10 Thoughts on a Saturday Night

1. Ryan Tannehill has the potential to have the best season for a quarterback in Big 12 history. Sure, that Bradford gentleman threw for more yards than Ryan will this year, but Tannehill might complete 80% of his passes. Yes, folks, he’s that good.

2. The SEC had some bad games this weekend, but teams in their first games don’t always play up to their potential. Let’s say I worked at a WAC school and had the offer to play an SEC school. I would definitely want that to be the first game. I might have a chance. Otherwise, my team would get killed. Never play an SEC team after the first game of the season.

3. As far as the other quarterbacks go in the Big 12, James Franklin struggled a bit on Saturday but it appears he will be good. Besides Tannehill, Landry Jones and Brandon Weedon are good. The rest of the quarterbacks suck and should never have been recruited, except for Robert Griffin and Seth Doege.

4. Thankfully, Baylor beat TCU in a game that a lot of people watched. Hopefully, when we roll over Baylor 27-3, people will still have an idea that Baylor was good, at least for one week. The truth is that TCU has slipped back to the team that the Aggies have beaten 22 times in a row.

5. Texas Tech does not have a good coach. That man has ruined that team. They did go on to beat Texas State tonight, but that coach has an eye on the east coast and has given up already on this season. Who can blame him?

6. I called my cable company tonight and asked them if they would make all SEC games available on pay per view. They said that if I wanted to see an SEC game, I could see an SEC game. I then volunteered that I didn’t want the Longhorn Network. They said that no one really wanted it either, and they would carry that channel that just shows fish swimming around before they would carry the Longhorn network.

7. It’s interesting that the PAC12 is going to take Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas, and Missouri. Most thought that Missouri was headed to the SEC, but they felt they couldn’t wait any longer on an invite. We all knew that the Oklahoma Schools were a package deal, but the fact that Kansas can leave Kansas State is a bit of a surprise.

8. Shaun Ward will be the freshman that shows the biggest impact on the defensive side of the ball. The man just has an unteachable ability to shed blocks on his way to the quarterback. After an offseason program in the weight room and extended time with a nutritionist, he will be unstoppable as a sophomore.

9. Iowas State, Kansas State, Mizzou, and Texas looked like rotting shit on the field tonight. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State both looked solid. Texas Tech looked okay after an early scare.

10. Less than 24 hours before our Aggies take the field.


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