What Aggies are Leaving Behind

Aggies have already mentally checked out of the Big 12.  Let’s face it, the Big 12 is a disfunctional group of schools that never really felt any kind of bond.  Assholes like Ken Starr personified the unrest in the Big 12.  In fact, no team really wants to be in the Big 12.  Kansas and Kansas State want to be in the ACC or the Big 10.  Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech want to be in the PAC 10.  Missouri and Texas A&M have already bolted for the SEC.  Nebraska left for the Big 10.  Colorado left for the PAC 12.  Texas has tried to join the PAC 12, ACC, and Big 10, but their mythical network made it impossible.  After the PAC12 laughed at Baylor, Ken Starr sent feelers out to the Big East.  Still, the Big 12 will play on next year with a school, West Virginia, that is rumored to be even worse academically that Texas Tech, if that’s possible, and a private school, TCU, that upgraded their stadium to seat over 40,000 fans.  The Aggies have beaten TCU in 25 straight games.  TCU hopes to sell out some games with visiting fans from regional schools.  Ridiculous predictions state that the Big 12 will try to add Louisville and the third best football program in Ohio for 2013.

As the Aggies enter new territory where people care about football and visiting teams actually travel to away games, we can look back at what we’ll miss in the Big 12 conference.  Renewing rivalries with LSU and Arkansas, teams the Aggies have played more that all current Big 12 teams except Baylor and Texas, make the SEC a more natural fit for Texas A&M.  But, this article is not about explaining how much better the SEC is than the BIG 12, it’s about what Aggies will miss in the BiG 12.  We’ve identified only four things that the Aggies will miss once they scoot out of the Big 12:

1.  Aggies will miss fucking Baylor girls as often.  Having Baylor play games in College Station brought a bunch of fake Baptists down to College Station.  These girls live the religious righteous life in Waco, but one they get around some real men, their legs open like Ken Star’s mouth when he senses a frivolous lawsuit.  It’s true that for a game with 87,000 people 90 miles from the Baylor campus, Baylor would purchase less than 1000 tickets, but it seemed a lot of those Baylor women would come into town to live the dream, even if they didn’t attend the game.

2.  Aggies will miss Texas Tech graduates trying to explain that Texas Tech is something more than an alternative high school.  It’s funny, but once you get out into the real world, the only people you come across that went to Texas Tech are pizza delivery people and the slow poeple you knew from high school that still live with their parents.

3.  Aggies will miss games at Colorado and Nebraska, truly two of the top 25 places to play college football.  However, since those schools already left the conference, there’s really nothing out of what’s left of the BIG 12 north that the Aggies will miss.  How can you miss ABC games that aren’t in HD?  Or Ric Renner on the pregame?  Or a Manginoless Kansas football team?  The BIG 12 North is a wasteland of apathy and passionless rugby punts.

4.  Aggies will miss home games with nothing but Aggies in the stands.  Once Nebraska left the Big 12, the Aggies were returned most of the allocated tickets from the visiting teams.   In the SEC, home teams have to allocate twice the number of visitor tickets, and they aren’t returned.  This means that Kyle Field will actually have fans from other teams in the stands.  This has happened a few times in recent years in games against Virginia Tech and Clemson, but it will happen with every home conference game from now on.



3 comments on “What Aggies are Leaving Behind

  1. Amusing, we used to have pretty good relations with tu and tech, we stayed in their dorms or apartments (if they were “rich”), dated their women, wore our gear and never caught shit except maybe in jest. Their is a lot more hostility today than in the 70’s and 80’s. Baylor and Tech have become very unfriendly places to go for football and basketball. It does not seem to be in jest anymore.

    How many students can afford to travel to Birmingham. Will they have a HS buddy they can bunk in at the dorm with?

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