Players Weigh in on Big 12 Stadiums

We asked a bunch of Big 12 players about playing in away stadiums. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this was last year so Colorado and Nebraska were included. I included the three responses that were most similar out of the four to seven I received for each venue.

First, the schools that are officially gone:


“Very intimidating. Everyone is wearing red.”
“Crazy people. The stadium was full well before game time.”
“Man, walking into the stadium I’d never seen so many people.”


“I’d never seen the mountains before. It was beautiful.”
“I had trouble breathing at that game. The fans were assholes.”
“I loved that place. There weren’t too many people at the game, though.”

Texas A&M

“They were so loud we couldn’t run audibles.”
“That was a big time atmosphere. It looked like those SEC games you see on TV.”
“My parents were there and they said they are trying to get my little brother to go to school there.”

The Schools that are likely gone


“It was kind of neat seeing people having picnics in the endzone.”
“It was a big stadium but there were a lot of empty seats.”
“It reminded me of a pro sports crowd.”


“They packed a lot of people in that place. They were rude.”
“My parents sat next to people that had no teeth.”
“The weird thing was I saw adults, not students, in fraternity gear. I don’t get it.”

Oklahoma State

“The stadium seems to be right on top of you.”
“There were thousands of empty seats, but they wouldn’t sell my family tickets at the box office.”
“The announcer was retarded.”

Texas Tech

“I was distracted. I kept looking in the stands and the fans were tearing out the seats.”
“Several times before plays, tortillas hit me or landed near me. I don’t know why the officials didn’t stop the game or something.”
“We came out of the tunnel at halftime and ran by their cheerleaders. Almost all of them had some kind of scabs on their faces.”

Schools that my be out of luck


“The crowd was small, but they held their arms up and did some kind of wheat thing.”
“This was my second time there. They used to have a big fat coach. They were good when they had that big fat coach. They suck, now.”
“The people in the first few rows kept talking shit about basketball.”

Kansas State

“Everyone was wearing purple. It was weird.”
“The field was terrible. It’s like they didn’t have enough money to put down real turf.”
“Their stadium is named for their coach. That guy is creepy. He tried to recruit me.”

Iowa State

“It was a really small stadium, but the crowd seemed into it. It was a lot better than Baylor.”
“They have something going there. The crowd was excited. The crowd was better than Texas.”
“That place was far away. It was weird that we had to travel so far to play a conference game.”

The school that would have an option if it dropped its network


“It was cool. We could eat taco bell at halftime.”
“They had a lot of people there, but the crowd was nothing like the crowds at Texas A&M, Kansas State, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State.
“There were tons of people tailgating, but most of them didn’t go in the game.”

The school whose president has ensured it will never play in a major conference


“It was like my high school crowd.”
“The fans didn’t seem to know when to cheer. It was worse than high school. It’s like they’d never watched football before.”
“I hated it. It was worse than my high school crowd. I saw some dude running around with blood stains on his crotch. He seemed to be a popular professor or something, too. Gross. I don’t understand why we have to play a team like that.”


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