the mere fact that they may replace us in the Big 12 will force us to root for South Dakota.

USF at Notre Dame NBC HD Sep 3 2011 3:30ET
Let’s be honest, Notre Dame has been irrelevant since they got their own network, and hopefully they stay that way. A loss in this game would help the cause.

Western Michigan at Michigan ABC HD/ESPN2 HD Sep 3 2011 3:30ET
Michigan’s fall from grace has been pleasant, although it has allowed Ohio State to grab the headlines. Still, Michigan losing is a good thing.

Minnesota at USC ABC HD/ESPN2 HD Sep 3 2011 3:30ET
Interesting game, and one that probably shouldn’t have been scheduled, for obvious reason. Still, I think you have to pull for a Trojans victory here and hope that the Trojans collapse in conference play.

UCLA at Houston FSN HD Sep 3 2011 3:30ET
As Texans, we need to pull for the Cougars to win this game, and they will.

UL-Monroe at Florida St. ESPNU HD Sep 3 2011 3:30ET
These are two lesser schools in SEC states. Really, we should hope for a tie. Since that’s not possible, maybe the lower ranked UL-Monroe squad can upset FSU. I hope so.

Delaware at Navy CBS Sports Network HD Sep 3 2011 3:30ET
Delaware needs to look at their scheduling policy over the past twenty years. Go Navy!

Chattanooga at Nebraska BTN HD Sep 3 2011 3:30ET
There’s a reason everyone in the country refers to the Nebraska coach as penis face. Go Chattanooga!

Arkansas St. at Illinois BTN HD Sep 3 2011 3:30ET
Arkansas State needs to take out Illinois in a big way. Everyone should pull for Arkansas State.

James Madison at North Carolina ACC/FSN HD Sep 3 2011 3:30ET
We all know that James Madison is capable of pulling the shocker. Let’s hope they can do it again. Never root for basketball schools when they are playing football.

Southern Oregon at Portland St CSN Northwest Sep 3 2011 4:00ET
I appreciate the tradition of Portland State. Boo Southern Oregon.

BYU at Ole Miss ESPN HD Sep 3 2011 4:45ET
Go Rebels! All real Christians and Aggies will pull for Ole Miss.

San Jose St. at Stanford CSN Bay Area Sep 3 2011 5:00ET
Years ago San Jose State upset number 8 Baylor. Hopefully, they can do the same to the Cardinal.

Colorado St. at New Mexico The mtn. HD Sep 3 2011 6:00ET
Go Colorado State! No one dislikes either one of these teams. This is one of the few games featuring good guys against good guys.

Davidson at Georgetown FIOS-DC Sep 3 2011 6:00ET
I love watching football on television, but let’s get serious. This game should not be on TV. If you are forced to watch, pull for Davidson.

Montana at Tennessee Vol Network PPV Sep 3 2011 6:00ET
This is a solid opening game for an SEC team. Roll Vols!

FAU at Florida ESPNU HD Sep 3 2011 7:00ET
Aggies pull for all SEC teams when they play nonconference games, except Florida and that assclown coach of theirs. Go FAU!

UL-Lafayette at Oklahoma St. FOX College Sports Sep 3 2011 7:00ET
T-Bone came out and said some stupid stuff a few weeks ago, so all Aggies need to hope UL_Lafayette will take this game.

East Carolina vs. South Carolina (at Charlotte, NC) SEC/FSN Regional HD Sep 3 2011 7:00ET
Go Cocks! The Pirates are a nice team, but we need our SEC brothers (not Florida, and Tebow sucks) to win all nonconference games.

Fresno St. vs. California (at Candlestick Park) CSN California Sep 3 2011 7:00ET
Go Bulldogs! Although I appreciate the Golden Bears from blocking the Baylorbold Bears from entering the PAC12 last year, I’d still like to see a V from Fresno.

Eastern Washington at Washington ROOT Sports Northwest Sep 3 2011 7:00ET
Aggies should be pulling for Washington to win the PAC12, but we want them to lose this game.

Austin Peay at Cincinnati Big East Network Sep 3 2011 7:00ET
Even though Austin is in the name, go Austin Peay!

Charleston Southern at UCF Bright House Sports Sep 3 2011 7:00ET
I think Charleston Southern might be the team to root for in this game. You don’t want UCF getting cocky

Missouri St. at Arkansas Razorbacks PPV Sep 3 2011 7:00ET
Go Piggies! Missouri State had a good basketball run once in the past twenty years, but this is football.

Morgan St. at Towson CSN Mid-Atlantic Sep 3 2011 7:00ET
I always have pulled for Morgan State in this game, and conference affiliation be damned, I still am.

Elon at Vanderbilt SEC/CSS HD Sep 3 2011 7:30ET
This is a big game for Vandy as they try to keep their place in the SEC. I’m pulling for them.

Oregon vs. LSU (at Arlington, TX) ABC HD Sep 3 2011 8:00ET
Geaux Tigers! Oregon, with those uniforms, are an embarrassment to college football.

Boise St. vs. Georgia (at Atlanta, GA) ESPN HD Sep 3 2011 8:00ET
C’mon Uga and company, let’s beat those blue field bastards.

Tulsa at Oklahoma F/X HD Sep 3 2011 8:00ET
Let’s hope for a big win by Tulsa. Even though we need Oklahoma to win for our strength of schedule, their spinelessness the last few weeks is making them a hated target.

Rice at Texas Longhorn Network HD Sep 3 2011 8:00ET
This game is not really on television. Go Rice!

Ohio at New Mexico St. Aggie Vision Sep 3 2011 8:00ET
Gig ‘em, Aggies!

Stony Brook at UTEP Time Warner-El Paso Sep 3 2011 9:00ET
Always pull for the Texas team. Go UTEP!

Louisiana Tech at Southern Miss FSN HD Sep 3 2011 10:00ET
Southern Miss is a fun team. Louisiana Tech is not. Go Southern Miss!

Cal-Poly at San Diego St. The mtn. HD Sep 3 2011 10:00ET
San Diego State gets the nod here even though they are consistently one of the top party schools in the country.

Northern Arizona at Arizona Wildcats Sports Sep 3 2011 10:00ET
It would be nice to see Northern Arizona win this game. Always pull against the Stoops.

Colorado at Hawai’I ESPN2 HD Sep 3 2011 10:15ET
Go Buffaloes. Their process of leaving the Big 12 was classy, just like the Aggies process. (Nebraska, on the other hand, can go to hell and rot forever.)

Bethune-Cookman vs. Prairie View A&M (at Orlando, FL) ESPN HD Sep 4 2011 12:00ET
Go Prairie View in a true neutral site game.

Marshall at West Virginia ESPN HD Sep 4 2011 3:30ET
I watched that movie about the Marshall plane crashing. Then, they brought in Randy Moss. Go Mountaineers!

SMU at Texas A&M FSN HD Sep 4 2011 7:30ET
Craig James is a douchebag. Gig ‘em, Aggies!

Miami (FL) at Maryland ESPN HD ESPN 3D Sep 5 2011 8:00ET
I’m surprised Miami is allowed to play this game. Go Terps!


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