Kyle Field 1999-2013 Bottom Ten

Let’s get right down to brass tacks; the majority of these last 15 years have been a rough time to be a Texas Aggie Football fan. If we think like Charlie Weis and analyze this situation the same way we would a sandwich, we have some pretty decent bread (the Bonfire game and the whole SEC experience these last two years) and some horrendous meat/cheese/veggies. 0 conference championships, 2 wins against Tech, 1 against OU and Texas, a near-loss to Baylor, and, outside of the 2010 Nebraska game, there’s been a dearth of meaningful home wins in The House that Billy Pickard Lives In.

So when Mr. Pickard starts going to work on West side with his sledgehammer this Monday, don’t blame us for not being too sad to see the new configuration of Kyle. Let’s take a cathartic look back at moments that will be much easier to suppress  bthelack & white slow motion flashbacks of when you walk into newer Kyle next September.

10. Fresno State 2007

Despite the win, just an all around ball-buster. Heat. Overtime. Pat Hill’s mustache.

9. Pittsburgh 2003

The Larry Fitzgerald game. Remember in the 2002 game, when you thought, “Hey, this freshman that’s making Sammy Davis Jr. look awful must be REALLY good because Sammy is a future NFL star.” Well for once your Ag-grandizing was partially right as it was a precursor to Fitz torching the Ags 3 receiving TDs on this hot as balls September day.

8. Iowa State 2005

Todd Blythe.

7. Baylor 2005

The “Lock the Gates” Game. If Jerry Garcia had not told stoned out of his gourd Reggie to go for it, we might have lost to the Beards two years in a row.

6. Oklahoma 2008

Chief Sam Bradford leads the worst home loss in Kyle Field history.

5. Texas State 2005

Remember convincing yourself that the reason we looked so bad was because our team thought the game was supposed to be played on Saturday of that week? So did their team.

4. Texas Tech 2002

Woof. This one set the stage for a decade of Air Raid torment. Failure to implement a style of play that neutralizes talent disparity in the face UT and OU rapestanding us for 15 years on the recruiting trail truly makes you appreciate where CKS has the program today.

3. Arkansas State 2008

Literally, the only good that came from this was some ballistic AYer posting after the game that said “the only way he could be more pissed off, is if his pregnant wife’s baby came out Asian.”

We don’t think his handle was JapaneseAg92

2. Texas 2005

Tough call putting this one over the 2011 game, but it hurt knowing we had a shot to end their title chances. An injured Reggie McNeal nearly led the team to victory from the sidelines.

1. This…


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