SEC Power Rankings – Week 1

After all the practices and the offseason work, SEC teams finally took the field over the weekend.  Here are the SEC power rankings from week one.

1.  South Carolina

The Cocks won their game on talent alone.  The Ole Ball Coach has to be questioning his teams desire to win as they were horribly out of shape. 

2.  Alabama

The Tide will remain near the top until someone knocks them off, but they have to be concerned about the offensive line and the quarterback position.  Some fluke special teams plays helped the Tide cruise to an easy victory.

3.  Texas A&M

With numerous starters missing, the defense had a lot of problems with Rice.  Yes, Rice.

4.  Florida

In last year’s opener, Muschamp’s squad also didn’t show much.  At least the defense looked pretty good this time around.

5.  LSU

LSU tried to lose on Saturday night, and if they play like that in SEC play they will accumulate a few conference losses, but defensively they held up pretty well considering all the new parts.

6.  Tennessee

Butch knows football.  This team has parts in place if they can just play smart.

7.  Ole Miss

Ole Miss looked like a high school football all-star team. 

8.  Georgia

The season is over for Georgia.  See you next year, Dawgs.

9.  Vandy

Puking on the field is all fine and good, but you need to play some defense in the fourth quarter to win in the SEC.

10.  Arkansas

We’ll all miss the John L. Smith press conferences.

11.  Mizzou

The Mizzou offense looked like the version they threw out there from 2008-2011.

12.  Auburn

Baby steps.  Auburn would have lost that game last year.

13.  Mississippi State

Offensively, they were offensive against a poor defensive team.

14.  Kentucky

Basketball starts up soon.


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