Big 12 vs SEC Stadiums

The SEC, from top to bottom, provides the best atmosphere in college football.  The second best conference for gameday atmosphere is the Big 10, but there’s really no comparison between the two conferences. 

Since schools are leaving the Big 12 in droves, we thought we would compare the atmospheres at the various stadiums in the Big 12 and the SEC and rank them from best to worst.  One reason a third of the Big 12 teams have left the conference over the past few years is because games simply lack excitement.  There really is no way to compare a TCU and a Georgia home game. 

Here are the rankings from best to worst:


1.  Tiger Stadium – LSU

2.  The Swamp – Florida

3.  Kyle Field – Texas A&M

4.  Vaught Hemmingway – Mississippi

5.  Jordan Hare Stadium – Auburn

6.  Sanford Stadium – Georgia

7.  Neyland Stadium – Tennessee

8.  Mountaineer Field – West Virginia

9.  Bryant Denny Stadium – Alabama

10.  Williams Brice Stadium – South Carolina

11.  Memorial Stadium – Oklahoma

12.  Boone Pickens Stadium – Oklahoma State

13.  Razorback Stadium – Arkansas

14.  Commonwealth Stadium – Kentucky

15.  Jones AT&T Stadium – Texas Tech

16.  Faurot Field – Mizzou

17.  Memorial Stadium – Texas

18.  Scott Field – Mississippi State

19.  Vanderbilt Stadium – Vanderbilt

20.  Trice Stadium – Iowa State

21.  Amon Carter Stadium – TCU

22.  Bill Snyder Family Stadium – Kansas State

23.  Memorial Stadium – Kansas

24.  Floyd Casey Stadium – Baylor


5 comments on “Big 12 vs SEC Stadiums

  1. Actually, Vandy’s stadium – and campus – is quite nice, for an urban campus. A little small, perhaps, but I’ve attended a couple of games there and they’re friendly folk.

  2. um baylor has one of the best atmospheres in texas and we can get 50,000 people in there and we’ll get loud SIC EM BEARS ps. ku sucks we should be on top of them

    • Baylor has never in its history had a home crowd greater than 50,000 for any team other than Texas A&M, and we all know that those crowds for those games were predominantly Aggies.

  3. This list is terrible. Been to all these stadiums.

    True list in order would be Bama, Tenn, Texas atm, Texas, FU, OU, LSU, Baylor, TCU. Just cause you have fans who can make noise doesnt make up for a shitty stadium. The big 12 has much nicer stadiums, but the fans arent in to it as much. Obviously ill always say bama so i cant really count that as a legitamate vote but tenn has a great stafium and great fans. As far as quality stadiums go texas has the nicest in the country. Lsu and FU are shit. Baylor and tcu have great stadiums and fans, but are very small schools. If your going to make a legitatmate fight that fans make your stadium better thans Nebraska and Texas Tech would win all day. At the end of the day a peice of coal is not a diamond.

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