Col-Leagues Conversation Friday

FBC-UM-GROVE BOWLBig Game this week huh Gus? I see you got you one of them hats what don’t have a top on it too?     Gawwwwleee Bumm I sure am excited to be a coachin with you!

gusmalzahn3Huuuugh…I ..suuurree…am…. firrred…. Up.    Sorry, iiivvee been in fronnt of the..super computer awhile…strat..*yawn* strategizing…

FBC-UM-GROVE BOWLHell boy!  You ol Auburn Eggheads are slower than my mamas molasses!   You need a game face!!   Dang.    You know afore a big ol game like this un here, I like to jus put on a big ol gameday face!  You gotta smile man!   Like this here see? !!



gusmalzahnI never was a big.. smiler. Really.  Pythagorus wasn’t either.  Now that I think.. about it. Fantastic theroems..  (*lets see 144428273 square root is ..but with angle of demarcations, calclualtingcalculating..)

FBC-UM-GROVE BOWLAwww heck buck up Nerdy lil  buddy!!   Did you know I coached a college game against U of Alabama last week?  Im still smilin!!   You know, sometimes when I get fired up, I make a mean face—you know like your playin Alabama, and you don’t put up no points, and your Quarterback is a Gay?    Well I just make a big ol mean face like im takin a 4qtr catfish buffet Poopie!!


gusmalzahnOh.. I don’t know..Could cause reverse influx cardiovascularity pulmonary ..12388—8847272984dvidiing dividing..pilons..77989280-02,008898..hmm

Gusmalzahn4Like Thiis? *Mmrp*tinkle* This good?

HughFreeze13HAWHAAAAWWWHAW     Naw Naw man!  You lookin like you use a damn French hineywarsh or something!     That’s what ol Bo uses.   Nasty ol Gay.

Now look Look at Ol Verney!   That theres a boy that can eat a ten penny nail & shit out a barbed wire fence!

verne1Ohhhh NOoo don’t you boys bring me into this!  We’ve got a marquis matchup this week & I just want to see you gentlemen prepare!

HughFreeze5C’mon Verne *HNNNHH! UGHNNNNNNHH!!*  Gameday Poopie face!! HNNGHH!



HughFreeze9Sweet Sassafrass your ass… CAll a Vet.. now..

gusmalzahn2Im really.. getting a little worried Hugh. Verne. Something bad might happen lets Retract the velocity of the visceral forcible visible pressurizations..

Bowallace2Hey Coachessssss  I heard  lawt of Noisssssse…. What are u guysssss um doooing?

HughFreeze9This is goin worse than last saturday.. Lordamercy…

This here’s man stuff bobo you get outta here.

HughFreeze3Psst: hey boy don’t let that ol gay anywhere near me K?

Back in the closet til Saturday Bo.


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